Maple Valley approves six-year transportation plan

$44 million TIP projects approved by council

Maple Valley City Council approved its six-year 2020-25 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) in a 7-0 vote during the Monday, July 22, regular council meeting.

State law requires each year the city adopt a six year TIP. According to the city, TIP is designed to identify the schedule, costs and financial plan associated with projects the city intends to complete during the next six years. The cost of the 2020-25 TIP is nearly $45 million.

Factors included for consideration in the TIP were the current status of active transportation improvement projects, priority projects recommended in the adopted transportation element of the city’s comprehensive plan along with the physical condition, operations and public safety of the street system, and of course funding availability.

Some major projects outlined in the TIP budget include, but are not limited to the Annual Asphalt Overlay Program, which costs $1.8 million; Phase Two of the Witte Road Improvements at $3.5 million; and the State Route 169 Widening project at Southeast 254th Place to Southeast 259th Place, which is going to cost around $7.2 million.

The source of this funding comes from grants, mitigation revenue and city revenue. According to city documents, $24.17 million will come from grants, $3.5 million will come from “mitigation revenue,” and the last $17.1 million will come from city revenue.

“As noted above the funding sources for the 2020-25 program include grants, mitigation revenue and city revenue. Grants required to fund this program are estimated to be 54 percent of the total project costs, or $24,179,000,” the city document states. “The mitigation revenue for transportation projects impacted by the Oakpointe Communities (formerly Yarrow Bay) Black Diamond development projects has been programed part of the TIP funding revenues.”

For more information about Maple Valley’s TIP, go to and go to page 69.