Karma is coming to Covington

City ambassador officially named

The new Covington ambassador received a name at the July 9 regular city council meeting.

The Covington Chameleon is “Karma,” thanks to a 4-2 vote.

The city decided to have a chameleon as an ambassador because chameleons change and adapt, like Covington, according to City Manager Regan Bolli. Around 60 community members submitted a name they thought the ambassador should be named.

The Covington Economic Development Council (CEDC) chose the top three names that were submitted which were Creeky, Karma and Carmon. The council picked the name Karma out of three because of the unofficial definition of it, which is destiny or faith, and it feeds into the theme of growing towards greatness.

It was also chosen because it is a gender neutral name, along with being an more inclusive name than others that were submitted, according to Bolli. It was up to the council to make a final decision. The biggest part of the discussion was on how the name was going to be spelled.

It was suggest by the CEDC to spell “Karma” with a “K,” but it was discussed to have it be spelled with a “C.” They wanted to spell the name with a “K” in order to give the name familiarity and keep the meaning of the word, said Bolli.

Councilmember Margaret Harto was in favor of spelling Karma with a “C,” while other were not.

In the end, it was decided in a vote to name the Covington Chameleon Karma with a “K.”

To see Karma the Chameleon, head on over the Covington Days on July 20.