Witte Road improvements underway

City awarded grant money to help portion of TIP process

Witte Road in Maple Valley has quite a bit of much needed tender-loving-care coming its way.

The city is updating the Witte Road Corridor Plan for the sections from State Route 516 to Southeast 249th Place and Southeast 240th Place, to State Route 169.

Witte Road is considered a “signature street,” according to the city’s website. The Witte Road plan will focus on providing pedestrian, bike and intersection improvements, along with creating a corridor that reflects the community’s character.

City Manager Laura Philpot said the new design includes a sidewalk on one side of the roadway, continuing the current bike lane and a left turn pocket for 256th street.

This improvement is part of the city’s Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).

Phase One of the improvement project has already realigned and improved the intersection at the approach of Southeast 256th Street. A fish passage culvert to reduce upstream flooding issues has also been installed.

The next phase of the project will continue the improvement of the corridor.

Another project taking place on Witte Road includes redesigning the stormwater treatment to reduce pollutants loading into Jenkins Creek between Southeast 249th Street and Southeast 256th Street. The City of Maple Valley was awarded a $75,000 grant in 2016 for the design of stormwater treatment from the Washington State Department of Ecology, according to the city.

According to Stormwater Management/NPDES Manager Halley Kimball, the city is looking into applying features that treat stormwater. For example, rain gardens or stormwater wetlands.

Kimball said this project is still in its early stages, but the city is planning on asking the Department of Ecology for another grant in the near future. Construction is planned to begin in 2020.

The city is performing a feasibility study for stormwater treatment retrofits to treat runoff from Witte Road Southeast and the Lake Wilderness Golf Course access before it reaches Jenkins Creak, the city said on Facebook.

The city is looking to get feedback from the public in regards to both of these projects.

On July 16 the city held an open house for community members to voice their concerns and opinions of these projects. The public comment period is still open.

Philpot said during the Witte Road Improvements open house, the city heard some concerns with the alignment of 256th, so the city will be going back and reevaluating the improvement plan for that portion.

To give your comment about Witte Road Improvements, contact City Engineer Bill Bullock at 425-413-8800 or bill.bullock@maplevalleywa.gov. To give your comments about Witte Road Drainage Improvements, contact Stormwater Management/NPDES Manager Halley Kimball at 425-413-8800 or halley.kimball@maplevalleywa.gov.