Covington man wins Washington’s Lottery

Martin Coon, a U.S. Postal worker, won $75K off of a scratch ticket in early March.

It was his usual routine: four tickets for $20, no change. But this time, Covington resident Martin Coon walked away with $75,000.

In early March, Coon stopped by Jackson’s Food Stores (13138 Interurban Ave. S.) in Tukwila to grab a coffee before work and decided to also purchase four Washington’s Lottery tickets.

Coon has been a U.S. Postal worker for 15 years, and says he used to play the lottery often, but slowed down in recent years.

“Once in a blue moon, I’ll go buy four tickets and call it good for a while,” he said.

Coon held onto his “777” Scratch tickets until later that day at work where it turned out to be his lucky day.

“The first one I scratched off was the winner,” Coon said. “I didn’t think it was true.”

Coon said his wife, Khristine, didn’t believe him at first, until they met at the lottery office and picked up the $75,000 check.

After a celebratory dinner, the winnings helped Coon pay off his truck and the couple’s credit cards, and they are now installing hardwood floors in their house.

“It made life a bit easier,” he said. “It was a good start to the work week, too.”