Maple Valley cracks down on signage

The city of Maple Valley is cracking down on signs that are in the public right-of-way.

According to a Facebook post by the city, in accordance to the “sign code,” the city will be taking down particular signs within city limits to address community member’s concerns.

Signs that are prohibited in the right-of-way:

• Signs of any kind that are placed in the roundabouts or medians

• Signs that block sight distance at intersections, or otherwise pose a safety hazard

• Directional signs for developments that located out of city limits

• All commercial signage, with the exception of selected real estate and development directional signage

Signs that are permitted in the right-of-way:

• Political signs (must not exceed 8-square-feet in size)

• Garage sale and yard sale signs

• Real estate sales/open house signs (limited to four A-frames sings per property on day of the event)

• All “non-commercial” signs. For example, youth sporting events, church events and civic events.

•Development direction signs for development within city limits with a three sign limit per development, each at 16-square-feet or smaller.

All prohibited signs will be removed, but the owners of the signs will be contacted and provided with the opportunity to pick up their signs at city hall. If city staff is unable to contact the owners or the owners do not respond, the signs will be disposed of.The Facebook post also said the city has been working to notify local area businesses, real estate agents, community groups and individuals running for elected office.The “sign code” can be viewed at!/MapleValley18/MapleValley1850.html#18.50.010.

For questions or concerns, contact the Community Development Department at 425-413-8800.