Athlete of the Week: Cecelia Loudermilk

Kentlake High School’s Cecelia Loudermilk, gymnastics, was selected as the Covington Maple Valley Reporter’s Female Athlete of the Week for March 1.

Q: What is your favorite subject in school?

A: Science, particularly chemistry

Q: What other activities do you participate in?

A: I am part of running start at Green River College as well as their

version of honors society. I was on the swim/dive team for Kentlake 2016-2017. I like astronomy and am fascinated with the stars and space.

Q: Person who has helped you succeed the most?

A: Definitely my coaches for training and teaching me as well as my mom for supporting me and taking me to all the practices and meets before I could drive. And even afterwards going to meets still.

Q: Do you have a pre- or post-game tradition? What is


A: Normally beforehand, I just get ready and once the meet starts it becomes focus time. Afterwards, my mom, grandparents and I may go out to lunch or dinner.

Q: Song you currently can’t get enough of?

A: “This feeling” by the Chainsmokers and Kelsea Ballerini

From the Sideline:

“Cecelia deserves to be athlete of the week because of the time and dedication she commits to gymnastics. She has worked through injuries that almost took her out of the sport but she came back stronger than ever. Cecelia balances her running start schedule with her team and club gymnastics schedule every day. She is an athlete that you never need to push, she has an internal motivation that drives her to succeed. With some team members we need to direct them throughout practice, with Cecelia we ask ‘what haven’t you worked on.’ As a coach it is so fun to have someone on the team that works hard and enjoys being a teammate. Cecelia comes to practice everyday with a smile and ready to work. She sets an example for her teammates and shows them what dedication and determination look like. Even when Cecelia is injured she comes to practice and completes her physical therapy exercises.”

— Lindsey Duerre