Top 10 Best Supplements to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally (For Men)

As the male sex hormone, testosterone is often thought of as something that is only important for men. However, this could not be further from the truth, as low testosterone can cause both men and women to experience a variety of issues, as well as have their other hormones fall out of the proper balance.

Issues like poor energy levels, a low sperm count, a loss of lean mass or sexual function, weight gain, and many other problems can all come on fast once your testosterone levels have begun to fall. This can lead to people turning to extreme measures like testosterone replacement therapy to fix the issue.

There is no need to resort to testosterone therapy, though, as simple healthy lifestyle changes are often all that you need to quickly and easily restore your testosterone levels to where they should be. The following article will show you the ten best lifestyle changes to help you do that.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, the best testosterone supplements can help, and we’ll talk about those in the list too.

The 10 Best Ways To Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Take Part In Intense Physical Activity

Performing strenuous physical activities is a great way to increase testosterone levels naturally, with resistance and High-intensity interval training (HIIT) being the best options.

Resistance training covers traditional weight lifting, while HIIT is a workout where you perform an exercise at near-maximal intensity in short bursts, then take even shorter breaks before repeating. A typical HIIT routine will see you train for 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, then repeat.

Peer-reviewed studies show that these methods will significantly increase free testosterone levels, especially in older men, making them a great way to keep your overall testosterone levels from dipping.

Use Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone boosters are supplements specifically designed to increase testosterone levels. They can contain a wide variety of different ingredients and are a great way to naturally boost your testosterone production, with many being as effective as more risky options like testosterone replacement therapy.

There are then even options like a topical gel that will help to boost testosterone levels naturally without requiring you to consume anything. However, these are usually reserved for specific issues and prescribed by a doctor or other healthcare professional, as they’re more likely to cause side effects.

Make sure you are careful when selecting a supplement to boost testosterone levels, too, as some are far more effective than others. Taking supplements that only contain medically reviewed ingredients will ensure you are increasing testosterone levels as much as possible without any risk of side effects.

However, if you’re looking for a recommendation, we can recommend a couple; generally speaking, TestoFuel, Prime Male, and TestoPrime are the three most well-respected brands. They’ve all been around a while and have good track records. For most people looking to raise testosterone, though, it’s because they want to pack on a little more muscle. TestoFuel is the best option because it has a couple of muscle booster ingredients in there, too.

Prime Male is generally the best all-rounder, as it has a lot of ingredients that help with aging, mood, and “ahem” gentlemen’s issues.

TestoPrime is the runner-up of the three, but still a decent choice. We’ll do a full breakdown on TestoFuel after we cover the rest of the methods.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Medically reviewed studies show that your testosterone production is at its highest after you fall asleep. This means the better you sleep, the higher your daytime testosterone levels will be. People who get less sleep are also much more likely to develop a testosterone deficiency.

Lower testosterone levels can then even lead to conditions like sleep apnea, which will make sleeping harder and create a vicious cycle. Studies show that getting at least 6 hours of good quality sleep each night is required to support healthy testosterone levels, while 8 to 10 hours is optimal.

Keep Your Vitamin D Levels Up

Taking vitamin D will not boost your testosterone levels itself, but low vitamin D levels will notably slow your testosterone production. This means it is vital that you keep your vitamin D levels up if you want to avoid developing a testosterone deficiency.

Consuming foods rich in vitamin D, like fatty fish, red meat, liver, and eggs, and drinks fortified with it, such as milk, orange juice, and even certain supplements, are great for keeping your levels up. Aim for an intake of between 4,000 and 5,000 mcg of vitamin D daily for optimal testosterone levels.

Have A Sufficient Amount Of Muscle Mass

While most people know that healthy testosterone levels are required to build muscle mass effectively, many do not understand that this also works in reverse, as having a greater lean mass will lead to more testosterone in your system.

As weight lifting for an hour three times a week is the best way to build muscle, and we’ve already seen it will improve testosterone levels, the whole process is one of the best ways to increase testosterone you will find while also helping you with losing weight, looking good, and boosting your overall health.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

While we have already seen that higher levels of testosterone are linked to increases in lean mass, there is an increased risk of low testosterone levels if you are overweight as well. The heavier you are, the more likely you’ll experience deficient testosterone symptoms.

Average-sized people should avoid unhealthy weight gain wherever possible to keep their testosterone naturally high. Overweight individuals should lose weight to improve testosterone levels and overall health.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Eating a nutritious diet is one of the fastest and easiest ways to achieve testosterone increases naturally while eating a poor-quality diet can lead to lower testosterone levels.

Increasing lean protein and healthy fat intake with red meat, oily fish, and olive oil while eating leafy green vegetables, whole grains, and ginger will all lead to higher testosterone levels. Foods high in magnesium are also good, as a magnesium deficiency can cause low testosterone levels.

On the other hand, consuming too much soy, alcohol, processed carbohydrates, or saturated fats will likely lead to deficient testosterone levels. Some studies even say that soy converts testosterone into estrogen, which would cause your testosterone levels to fall even further.

Try To Relax More Often

Ensuring you find enough time to relax is essential to reduce stress and avoid low testosterone, as stress can alter the rate at which the body releases vital hormones. Specifically, during chronic stress, your adrenal glands will produce a stress hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol, a hormone in your body, can negatively impact your sexual function, libido, and overall health. Increased cortisol levels can result in fat gain and lowered testosterone levels and other hormones, causing similar adverse effects.

Ensuring you have plenty of time to relax will prevent cortisol production and sexual dysfunction and help you keep your body composition, testosterone levels, and overall health where they should be.

Watch Your Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol is heavily linked to heart disease, but recent studies have also shown that it can lead to low testosterone as well. Luckily, high cholesterol levels can usually be rectified with simple changes to your diet.

Eating less trans and saturated fat and increasing soluble fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids quickly lowers cholesterol levels. This also means it is an excellent way for people who are dealing with both high cholesterol and low testosterone to deal with both issues at once.

Manage Underlying Health Conditions Properly

If you have tried everything to increase your testosterone levels naturally but are still suffering from low testosterone, you may be suffering from one or more underlying health conditions.

Autoimmune diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypogonadism, insulin resistance, kidney, liver, and lung diseases, and any issues that inflame the pituitary gland and stop luteinizing hormone from being produced can reduce testosterone production and lead to low testosterone.

If you think you may be suffering from any of these conditions, have already been diagnosed with one or more, or have poor heart health, speak to a doctor or other medical professional to see what can be done to aid testosterone production and help you return to your normal range as soon as possible.


The Best Testosterone Booster Supplement – TestoFuel

TestoFuel is a potent testosterone booster designed to help you reach or sustain your physical peak and avoid low testosterone as you age. Respected bodybuilder Robby Robinson hails it as one of the main reasons he has maintained his physique, strength, and workout routine as he has gotten older.

The TestoFuel formula consists of only optimal doses of medically reviewed and proven ingredients. It includes d-aspartic acid, maca root extract, fenugreek extract, panax ginseng extract, oyster shell extract, vitamin D3, magnesium, vitamin K2, zinc, and boron.

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid vital for our body’s natural testosterone production, so taking supplements containing it will keep your levels as high as possible, even in elite athletes.

Maca root extract can boost your sexual function, libido, and mood and combat anxiety, depression, stress, and the symptoms of menopause.

Fenugreek extract can improve your testosterone levels, sex drive, and ability to build muscle while also being able to help treat diabetes and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Panax ginseng extract also boosts testosterone levels, brain and immune system health and functions, and mood, and is also particularly useful to help your body fight diseases and illnesses.

Vitamin D3 supplementation will not enhance testosterone directly, but it will prevent a deficiency from developing that would impair your ability to produce testosterone, combating poor testosterone levels and health issues.

Vitamin K2 does a very similar job, making vitamin D3 easier for the body to absorb and more effective. The two vitamins notably improve bone density, muscle growth, and maintenance.

Boron and magnesium are two minerals that can directly increase testosterone production in the body. At the same time, zinc supplementation stimulates the pituitary gland in the brain, causing it to release more luteinizing hormones and improve testosterone production.

Oyster shell extract then directly boosts testosterone levels and production while being rich in both vitamin D3 and zinc, making the effects that they produce even more substantial.

Supporting healthy testosterone levels and production from all angles means TestoFuel will improve muscle growth and strength, energy levels, fat loss, drive, mood, self-esteem, and metabolic rate while preventing weight gain and poor testosterone levels and production.

Throw in its very reasonable price tag, and TestoFuel is easily the best testosterone booster on the market for the vast majority of people who are looking to use supplements to raise their testosterone levels.


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Final Thoughts On The 10 Best Ways To Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Low testosterone is an issue that can affect everyone, no matter their gender or age. Luckily, there are several great ways to increase testosterone levels quickly and effectively without resorting to extreme measures that put you at risk of experiencing side effects.

No matter what is causing your issue, one of the solutions listed in our guide is guaranteed to rectify the problem and get your levels back to where they should be.

If you’ve decided that using a testosterone booster supplement is the way to go, we highly recommend that you give TestoFuel a try. Easily the best supplement of its kind on the market today, it will not only restore your testosterone levels, but it can take them to levels that you have never even achieved before.


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