Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator Review (Research Report)

Did you know nasal breathing is crucial for optimal health? It provides both daytime and nighttime relief and prevents issues such as snoring and poor oral health. Introducing Intake, a breathing aid that helps you take control of your breathing pattern and provides optimal nasal airflow.

The following Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator review has everything you need to know about the equipment, including its features, benefits, customer reviews, and pricing.

What is the Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator?

The Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator is a breathing kit that opens the nasal passage, enabling better breathing. It allows you to take deep breaths, supporting overall health.

The dilator increases oxygen intake, improves sleep quality, and supports lung health. It gives sustained energy for workouts, promotes faster recovery, and reduces snoring at night. The manufacturer claims that Intake is better than most nasal strips on the market.

Unlike nasal strips, Intake opens your nose up to 100% more. It stays in place all night, providing uninterrupted breathing. It can withstand sweat even when you are working out. The dilator is safe for the skin as it uses less adhesive and a strong magnetic band to stick to the nose.

Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator supports daytime and nighttime relief regardless of your activities. Most users experience instant relief, while for some, it may take up to 15 days. Intake is a safe, drug-free, and latex-free breathing dilator that is safe for everyone. Doctors recommend it to reduce nasal congestion.

The breathing aid is manufactured using patented technology that ensures maximum durability, comfort, and long-lasting relief. Inside the starter kit, you will find four Intake reusable bands in different sizes so you can choose your perfect fit.

Each Intake package comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee to protect your financial investment. The product also has a one-year warranty to protect it from manufacturing defects. The manufacturer also offers free US shipping on selected Intake packages.

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How Does Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator Work?

Intake is an anti-mouth and anti-snoring device that improves breathing in seconds. It clears nasal congestion and ensures adequate oxygen intake through the nose.

The device works by opening your nose to its widest capacity during the day and night, enabling you to achieve your best breath. It opens the nasal passage at the deviated septum, which affects your breathing.

Unlike traditional nasal strips, Intake does not rely on the bridge of the nose for support. Instead, it is worn externally, therefore providing a comfortable user experience. Intake uses a two-part nasal dilator system with two independent nose strips and a sturdy magnetic relief band. They both work together to open the nasal passage to ensure optimal airflow.

The Intake tabs attach to the side of the nose. Each end of the tab has a steel disc that connects to the magnetic ends, which hold and open your nose.

The dilator supports the nervous system at night and boosts your sleep cycle. It enhances oral health, reduces snoring, and ensures optimal rest and recharge. During the day, Intake improves focus and endurance, promotes recovery, improves oxygen flow, and lowers heart rate. It also provides vibrant energy by utilizing the power of deep, natural breath.

Intake has an innovative design that entails 3M medical tape and adhesive that is moisture-proof, non-irritating, and protects even the most sensitive skin.

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The Features of Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator

Here are the features of Intake that make it stand out:

Patented technology- the makers of Intake use patented technology that provides comfort, durability, and long-time wear. The device has a 3M medical tape and adhesive that is moisture-proof and protects the skin.

Sweatproof- Intake uses magnets that withstand sweat on a hot day or when working out.

Durable- Intake is manufactured using durable material that holds the nose open and helps provide long-lasting relief.

Skin safe- the breathing aid has a strong magnetic band on each side that opens your nose. Unlike adhesive, magnetic bands are safe and gentle, even for sensitive skin.

The bands come in six sizes, allowing users to choose the perfect fit and comfort. They can also be resized free of charge once they have the best size.

Safe device- Intake is a safe breathing aid that is free from drugs or latex and does not cause skin irritation. It is also recommended by experts.

Pulls outward- unlike regular nasal strips, Intake does not rely on the nose bridge for support. It uses the relief band to pull out your nose, opening your nasal passage.

It holds all day and night. The intake tabs attach to each side of your nose. Both tabs have magnets that hold your nose open, allowing you to enjoy over 12 hours of better breathing.

Easy to use- attaching the dilator to your nose is easy. It comes with everything you need and takes a few seconds.

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The Benefits of Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator

Provide better sleep quality—when sleeping, the body repairs tissues and cells replenishes energy and rebalances hormones. Most Intake users have reported more profound and restful sleep all night.

Enhance oxygen saturation—As Intake helps open the nose, it promotes oxygen intake, which is essential for different body and organ functions.

Reduce snoring—An intake breathing aid helps reduce snoring by focusing on nose breathing. It improves airflow through the nasal passage, making your vocal cords quieter.

Support oral health- mouth breathing reduces saliva production and dehydrates the tissues in the mouth, causing poor oral health. The device prevents mouth breathing, which helps balance the PH using saliva.

Optimize physical performance—breathing through the nose increases oxygen intake and supply throughout the body. The dilator helps deliver oxygen to various body parts, improving endurance.

Increase energy levels- Intake utilizes the power of deep breathing, which opens you up to a world of vibrant energy for better workouts and faster recovery.

Reduce inflammation—By helping you breathe through the nose, Intake helps the mouth stay humidified and free from particles, therefore protecting the lungs and throat from potential inflammation.

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How to Use Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator


Using the Intake Nasal Dilator is easy. Here are the three simple steps to attach the breathing aid:

  • Step 1: clean both sides of your nose
  • Step 2: apply the tabs on each side of the nose
  • Step 3: attach the band

Ensure the tabs are 100% in contact with your skin and the steel disc is directly above the nostril. One Intake Breathing kit has the following:

  • 4 Intake bands
  • One magnetic applicator
  • 15 or 30 Intake tabs
  • 20 prep wipes

The breathing aid stays tight day and night, even when you sweat. Intake improves airflow instantly. It might take up to 15 days for some users to improve nose breathing.

Customer Reviews

Caley G“After one night, even if they never work again, they were worth the investment for a great night’s sleep. I was amazed at how much they opened the nasal passages and felt great being able to breathe effectively. I would always wear these at home if it didn’t bother my reading glasses, though I could probably make them work with a different pair without issues. They stayed perfectly in place even though I didn’t have the left side positioned exactly as directed…”

Carlos C- “I’ve been using these, and they are by far the best I’ve used. My sleep has improved significantly.”

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

Intake Nasal Strips are now available on the official website at discounted prices. Select your offer from the following:

  • One Intake Nasal Strip at $34.95 + small shipping fee
  • One Intake Nasal Strip + get one 50% off at $67.43 + free shipping
  • Two Intake Nasal Strips + get one free at $89.90 + free shipping

The official store offers six sizes (S1, S2, M1, M2, L1, L2) and free resizing to ensure perfect fit. Each starter kit has four reusable Intake relief bands in different sizes, 15 or 30 pairs of Intake strips, and a magnetic applicator.

Each package is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with Intake, you can request a full refund.

Intake also comes with a one-year warranty covering manufacturing defects. The company promises to replace the product immediately if a manufacturing defect occurs. Contact customer service if you have any questions about the return policy or anything else.

  • Email: info@intakebreathing.com
  • Telephone: 1-805-613-7034


The Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator is a device that improves breathing. It enhances oxygen intake, reduces snoring, and boosts sleep quality. The anti-snoring device helps you breathe through the nose by opening the nasal passage.

The breathing aid is 80% better and more comfortable than regular nasal strips. It is drug-free and latex-free and does not irritate your skin. Intake helps lower your heart rate, improve physical performance, and provide more energy throughout the day.

Intake Nasal Dilator uses high-quality materials that ensure effectiveness, durability, and comfort. The bands are available in different sizes to provide a perfect fit.

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Intake Breathing Nasal Dilator Review (Research Report)

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