Nutrition & Healing Reviews – Is It Legit or Not Worth the Money?

Nutrition & Healing is a monthly newsletter packed with natural remedies for improving health.

As part of a 2024 promotion, you can subscribe to Nutrition & Healing at a discounted rate and receive bonus eBooks and other bonus reports.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Nutrition & Healing today in our review.

What is Nutrition & Healing?

Nutrition & Healing is a health newsletter published by NewMarket Health Publishing.

Led by Dr. Alan Inglis MD, the newsletter features actionable strategies you can use to improve your health starting today – including natural remedies you can implement at home to target specific conditions.

As part of a 2024 promotion, all new subscriptions come with a bundle of bonus reports and guides, among other perks. Subscribers also receive access to breaking health alerts, a members-only area, and a 100% money back guarantee.

Nutrition & Healing is priced at $99 for a one-year subscription or $199 for a lifetime subscription.

Nutrition & Healing Benefits

Some of the benefits of Nutrition & Healing include:

  • Monthly issues featuring actionable health insight
  • Discover natural remedies and alternative health solutions from leading doctor
  • Receive immediate access to a bundle of bonus reports, eBooks, and guides
  • Annual and lifetime subscriptions are available
  • Senior discounts available
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Nutrition & Healing : Get the benefits you’ve been looking for!

How Does Nutrition & Healing Work?

Dr. Inglis and his team at NewMarket Health Publishing release a new issue of Nutrition & Healing each month.

Each month, subscribers receive a new issue with actionable remedies they can implement today. Some remedies target general health and wellness or aging, while others focus on specific conditions, like heart disease or Alzheimer’s.

By subscribing to The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures today, you also get immediate access to two bonus eBooks, including:

  • The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures
  • Banned in America: The Underground Cancer Bible

Both eBooks have hundreds of pages of natural remedies and alternative treatments for common diseases and illnesses.

Plus, all subscriptions include access to the Nutrition & Healing content library, weekly breaking news alerts, and other perks to keep you up-to-date on the latest natural health news.

Nutrition & Healing is $99 per year for a 1-year subscription. Or, you can pay $199 per year (plus a $14.95 per year maintenance fee) for a lifetime subscription. All subscriptions come with bonus reports, bonus eBooks, and other perks.

The #1 Blood Thinner to Avoid (Linked to Death)

Many doctors prescribe blood thinners to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

However, Dr. Inglis and his team seem to advocate a different approach. They warn one of the world’s most popular blood thinners has deadly side effects and was “sped through approval” despite its risks.

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By subscribing to Nutrition & Healing today, you can discover the name of this blood thinner and why Dr. Inglis believes it’s so dangerous. Here are some of the things Dr. Inglis shares about the drug upfront:

The blood thinner is one of the world’s most commonly prescribed blood thinners.

Dr. Inglis claims this drug “was sped through approval.” Experts knew about the risks, but they sped up the drug’s approval process regardless.

The blood thinner is “highly touted” and prescribed by many doctors even though it’s “linked to death.” You have an increased risk of dying while taking this blood thinner medication.

The blood thinner, like all blood thinners, is linked to internal bleeding, an increased risk of stroke, and sudden death.

To discover the name of the blood thinner and why you should stop using it – despite a doctor’s prescription – subscribe to Nutrition & Healing today.

5 Worst Fast-Tracked Drugs in the World

Dr. Inglis doesn’t just advise against taking a popular blood thinner; he claims some of America’s most popular drugs have been sped through approval despite a long list of dangerous side effects.

By subscribing to Nutrition & Healing today, you can discover the 5 worst fast-tracked drugs in the world – including drugs you may already be taking to manage your health.

The five worst fast-tracked drugs include:

Fast-Tracked Drug #1: According to Dr. Inglis, a popular arthritis drug triples the risk of a deadly heart attack compared to a placebo. Many American adults take this drug daily to manage pain, yet it could lead to your demise. This deadly drug is called Celebrex (celecoxib). It was first approved in 1999, and doctors have written over 100 million prescriptions for the drug since its launch, grossing over $4 billion for Pfizer, the drug’s manufacturer. Dr. Inglis cites one study showing Celebrex increased the risk of a deadly heart attack by 300% compared to placebo, yet doctors continue to prescribe it every day.

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Fast-Tracked Drug #2: A popular blood thinner, as mentioned above, was sped through approval despite an increased risk of death. That blood thinner is linked to internal bleeding, an increased risk of stroke, and sudden death – despite being highly touted and commonly prescribed. This fast-tracked drug is Aduhelm (aducanumab). It was approved in 2021 – despite a study showing “zero benefit to patients.” Dr. Inglis describes it as “one of the most controversial drug approvals in history,” yet many doctors prescribe it to Alzheimer’s patients.

Fast-Tracked Drug #3: A popular cancer drug costs over $88,000 per year yet increases the risk of fatal side effects compared to chemotherapy alone. Patients taking this drug are 50% more likely to die than people following ordinary chemotherapy – and it continues to be one of America’s most commonly prescribed cancer drugs.

Fast-Tracked Drug #4: A popular diabetes drug is so dangerous that it’s banned in Europe, yet it continues to be popular across the United States. That drug is Eliquis (apixaban) – one of the most popular diabetes drugs in the world. Dr. Inglis criticizes the drug for being fast-tracked through the approval process back in 2011. Today, many doctors prescribe Eliquis as a blood thinner. However, Dr. Inglis seems to advise against taking Eliquis because it’s linked to severe bleeding, an increased risk of stroke, and other life-threatening side effects – many of which have led to lawsuits against the company.

Fast-Tracked Drug #5: The fifth and final dangerous drug is an Alzheimer’s drug that’s “no more effective than a sugar pill,” according to Dr. Inglis. Dr. Inglis cites one study where 41% of patients experienced dangerous, sometimes deadly, brain bleeds. The drug is called Avandia (rosiglitazone), and Dr. Inglis claims its deadly side effects “were hidden from the FDA during its ‘fast track’ approval.” Avandia manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline was later forced to pay over $770 million in lawsuits because of the issue.

Dr. Inglis claims you’ll “recognize most of these drugs from their TV commercials.” They’re some of America’s most popular and most prescribed drugs. If you have any of the conditions listed above, these drugs could already be in your medicine cabinet.

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5 Breakthrough Natural Solutions for Today’s Worst Diseases

Instead of taking the dangerous drugs above, Dr. Inglis seems to recommend alternative natural remedies:

“…for each of the conditions these 5 “fast tracked” drugs are designed to treat, there’s a safe and effective natural alternative.”

By subscribing to Nutrition & Healing today, you can discover breakthrough natural solutions to treat diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more—all without resorting to the prescription solutions listed above.

The 5 breakthrough natural solutions include:

  • A golden salt that “works as well as the #1 diabetes drug.”
  • How a bowl of Japanese custard dissolves blood clots, reducing your risk of heart disease.
  • How cancer cells can be starved to death simply by removing one type of food from your diet, and how researchers at UCLA used a single “diet trick” to starve cancer cells to death.
  • Why could a specific type of Chinese “moss” work better than Alzheimer’s drugs?
  • Why a weird protein found in chickens could help rebuild joint cartilage, soothe arthritis, and end joint pain.

Dr. Inglis claims big pharmaceutical companies don’t want average Americans to hear about these natural solutions because they threaten Big Pharma’s profits. If Americans could cure diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease with natural solutions, it would disrupt the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry.

Who is Dr. Alan Inglis?

Dr. Alan Inglis, MD, is a medical doctor with two decades of experience treating patients and researching natural health cures.

Dr. Inglis claims he is “risking my career” by sharing the above mentioned natural health remedies. He believes big pharmaceutical companies will target him for threatening their profits.

Dr. Inglis studied cardiology at the Mayo Clinic and worked with some of the top alternative doctors in Europe before opening a clinic in rural Massachusetts. At that clinic, Dr. Inglis helps patients conquer the underlying cause of disease without relying solely on drugs, surgery, or other artificial methods.

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In fact, Dr. Inglis believes many “prescription drugs wreak havoc on the human body.” That’s why he recommends natural remedies instead.

Today, Dr. Inglis continues to operate his clinic and publish health advice through Nutrition & Healing. He has also written The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures and other bestselling guides to help ordinary patients conquer deadly diseases.


What Will You Learn in The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures?

By subscribing to Nutrition & Healing today, you will receive a free copy of The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures, a 700-page book.

That book, written by Dr. Inglis, features dozens of alternative natural remedies for some of the world’s deadliest diseases.

Dr. Inglis describes the book as “the very best of everything I’ve discovered during my 20+ years in medicine.”

Whether dealing with a specific disease or looking for general health advice, The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures can help.

Some of the topics covered in The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures include:

A Golden Salt that Replicates the Effects of Diabetes Medication: According to Dr. Inglis, a special type of “golden salt” works “the same as prescription drugs” but without the side effects of balancing blood sugar. Dr. Inglis describes the salt as a “game-changer” for individuals and families dealing with diabetes, citing studies showing it “worked the same as prescription drugs – and without a single side effect.” Those studies showed golden salt:

  • Reduced fasting blood glucose by 30%
  • Lowered HbA1c by 18%
  • Improved serum insulin by 28%
  • Lowered triglycerides by 17.5%
  • Improved liver enzymes (compared to most prescription drugs, which harm the liver)

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5 Deadly Fast-Tracked Drugs: Dr. Inglis specifically takes issue with “fast-tracked drugs,” claiming some of the world’s most popular pharmaceuticals were fast-tracked to approval despite the risk of deadly side effects. In The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures, you can discover 5 of the deadliest fast-tracked drugs – including drugs you may already have in your medicine cabinet. These drugs are commonly prescribed for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer, among other deadly diseases. Dr. Inglis recommends taking natural remedies instead.

Personal Shopping Recommendations for Natural Remedies: The remedies in The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures are surprisingly easy to access. You don’t need to travel to the Amazon rainforest; instead, you can buy them at common supermarkets and health food stores. In the book, Dr. Inglis explains exactly how to find these natural remedies.

A Gross-Looking Japanese Custard to Clear Away Blood Clots (Page 171): Dr. Inglis seems to advise against using Eliquis and popular blood thinner drugs to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke; instead, he recommends using a “gross-looking Japanese custard” called natto. According to Dr. Inglis, Natto is rich with a special enzyme called nattokinase that will “naturally dissolve blood clots.” In The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures, you’ll discover how to take natto in supplement form to clear away blood clots. Dr. Inglis describes it as “nature’s perfect blood thinner.

A Safe, Natural Cancer Treatment that Starves Cancer Cells to Death: Many doctors prescribe drugs—like chemotherapy drugs—to treat cancer. In The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures, Dr. Inglis describes a more natural solution that “literally starves cancer cells to death.” This diet trick involves swapping one food for another, which can lead to antitumor effects. In fact, Dr. Inglis describes the swap as “the future of cancer treatment.”

4 Cancer Feeding Foods to Avoid: Certain foods cause tumors to grow, feeding your cancer and causing it to spread throughout the body. In The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures, you can discover the foods you should avoid to beat cancer.

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A Natural Remedy for Alzheimer’s: Dr. Inglis criticizes popular Alzheimer’s drugs like Aduhelm (aducanumab), claiming they show “zero benefit to patients” in multiple trials. Instead, Dr. Inglis discusses a natural remedy called Chinese club moss, rich with an alkaloid called alkaloid H. This alkaloid has been linked to memory and cognition. Dr. Inglis cites one study where alkaloid H “outperforms even the so-called ‘best’ Alzheimer’s drugs.”

A Natural Joint Rebuilder for Lasting Pain Relief (Page 52): Some parts of The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures focus on joint pain and relief. Dr. Inglis focuses on a special type of collagen called UC-II, which comes from the chicken sternum. By taking this collagen daily, you can purportedly keep joints “healthy, smooth, and pain-free.” It helps to rebuild the collagen between joints, allowing you to relieve pain.

3 Ingredient Mixture to Erase Back Pain (Page 26): Dr. Inglis highlights a simple, 3-ingredient remedy to erase nagging back pain.

Why People in India Are 4 Times Less Likely to Develop Alzheimer’s Than Americans (Page 334): Dr. Inglis claims people in India have a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s because of a specific type of yellow spice.

Why Dr. Inglis Advises Against Mammograms (Page 77): Most doctors recommend regular mammograms to check for breast cancer. Dr. Inglis, however, claims “you should never, ever get a mammogram” because they’re “potentially dangerous. Instead, he recommends a safe alternative in The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures.

A Weird Germ Therapy to Reduce In Vitro Tumor Growth 85% (Page 86): Dr. Inglis highlights a germ therapy that reduced in vitro tumor growth by 85% while working 3x better than conventional treatment.

How a Jellyfish Secret Boosts Memory & Performance (Page 327): In The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures, you can discover how a unique “jellyfish secret” has been shown to help seniors boost memory and test performance by 31%.

How a Popular Diabetes Drug Increases Risk by 71% (Page 286): Dr. Inglis seems to advise taking a popular diabetes drug, claiming it increases the risk of diabetes by 71%. You can discover the name of the drug and its dangers on page 286.

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The Truth About Cholesterol – and Why Doctors Get It Wrong (Page 137): In The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures, you’ll discover the “shocking truth” about cholesterol and why low cholesterol could increase your risk of stroke.

How a Purple Cauliflower Fights Flu (Page 438): A specific type of purple cauliflower, available at your local health food store, has been shown to fight off the flu and destroy viruses.

How Hypertension Soup Lowers Blood Pressure 27% (Page 156): On Page 156 of The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures, Dr. Inglis lists a recipe for hypertension soup, which features a blend of ingredients to lower blood pressure.

5 Natural Supplements to Boost Prostate Health (Page 480): Seventy percent of men over 50 have benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). In The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures, you can discover five natural supplements shown to help you pee more freely and enjoy relief from prostate symptoms.

How to Burn Stubborn Fat Without Dieting or Exercising (Page 227): Most doctors recommend dieting and exercising to burn fat. In The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures, Dr. Inglis explains how to burn fat without dieting or exercising.

Dr. Inglis’s Recommended Anti-Cancer Diet (Page 89): Eating specific foods could help you fight cancer. The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures reveals the top five foods to fight cancer. Dr. Inglis claims these are the same foods he recommends to patients.

What Will You Learn in Banned in America: The Underground Cancer Bible?

When you subscribe to Nutrition & Healing today, you will immediately receive a free bonus eBook called Banned in America: The Underground Cancer Bible.

In this book, Dr. Inglis highlights “8 underground cures” used to treat cancer worldwide – including treatments banned in the United States.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this bonus eBook include:

  • Complete details on 8 “bona fide cancer cures from around the world,” according to Dr. Inglis.
  • This section provides easy-to-read information about these cancer cures, including how they work, what they do, and how you can access them today.
  • Why you haven’t heard about these cures before, including a cancer vaccine “covered up by our own federal government.”
  • How a natural treatment “beats some of the deadliest, most advanced types of cancer” – despite being banned in the United States. And the one place in the world where you can access this alternative cure.
  • A diabetes medication that can “help beat some of the deadliest cancers around” without the side effects of chemotherapy drugs.
  • The German clinic offers a specialized “heat treatment” that “melts away deadly tumors” yet is unavailable across the United States.

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The eBook is written specifically for patients and families dealing with cancer. Dr. Inglis aims to give these people hope: all you need is a passport to access some of “the best cures and treatments available,” according to Dr. Inglis. Here’s how he explains the value of the book:

“…if you’re facing a cancer diagnosis – or know someone who is – you’ll never want to be without this crucial information…for open-minded folks who want access to the best cures and treatments available.”

You receive immediate access to the bonus eBook after your purchase is confirmed.

What’s Included with Nutrition & Healing?

As part of a 2024 promotion, NewMarket Health Publishing is bundling additional guides, eBooks, and bonus reports with all new subscriptions to Nutrition & Healing.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to Nutrition & Healing today:

Monthly Subscription to Nutrition & Healing: Subscribers receive a new issue of Nutrition & Healing each month featuring alternative health remedies, the latest research on natural medicine, and more. Each 8-page report is designed to be easy to read, giving you access to Dr. Inglis’s “best treatments and disease protocols,” delivered directly to your inbox.

Breaking Health Alerts: Each weekday, you receive a concise email recapping the most vital health news on the market. You’ll discover health recalls, warnings, early research on new treatments, and more. If there’s an important health story, you’ll hear about it through Nutrition & Healing’s alerts.

Complete Access to Members-Only Content Library: All subscribers receive a password they can use to access the Nutrition & Healing content library. This library includes every report published by Dr. Inglis, including reports on treating specific conditions using alternative remedies, reports on the latest advances in natural medicine, and more. If you have a particular health concern, type it into the search bar and get the content you need in seconds.

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Free Bonus eBook #1: The Doctor’s Book of Natural Cures: This 700-page book is packed with “the best treatments and disease protocols” from Dr. Inglis’s 20+ years of experience in medicine. You’ll discover alternative remedies for everything “from cancer to cataracts.” Whether dealing with arthritis, allergies, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, or more, you can discover “natural cures” in this eBook, including safe, natural solutions you can implement today from home.

Free Bonus eBook #2: Banned in America: The Underground Cancer Bible: This bonus eBook is written for individuals and families with cancer. The author provides “full details on cancer cures used around the world,” including cures that aren’t available in America. NewMarket Health Publishing describes it as “life-changing information for anyone suffering with cancer.

Nutrition & Healing Pricing

Nutrition & Healing is $99 per year for a one-year subscription. A lifetime subscription is $199. Readers over 60 qualify for a senior discount.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Nutrition & Healing online today:

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Final Word

Nutrition & Healing is a monthly health newsletter published by NewMarket Health Publishing and led by Dr. Alan Inglis.

By subscribing to Nutrition & Healing today, you get immediate access to a bundle of bonus reports, guides, and your monthly newsletter. Nutrition & Healing is also available at a discounted annual rate of $99 per year as part of a 2024 promotion. Or, you can pay $199 for a lifetime subscription.

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