Dr. Pescatore’s Logical Health Alternatives Reviews: Can You Trust Customer Results?

Dr. Pescatore and his team at NewMarket Health Publishing have launched a new promotional campaign for Logical Health Alternatives, his health information subscription program.

According to Dr. Pescatore, a “cancer bombshell” was recently unearthed in a government database. That bombshell could hold the “cancer solution.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Logical Health Alternatives and the newly discovered solution to cancer today in our review.

What are Dr. Pescatore’s Logical Health Alternatives?

Dr. Pescatore’s Logical Health Alternatives is a monthly email newsletter led by Dr. Pescatore.

Found online at LogicalHealthAlternatives.com, the monthly newsletter is delivered to your email and features actionable tips for improving health using alternative medicine.

As part of a 2024 promotion for the email newsletter, Dr. Pescatore and his team claim to have discovered a “cancer solution” hidden within a government database.

If you subscribe to Logical Health Alternatives today, you will receive two free bonus gift eBooks, Hidden Healing and Brain 911. Both books contain over 400 pages of actionable health information, including complete details about Dr. Pescatore’s newly discovered “cancer solution.”

Logical Health Alternatives is priced at $89 per year. Or, you can buy a lifetime subscription – and receive additional bonus gifts – for just $199.

Logical Health Alternatives Benefits

Some of the benefits of Logical Health Alternatives include:

  • Science-backed medical advice from medical doctor
  • Discover solutions to cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other deadly diseases
  • Easy-to-read monthly newsletter
  • Semi-annual, annual, and lifetime subscriptions available
  • Backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee

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How Does Logical Health Alternatives Work?

Logical Health Alternatives is a monthly newsletter. You receive one new issue in your email inbox each month. Each issue is packed with actionable recommendations you can implement today to improve your health in various ways.

Dr. Fred Pescatore, MD, leads the newsletter. Although Dr. Pescatore is a medical doctor (MD), he focuses primarily on alternative health and natural remedies – including science-backed solutions for common illnesses and diseases.

Some of the topics recently covered in Logical Health Alternatives and Dr. Pescatore’s blog include:

  • How one shocking study found compounds in common foods “reprogram” cancer cells
  • How one medical discovery is brining “hopeless” Alzheimer’s patients back to life in 90 minutes
  • How big pharmaceutical companies are covering up some of the best treatments for common health conditions because they want to make more money
  • How to promote healthy aging
  • Simple strategies you can implement into your daily life to reduce your risk of health complications
  • How to “prevent, even reverse” type 2 diabetes by making simple changes to your life

By subscribing to Logical Health Alternatives today, you will receive actionable health information in your email inbox each month. All subscriptions include bonus reports, free eBooks, and other perks.

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Who is Dr. Fred Pescatore, MD?

Logical Health Alternatives is led by Dr. Fred Pescatore, a medical doctor (MD) with decades of experience practicing medicine worldwide.

His official website says Dr. Pescatore is “one of the most sought-after natural physicians in the country.” He also claims to have a proven track record of hearing about “healing techniques as they happen…sometimes decades before they trickle out to the mainstream.”

In addition to publishing health advice online through Logical Health Alternatives, Dr. Pescatore operates a clinic in New York City. He also works at hospitals in Tanzania, lectures across America and worldwide, and participates in other initiatives to share new medical techniques with the public.

Before opening his practice, Dr. Pescatore spent five years as the Associate Medical Director of the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine. He’s also well-known in the supplement space and is the former President of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists and a member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

Dr. Pescatore has also published nine bestselling books, including The A-List Diet, The Hamptons Diet, and Feed Your Kids Well. He has also appeared on major media like The O’Reilly Factor and The Today Show. For years, he hosted the number one health radio show in New York City, The Logical Alternative.

Today, Dr. Pescatore aims to continue sharing his actionable health advice with the public through Logical Health Alternatives.

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What is Dr. Pescatore’s “Cancer Bombshell”?

As part of a 2024 promotion for Logical Health Alternatives, Dr. Pescatore and his team are teasing information about a “cancer solution” hidden in government documents.

Although we can’t reveal full details about that cancer solution upfront, here are some of the facts Dr. Pescatore uses to entice readers to subscribe:

A cancer bombshell was recently unearthed in a government database.

That government database consists of health data the United States government has quietly collected for decades.

One document, File #31053, discovered by Dr. Pescatore, focuses on a “cancer solution,” or a natural plant compound that “kills even ‘chemo-proof’ cancer cells.” These cancer cells are the deadliest because they’re not affected by modern treatment.

Dr. Pescatore believes this cancer solution could “dismantle Big Pharma’s billion-dollar cancer industry” and “turn the world of cancer treatment upside down.” Despite its groundbreaking potential, this solution is being ignored by the United States government.

Dr. Pescatore believes this cancer solution should be shared with the world – not kept in a government database.

By subscribing to Logical Health Alternatives today, you can discover full details about this cancer solution and how it works. Dr. Pescatore recommends subscribing to Logical Health Alternatives “if you or someone you love is battling cancer.”

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Why a Plant Compound Called CL-4 is a “Cancer Solution”

Dr. Pescatore claims to have discovered the solution to cancer in a secret government database.

Hidden in a government document called File #31053 is a plant compound called CL-4. Purportedly, taking one spoonful of CL-4 daily activates the plant’s “anti-cancer potential.

As proof, Dr. Pescatore cites a second government document titled File #13157, where a patient cured her deadly cancer with CL-4. Here’s how that patient cured her cancer with the plant compound:

  • In 2007, a patient was diagnosed with an incurable blood cancer called myeloma.
  • With aggressive treatment, the average survival time for myeloma is just 5 years.
  • After 3 rounds of chemotherapy and 4 stem cell transplants, the patient was nearing the end of her life. None of the treatments worked, and her body continued to be riddled with cancer.
  • Out of the patients, one patient read about the CL-4 plant compound online and decided to take it.
  • Soon after taking CL-4, the patient’s cancer rapidly improved. Within months, the patient’s “blood counts returned to normal…and stayed that way for five more years.”

Dr. Pescatore describes the case as a “miracle.” However, it’s just one of many cases where CL-4 solved cancer:

“You can find more than 7,800 entries in the government’s database that came from research centers all around the world – even from prestigious names like Stanford, Baylor, and MD Anderson Cancer Center…Including 66 human trials…with 10 going on right now.”

Dr. Pescatore claims CL-4 is being studied against some of the most common types of cancer – as well as the deadliest types of cancer – including breast, ovarian, cervical, prostate, lung, colon, stomach, bladder, and brain cancer, among others.

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CL-4 Kills Cancer Stem Cells, the Deadliest Types of Cancer Cells

According to Dr. Pescatore, one of the most remarkable parts of CL-4 is that it kills “cancer stem cells,” which are the deadliest types of cancer cells because they are unaffected by chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy can’t kill cancer stem cells, nor can radiation.

Making things worse, cancer stem cells cannot be detected on PET Scans, CT scans, or MRIs, and they’re virtually invisible to doctors.

Dr. Pescatore, citing File #31053 of the secret government database, claims CL-4 “obliterated 8x more cancer stem cells” than a leading chemotherapy drug, potentially revolutionizing cancer treatment as we know it. Here’s how that study worked:

According to File #31053 of a secret government database uncovered by Dr. Pescatore, researchers tested a plant extract called CL-4 against a popular chemotherapy drug called cisplatin.

Researchers tested the drugs against an aggressive type of lung cancer stem cells in the lab.

Cisplatin, the chemotherapy drug, destroyed just 6% of the deadly cells while leaving 94% of cells untouched.

However, when researchers combined cisplatin with the CL-4 plant extract, it “obliterated 8x more cancer stem cells than the chemo drug could do alone.” It killed nearly half of the cancer stem cells in one shot.

Researchers also found that CL-4 disrupts more than 195 cancer-causing signals in the body. In comparison, popular cancer drugs target just one signal from one gene.

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What Will You Learn in Hidden Healing?

As part of a 2024 promotion, all subscriptions to Logical Health Alternatives come with a free bonus eBook written by Dr. Fred Pescatore. That eBook is called Hidden Healing.

In Hidden Healing, you can learn complete details about Dr. Pescatore’s newly discovered cancer solution, CL-4, and how it works. The eBook is also packed with tips for fighting Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, and other dangerous conditions.

A significant part of the book focuses on CL-4, which Dr. Pescatore describes as a “cancer solution.” Here are some of the things you’ll learn about CL-4 in Hidden Healing:

  • How a plant extract called CL-4 obliterates chemotherapy-proof cancer cells in lab studies, working better than chemotherapy drugs while killing half of all cancer cells.
  • Why researchers at Baylor University claim CL-4 can supercharge the results of chemotherapy drugs, working in tandem with chemotherapy drugs to provide superior results.
  • How to find a reputable source of CL-4 right now – and what to look for on the label if you’re buying CL-4 online.
  • Where you can find CL-4 for $1 per day – compared to $20,000 for a single dose of chemotherapy medication.
  • Why you haven’t heard about CL-4 to date, and why pharmaceutical companies want to hide the “cancer solution’ from the public.
  • The science behind CL-4, including results from dozens of trials showing CL-4 works against cancer cells.

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Hidden Healing also covers other topics linked to other deadly diseases. Some of the other topics covered in Hidden Healing include:

Why inflammation is the sinister force behind Alzheimer’s – and why combating inflammation can help improve cognition.

Why doctor-prescribed medications for Alzheimer’s are “basically worthless,” according to Dr. Pescatore, because of their ineffectiveness and risks.

How a brain-repairing, inflammation-erasing nutrient called flavanol C can “reverse the brain’s age by 30 years.” Researchers at Columbia University confirmed the effects on brain health on memory tests and brain MRIs, finding those who took a drink with flavanol C performed significantly better than those taking a placebo.

How to implement powerful phytonutrients into your daily routine to improve cognition and fight inflammation in the brain. These nutrients can improve blood flow, keep toxic proteins away, and even help grow new brain cells.

Other natural, science-backed, under-utilized ways to fight deadly diseases.

Why a “magic bullet” called Rescue-N could reduce your risk of a fatal heart attack by half, turning a potentially fatal incident into a nonfatal event. Rescue-N targets some of the most important biomarkers of cardiovascular health, cutting triglycerides, lowering LDL cholesterol, and increasing HDL.

How to avoid chronic joint pain, grow new cartilage, and stop crippling arthritis pain without resorting to dangerous medication.

How to prevent runaway blood sugar using a special compound called neoflavonoid B, helping to target the inflammation at the root of many cases of diabetes.

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Other Topics Covered in Logical Health Alternatives & Hidden Healing

When you subscribe to Logical Health Alternatives today, you will immediately have access to the Hidden Healing eBook, which is packed with natural remedies to defend the body against disease and illness.

In addition to the remedies against cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease above, the book and newsletter cover topics like:

  • Why eating a specific fruit for breakfast can lower blood pressure 7 points while being delicious to eat (page 46).
  • How to ease digestive stress with a foolproof prescription for healthy bowels, helping to avoid gas, bloating, and diarrhea using a simple vitamin treatment with a 70% success rate (pages 60 to 64).
  • Why you can lose 35% more weight with a fat-fighting antioxidant you’ve never heard of – and why it’s never been easier to drop the last 5 to 10 pounds to reach your target weight (page 67).
  • How to promote better sleep naturally and without side effects using nature’s best drug-free sleep secret, a little-known sleep protein hiding inside a vegetable (page 97).
  • 15 stamina secrets for better sex without resorting to Viagra and other ED medication (page 110).
  • A hormone-free secret from France to relieve the 6 most dreaded symptoms of menopause – including hot flashes (page 36).
  • The secret ingredient could make fried food good (page 263).
  • The simple secret that could restore failing eyesight in just 90 days—and why this natural treatment helped patients read two more lines on the eye chart without surgeries, drugs, or eyedrops (page 388).
  • The natural hearing aid nutrient that stops hearing loss – and how to avoid the hidden enemy that further robs you of hearing (page 59).
  • How to use a “wine barrel treatment” to resolve chronic fatigue, using a science-backed method to avoid muscle weakness, exhaustion, and extreme fatigue (page 111).
  • The statin-free heart disease secret to lower the risk of a heart attack without prescription drugs (page 156).
  • How to flu-proof your immune system in 3 days (page 31).
  • The #1 food everyone with allergies should avoid – and why one bite of this food could suppress your immune system by 50%, increasing your risk of allergy symptoms (page 40).
  • A natural treatment for excruciating gallbladder attacks that don’t require surgery or other invasive procedures (page 89).
  • The blood pressure fix is so easy to implement that you won’t believe it (page 48).
  • How to eat out every day of the week while still losing weight (page 244).

Overall, Logical Health Alternatives and Hidden Healing are packed with actionable strategies you can implement today to boost your health in various ways.

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What’s Included with Logical Health Alternatives?

As part of a 2024 promotion, Dr. Pescatore and his team are bundling a series of bonus eBooks and guides with all new subscriptions to Logical Health Alternatives.

Whether you subscribe for 6 months, 12 months, or a lifetime membership, your subscription includes the following:

Monthly Issues of Logical Health Alternatives: Each month, Dr. Pescatore emails subscribers with new health information, actionable health tips, analysis of new studies, and more. You can immediately implement these lessons into your everyday life, using alternative remedies to achieve actionable health goals.

Free Bonus eBook #1: Hidden Healing: Natural, Science-Backed, and Rarely Seen Ways to Help You Fight Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Pain, and More: Dr. Pescatore is a big believer in alternative medicine. In this eBook, you can discover natural, science-backed methods for fighting the world’s deadliest diseases. Across hundreds of pages, Dr. Pescatore outlines natural remedies you can implement at home today for everything from chronic pain to cancer.

Free Bonus eBook #2: Brain 911! How to Rescue Your Memory from the Alzheimer’s Epidemic: Alzheimer’s is one of the world’s leading causes of death. In this guide, you can discover how Dr. Pescatore recommends defending your brain against Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain diseases, helping to rescue your memory. Some of the topics covered in Brain 911 include:

  • 1 simple amino acid that “outperforms any ‘miraculous’ memory drug Big Pharma has on the market,” according to Dr. Pescatore (page 5)
  • 3 bad brain habits to drop right now – and why your brain could get stronger every time you skip one of these habits (page 8)
  • How to buffer the brain against Alzheimer’s with a powerful but overlooked beauty secret – and no, it doesn’t involve sleep (page 10)
  • How to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s by doing one thing a week – and have more fun at the same time (page 12)
  • Why you shouldn’t let cancer treatments ravage your brain – and how to combat “chemo brain” and improve cognitive function within 7 days (page 15)

Don’t miss out on these bonuses!

Logical Health Alternatives Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The official Logical Health Alternatives website is filled with glowing reviews from customers who have experienced significant health benefits from Dr. Pescatore’s advice.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers online:

  • One customer claims she has been “using your cures for two weeks,” describing them as “amazing” so far.
  • Another customer can “thank God” she discovered Dr. Pescatore’s information online, describing his information as the “best of all” she’s found online.
  • Many customers are impressed by how easy it is to implement Dr. Pescatore’s alternative remedies into their life.
  • Some customers claim to have stopped taking their medication after following Dr. Pescatore’s advice. One customer claims he has “quit taking my diabetes and blood pressure medications” after subscribing to Logical Health Alternatives, for example.
  • One customer claims he is “pain-free without a wheelchair” after following Dr. Pescatore’s advice. He had chronic knee pain for years and thought he would have to use a wheelchair.
  • Some customers have lost significant weight with Logical Health Alternatives. One customer claims she was 30 pounds heavier, miserable, sleep-deprived, and depressed before following Logical Health Alternatives, for example.

Overall, Logical Health Alternatives has been published online for over a decade, and the company’s newsletter has strong reviews online from customers worldwide who have experienced powerful results after implementing Dr. Pescatore’s health recommendations.

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Logical Health Alternatives Pricing

Depending on your subscription option, logical Health Alternatives is priced at $74 to $199. The more you pay, the more bonus gifts you receive.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering online today:

  • 6-Month Subscription (6 Issues): $74 every 6 months
  • 1-Year Subscription (12 Issues): $89 per year
  • Lifetime Subscription (Unlimited Issues) + 7 Additional Free Bonus Reports: $199 + $14.95 per year maintenance fee

All subscriptions come with the two bonus eBooks listed above, including Hidden Healing and Brain 911.

All subscriptions also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with Logical Health Alternatives for any reason, contact the team for a refund. Plus, you can keep any bonus eBooks as a thank you for trying the service.

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About NewMarket Health Publishing

Logical Health Alternatives is published online by NewMarket Health Publishing, a Baltimore, Maryland-based health publishing and health supplement company. The company has published Logical Health Alternatives since 2011.

In addition to Logical Health Alternatives, NewMarket Health Publishing publishes health information through newsletters and brands like Health Sciences Institute, Health Revelations, Nutrition & Healing, and Natural Health Response. The company also offers supplements through NorthStar Nutritionals, BestHealth Nutritionals, and Real Advantage Nutrients.

You can contact NewMarket Health Publishing and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1 (888) 884-7768
  • Mailing Address: 1001 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
  • Online Form: https://www.drpescatore.com/contact-us

Final Word

Logical Health Alternatives is a monthly health newsletter led by Dr. Pescatore, a medical doctor with three decades of experience treating patients.

As part of a 2024 promotion, Dr. Pescatore is advertising Logical Health Alternatives specifically to people and families dealing with cancer.

Dr. Pescatore claims to have discovered a “cancer solution” hidden within secret government documents. That solution, a plant extract called CL-4, could revolutionize the multibillion-dollar cancer drug industry – and it’s available for just $1 per day.

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