A haircut for all the best reasons

All this discussion we've been having around the office lately about hair (see Dennis Box's Sept. 3 Our Corner) got me thinking about my own hair dilemma.

All this discussion we’ve been having around the office lately about hair (see Dennis Box’s Sept. 3 Our Corner) got me thinking about my own hair dilemma.

But first, a musical interruption, because my brain just started playing “Almost Cut My Hair” by Crosby, Stills and Nash – not sure if Young is in on that one. I’ll explain in a minute.

Here’s the lyric that is fitting:

“Almost cut my hair. It happened just the other day.

It’s getting kinda long. I could said it wasn’t in my way.

But I didn’t and I wonder why…”

Last week I was on vacation and I was pondering getting my hair cut but I didn’t feel a strong compulsion to do so, which is odd, given that it’s been nearly six months since my last hair cut.

This is pretty routine for me. I try to get in and get a trim every three months, but this job and life just keeps me busy.

And lately, being pregnant and all that goes along with it, has really taken up my free time.

But, since I have about two months before our baby girl arrives, I think that it would be easier to find time now to get my hair cut.

My thought process was to chop it short, like, to my jaw. Right now it drapes about three inches below my shoulder. It’s a layered style (I can almost see Dennis’ eyes glazing over as he reads this) so it looks good like this or short. My husband is a fan of my long hair.

It drives me crazy. It’s thick, it’s ornery, and it’s wavy. Just about any woman will have a complaint about their hair and some woman somewhere is envious of my thick, wavy hair while I would kill to have less of it and have it be straight as an arrow.

No wonder Dennis gets confused.

Beside the fact that my husband likes my hair long, the other reason I am contemplating letting it continue to grow is I have wanted to donate to Locks of Love, a fantastic nonprofit organization that provides hair pieces to children who are suffering from long-term medical hair loss in United States and Canada, according to the organization’s Web site, www.locksoflove.org.

Generally Locks of Love gets donations from kids, but I have considered donating because, well, I get busy and basically get my hair cut twice a year. And when I do cut my hair I chop a lot off.

Just seems like a good idea to put my inability to make time to get a hair cut on a regular basis to good use.

While chopping my hair off now seems like a good idea so it’s one less thing to worry about once our daughter arrives in November, I could always wait until January and do it then, because it’s not like I haven’t waited nine months to get my hair cut before.

Then I start thinking about the idea of having that convenient, mom-on-the go look, and I wonder if that’s a path I want to head down yet.

Maybe I can just keep growing it out and chopping it off without bringing up the whole “it’s more convenient to have it short because I’m a mommy” excuse while donating to Locks of Love.

Plus, it would be a great example to set for my little girl.

Decision made. I’ll just grow it out until the end of my maternity leave. Then I’ll chop it off for Locks of Love. I think it’s a win-win.

Now let’s see if Dennis’ head has exploded yet from all this hair talk.