More class time in June, thanks to snow

Kids may have loved their days off last month because of snow, but come June, it will mean more days in classrooms before summer vacation can begin.

According to Kent School District spokeswoman Becky Hanks, the district didn’t plan for any snow days in its 2008-09 calendar, which means the unscheduled two days off -Dec. 18-19 will have to be made up in the spring, as called for on the district’s official calendar.

Originally, June 19 was scheduled as the last day of school, but an additional week was designated for makeups. Classes will now end June 23.

In the Tahoma School District, snow makeup days are tentatively scheduled for Jan. 27 and May 22, and the school year would now end June 19 instead of the original June 17. The proposed changes require School Board approval, Tahoma spokesman Kevin Patterson said.

The Kent and Tahoma districts have been on winter break since Dec. 22. Their classes are scheduled to resume Jan. 5 and 6, respectively.