CVS slated to build in Maple Valley

A CVS Pharmacy is being constructed in Maple Valley on the corner of Witte Road and State Route 169.

According to Maple Valley Associate Planner Amy Taylor, CVS came to the city in mid 2017 with its application and then by the end of 2017 it submitted the application, which was then approved by Maple Valley.

So far a gas station, a convenience store and a car wash have been demolished to make way for the CVS, Taylor said.

There is also a coffee stand called “Village Coffee” that is moving to a different location from the site and a small business building that will be demolished.

Taylor said there has been some informal public comments about the CVS coming to the city.

“Some public comment I’ve heard has been related to concerns over competition with the existing Bartell’s that’s just to the south of the proposed CVS site,” Taylor said.

According to Taylor, a pharmacy/drug store is considered allowed use in that area, so they have to allow the property owner to build on that property.

There is also going to be some pedestrian connections through the site that don’t exist now. Taylor said that should benefit the community.

The completion of this project is still up in the air, but Taylor said CVS hopes to start construction this summer.