Beni Bryant sings his way to top 18 in AGT

Maple Valley AGT fans watch Beni make it to the final judging rounds

Fans of America’s Got Talent (AGT) won’t be surprised to learn a local singer has made it to one of the final stages of the reality show. Benicio “Beni” Bryant, a Maple Valley native, has used his great talent to earn a spot in the final 18 of the large talent contest, performed on a national stage in front of millions of viewers.

AGT announced Bryant’s next performance would be in the final round of “judge cuts” on Friday, Aug. 2. Bryant will perform an original song of his titled “Shine” on Tuesday, Aug. 7.

Bryant is no stranger to performing on stage or in front of a live audience on camera. Last year, he took second on The Voice Kids in Germany.

The show called Beni and his family asking if he wanted to audition on AGT back in February.

“We actually had a big family debate. We just didn’t want to be known as the family that keeps putting their kid on these shows. Beni was for it the whole time,” explained Beni’s dad Jeremy Bryant. “My wife and I were like, ‘Is it good for his career? Is it bad for his career?’ And we asked a lot of people in the business, and most of them said don’t do it. It’s a rare chance that you’re going to win that show. So when we talked about it, Beni was like, ‘Dad, I’m probably not going to win that show, but the exposure is really big.’”

So then it was decided, Beni was going to audition on AGT.

AGT is a talent show that airs on NBC every Tuesday during the summer months. The show is hosted by Terry Crews, an American actor and is judged by four celebrities. Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell, along with two new judges; author and producer Gabrielle Union and Emmy Award-winner Julianne Hough, according to the AGT website.

Each judge has a “buzzer” to press that will light a big red “X” if the judge doesn’t like an act. If an act gets all buzzes from all four judges before its over, they have to stop performing and don’t make it through to the next round.

Beni’s first audition aired on June 4. He sang “The Joke” by Brandi Carlile.

When Cowell spoke about what he thought about Beni’s performance, he had nothing but great things to say and even compared him to One Direction’s Harry Styles.

“I was really excited that they all liked me,” Beni said.

In the end, all four judges voted for him to on through to the next round.

Even if he doesn’t win, Beni said he’s just glad he’s had the chance to be on AGT and share his voice with the world and get exposure. Despite all of his fame, Jeremy said Beni has been good about keeping a level head and has even gotten into donating to good causes.

Jeremy Bryant, Beni Bryant’s father, said every year his son donates to a kids auction that’s through the Mariners that gives toys away. He said he works with the Mariners a lot because of his Renton business, Rain City Catering.

To watch Beni’s first audition, go to Be sure to tune into NBC to watch AGT on Tuesdays to see how far Bryant will make it.