5 purse snatching suspects arrested

The suspects were taken into custody on May 18 and were found in Maple Valley

Four juveniles and an adult were taken into custody on Saturday, May 18 for purse snatching in Covington.

According to Covington Police, there had been three purse snatching incidents that occurred in the city’s main core retail area.

The victims were described to be over 40 and alone.

It was reported that the suspects would watch victims for some time and then drive alongside the victim’s vehicle, get out and snatch the purse. Then the suspects were reported to flee, usually to what appeared to be a stolen car.

King County Sgt. Christine Elias said at around 6:24 p.m. on May 18, officers received a call saying that a victim’s credit card had been used at the Maple Valley QFC.

She said undercover detectives went to the QFC to investigate. Officers spotted a blue Subaru Outback and saw two males running west on the sidewalk, and then got into the Outback.

It was reported that the suspects tried to “elude” officers once they figured out the undercover car was a cop car following them.

The suspects pulled into the Lake Wilderness Lodge parking lot in Maple Valley where they were stopped and taken into custody.

Elias said the four juveniles were taken to the King County Detention Center and the adult suspect was taken to King County jail.

The suspects were identified by a victim whose wallet was snatched, according to Elias.

The driver was one of the juveniles and is being investigated for robbery and eluding an officer, while the other suspects are only being investigated for robbery, Elias said.

The vehicle they were driving was stolen and is being impounded so police can obtain a search warrant, according to Elias.

The Covington Police Chief will be holding a community meeting on Thursday, May 23 from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Covington City Hall to talk about tips for personal safety.