‘Every pet deserves a stress-free visit’

Covington animal hospital weaves low-stress approach with state-of-the-art care

For our pets, whose ears and noses are especially good at detecting changes in their environment and the presence of other animals, a vet visit can quickly spike their anxiety.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At VCA Covington Animal Hospital, the hospital’s fear-free certification is a badge of honor, distinguishing it as a leader in an evolving field where the emotional and physical well-being of pets are given equal importance.

“What really sets us apart is our commitment to fear-free and low-stress handling practices, ensuring every visit is as comfortable as possible for our patients,” explains Brigitte Stafford, a veterinary technician with the hospital for nearly seven years.

“Every pet deserves a stress-free visit,” says Brigitte Stafford, a veterinary technician. Photo courtesy of Covington Animal Hospital.

“Every pet deserves a stress-free visit,” says Brigitte Stafford, a veterinary technician. Photo courtesy of Covington Animal Hospital.

“Every pet deserves a stress-free visit.”

Delivering leading-edge treatment and techniques like reassuring, compassionate touch for the pets, the hospital’s approach significantly reshapes the pet’s experience, focusing intensely on reducing the anxiety and stress they often feel in a medical setting.

“You can really tell the difference in a hospital that integrates fear-free practices. It’s not just about the medical treatment but how we make the animals feel safe and calm during their visit,” Stafford adds.

Beyond its care practices, the hospital is rooted in the community, actively engaging with local welfare initiatives and partnerships with organizations like the Doney Memorial Pet Clinic and King County Humane Society.

One standout feature of VCA Covington is its approach to individual pet care. The hospital’s facilities boast advanced diagnostic and treatment areas, including radiology and dental services, and a fully equipped surgery suite.

Stafford shares a story about the hospital’s resident cat, a former patient who faced challenges with inappropriate urination before being adopted by the hospital. “He’s adjusted wonderfully. His presence really brightens up the place,” she says.

Educating pet owners is another cornerstone of the hospital’s philosophy. “We believe in empowering owners with knowledge about their pets’ health,” Stafford notes. “It’s incredibly fulfilling to see a pet improve and to help owners understand their pets’ behaviors and needs better.”

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