10X Mushroom Reviews (2024 Alert) Fake Claims or Natural Brain Boosting Supplement That Works?

10X Mushroom is a natural supplement by Science Natural Supplements that lowers stress levels, improves lasting mental energy and cognition, and promotes better health. The 1330mg per serving of an assortment of mushrooms is exclusive to the 10X formula, helping thousands stay healthy, focused, and energized throughout the day.

What is 10X Mushroom?

Some people seem to be constantly sick. They fight mental fatigue every day as they push to get through, and they can’t seem to shake the uneasiness or anxiety that they constantly struggle with. Consumers with this mental fatigue are more likely to be frustrated and stressed out, making them less productive and more overwhelmed.

Instead of continuing the cycle, consumers can make changes to improve their brain health, give them more energy, and feel less stressed. One of those changes should be adding 10X Mushroom to their daily routines. 10X blends mushroom extracts and powders work on strengthening the immune system, as well as the body and mind. It purges toxins that build up in the body and helps combat inflammation and aging. While there are several ways to integrate mushrooms into a diet, this supplement is the only one with the concentration that provides the benefits the customer needs.

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The 10 Mushrooms of 10X Mushroom

Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the star players of this 10X Mushroom formula because it supports the user’s sexual performance and mental alertness and can provide O2 levels. This mushroom gives an effect that other consumers seek out in erectile dysfunction drugs. It provides users with a 6.38% spike in VO2maxx blood flow and oxygenation, which improves fitness efforts.

This mushroom primarily grows in Tibet, Nepal, and nearby regions. It also helps users to engage more actively in mental activities without feeling drained later.


Reishi mushrooms are included in a highly potent amount. Since this mushroom has over 400 bioactive compounds, it is rich in the nutrients that the body needs to improve its health issues by increasing energy, treating liver issues, and reducing stress. It has been studied by many scientists, who discovered that it also helps with neurasthenia, which is dizziness, common aches and pain, irritability, and even headaches.

Through these studies, Reishi mushrooms continually reduce fatigue, helping users enjoy their day. Consumers also report feeling less irritable and happier with their life.

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White Button

White button mushrooms help the brain to convert glucose to energy. They also provide natural energy all day, helping users have the physical support they need to get through work, chores, daily errands, and more.

With a long history of medicinal use of edible mushrooms or their active components. Many research studies have discovered the various health benefits of edible and medicinal mushrooms, such as antioxidant, anticancer, prebiotic, immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, antimicrobial, and antidiabetic activities.


Shiitake mushrooms are perfect for improving health. They offer over 70% of the daily B vitamins that the human body needs, which helps users reduce the risk of brain damage. With vitamin B5, consumers improve their brain health with more energy and cognitive exertion. Vitamin B6 supports neurotransmitter production for better mental alertness and offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has been shown to improve cognitive function and protect the brain from damage.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane mushrooms are good for consumers with memory issues. The powerful effects have been praised for their support during many cognitive diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease. According to some research, this ingredient helps users improve their focus in light and dark settings, reducing the need to strain the eyes.

Other studies indicate that using lion’s mane mushrooms helps users to reduce cognitive blockages. Users often report finding activities like managing a budget and driving become easier with the focus that lion’s mane mushrooms bring.

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Maitake mushrooms use a Japanese word to describe these fungi, which means “dancing mushroom.” According to some legends, the mushroom’s name comes from the joyousness that users experience with the physical energy maitake brings. According to scientific studies, the Maitake mushroom helps with certain receptors connected to the user’s mood.

Other studies show that simply using this mushroom every day is enough to reduce anxiety and stress. Consumers who want to boost their moods can find support in maitake mushrooms.

Black Fungus

Black fungus mushrooms have consistently been studied for their cognitive boost. According to a recent study involving participants over age 60, this mushroom could reduce cognitive impairment. This reduction put them in a unique position to reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Users were inherently less likely to experience this type of cognitive decline.

With plentiful antioxidants, black fungus mushrooms also help users to improve mental clarity and experience a stronger memory. Users often find it easier to recall certain information with a formula like this.


Chaga mushrooms have been used for years because they can reduce high blood sugar levels. When consumers experience consistent fluctuations in glucose, they tend to have a more active appetite and experience more stress. Allowing stress to overwhelm one will prevent people from living a healthy life, making this mushroom essential. It also helps users improve their energy levels so they don’t feel so tired during the day.

Turkey Tail

Turkey tail mushrooms provide many different compounds that protect from disease. These include flavonoids like quercetin and baicalein, which protect the user’s immune system. They also trigger the production of cells that kill infections and illness, helping users fight against sickness.

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Royal Sun Agaricus

The last mushroom in this formula is Royal Sun Agaricus. Found over 100 years ago, researchers have found a clear relationship between the consumption of these mushrooms and anti-aging benefits. Consumers use this mushroom to help slow the division rate of cells, which helps the skin to look younger for longer.


Buying a Bottle of 10X Mushroom

Consumers are flocking to order their supply of 10X Mushroom because of the unique deal on the official website. The Science Natural Supplements website usually allows consumers to get a single bottle for a low price—$49.00. Consumers can pay the same price for three free bottles simultaneously for a limited time.

Even if the user finds that 10X Mushroom isn’t a good match, they are covered by a money-back guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions About 10X Mushroom

Q. How does 10X Mushroom benefit users?

A. Consumers who use this supplement give themselves an assortment of 10 different mushrooms, which boosts their natural energy. As the digestive system breaks down the mushrooms, they increase coenzyme Q10 activity, which makes them feel sharper and in a better mood. It can also improve the user’s immune system, keeping them healthier for longer.

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Q. What ingredients are used to create every bottle of 10X Mushroom?

A. This formula includes ten types of mushrooms: cordyceps sinensis, Reishi, white button, shiitake, lion’s mane, maitake, black fungus, chaga, turkey tail, and royal sun agaricus.

Q. How long do users need to use 10X Mushroom to get results?

A. Since every user starts their regimen from a different state of health, the results will vary from one to the next. However, some people have such a drastic improvement that they feel a change within a few hours. Consumers who want consistent results must maintain the regimen for as long as they want the boost.

Q. What must users do to get the benefits of 10X Mushroom?

A. This mushroom supplement improves cognition, so users must take two capsules daily. Consumers can take it with or without food, though some take it ahead of a meal when the timing feels right. The only requirement is that users swallow the capsules with water to promote the best absorption and digestion.

Q. How long do users wait for 10X Mushroom to arrive after placing an order?

A. Orders start processing from the moment that consumers are submitted, though it can take up to 48 hours to leave the warehouse. Then, it should arrive within seven business days if the delivery is within the United States.

Q. What is the 180-day money-back guarantee policy?

A. This money-back guarantee allows consumers to get a full refund if the supplement doesn’t improve their life as anticipated.

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Q. How long will consumers be able to get the low pricing that Science Natural Supplements is currently offering?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. Consumers who want to take advantage of this low price must order soon.

For consumers who still have other questions about their order, call customer service or send an email to:

  • 1-800-305-1445
  • support@sciencenaturalsupplements.com


10X Mushroom offers a simple yet effective way to improve the user’s health. It targets many body parts, helping users improve their brain health, immunity, and more. Much of this formula focuses on improving mental energy, which is only possible with this assortment of 10 mushrooms. Plus, if the user doesn’t like the results, they can get a full refund from the creators.

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