‘Keep in mind what is ultimately at stake’

A recent letter writer expressed surprise that a Democratic PAC is spending money locally to oppose Dino Rossi (the letter titled “Democratic PAC spreading false statements on Rossi,” ran in the Sept. 28 edition).

The writer did not however express equal surprise that Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund PAC is also spending a huge amount on false and misleading claims opposing Dr. Kim Schrier for congress in the 8th District.

Money is pouring into the district from both sides because the outcome may determine whether a Republican majority in Congress will continue to enable the Trump administration in its all out assault on democracy and the rule of law in the United States.

Of the two candidates in the race, Dr. Schrier is the only one on record opposing Citizens United, the Supreme Court ruling which allows unlimited money to flow from corporations to influence elections. Dr. Schrier is also the only one of the two who does not accept corporate PAC money.

By all means, get as much information as you can about the candidates, ignore the noise and judge them on the issues. But when you do vote in November, keep in mind what is ultimately at stake.

Steve Delehoy