I’m voting for Bill Ramos this election

I have been following the race for the 5th Legislative District since before the primaries and noticed the ad placed by Chad Magendanz in the Reporter’s Oct. 19 issue. He wants the voters to believe that he is a moderate but his voting record show otherwise.

Information obtained at votesmart.org show him voting consistently along party lines. He is a partisan career politician.

His opponent, Bill Ramos, is a grassroots candidate who is currently on the Issaquah City Council. There, he is known for his insistence on getting value for money spent and his work on solving transportation issues and improving schools. He is a problem solver who works on an issue from the inside out.

In my opinion, it is well past time to rebuild our local government from the ground up with representatives who will work to solve problems, not career politicians who vote on party lines.

I had an exchange with Mr. Magendanz about an environmental issue. I attended a parade in North Bend where he and his campaign gave children helium balloons with his caricatured face on them. Before long, the balloons were getting loose, heading into the sky. Who does not know that releasing balloons harms wildlife and the environment? In my following exchange with him he justified the action by saying the balloons were latex, not Mylar and the strings were cotton. This is not OK and he is NOT someone I want making policy decisions in Olympia.

The more I read about his record the more questionable behavior I discover.

I will be voting for Bill Ramos.

Nancy Zwicker