Give Donald Trump a chance | Letter to the Editor

As you know, recently we elected Donald J. Trump as our 45th president. Donald is a Republican and this signifies a big swing in the government from Democratic to Republican.

As you know, recently we elected Donald J. Trump as our 45th president. Donald is a Republican and this signifies a big swing in the government from Democratic to Republican. Also Congress is mainly controlled by the Republicans and Donald will be able to pick a new Supreme Court justice, meaning that the Republicans will control the Supreme Court. All these changes allow for some potentially major changes in public policy in the United States.

Many people are unhappy, scared and angry with our future president-elect Donald Trump and have been rioting the streets of towns, cities and have been protesting on many college campuses and even high schools. I don’t believe this is the right thing to do right now. The United States is more divided than it has been in a long time; families are turning against each other as they take different political views. In Texas, a mother made her 7-year-old son pack his bags and leave the house because he said he voted for Trump in a fake election at his elementary school. The child was crying but his mother insisted and kicked him out of the house anyway out of anger.

We need unity now more than ever. If foreign countries see how split the nation is, they could see it as a time of weakness for us which could open us up for an attack on U.S. soil. The United States is also in danger from it selves. If riots and violence continue over who voted for who, we will just result in further separation as a nation. Do we really want to fight another civil war?

Although I do not agree with many things that Donald Trump has said or done, I believe that we should give him a chance because he hasn’t done anything good or bad yet for our country yet. Many people are complaining that Trump will ruin their lives because of the things he has promised to do. However, I think a lot of things that Donald Trump has said in these past months has been a publicity stunt. We have shown Trump that we feel strongly about the rights we have gained so far such as LGBTQ and if he took those rights away he would just create more conflict which is why I don’t think he will take those rights away. Also I don’t think Donald Trump will deport many of the illegal immigrants that have been here for a long time because they already have set up lives here and it would be very difficult to track down every one of them, as many have children who have children born here in the United States and this would rip families apart; rather, I think that he will focus on stopping the amount of illegal immigrants that enter the country by building a wall. The wall is not a bad idea, it might be a big investment at first but overtime it will payoff because it will stop immigrants from working in the United States and sending money to their families instead of keeping the money in the economy. Also the wall can offer a line of protection against foreign allies just in case one day a country takes over México and tries to invade the U.S like how the Nazis would take over a country just to invade their real target country.

Finally when Obama was first elected the country rioted similar to how they are now. They rioted without giving Obama a chance but eventually they came to grips that Obama was the president and he did a good job. All I am saying is that we need to give Trump a chance before we decide to secede from the Union.

C. Mitchell

Maple Valley