Hudson Portraits to use photos, Facebook to gather food

Bruce Hudson, owner of Hudson’s Portrait Design in Renton, is determined to get cell phone self portraits off people’s Facebook pages and gather food for local families this summer.

Hudson, a Black Diamond resident, stated in a press release he plans to help the Salvation Army/Renton Rotary Food Bank gather food by offering a mini-Facebook photo shoot in exchange for two bags of groceries.

“I’ve built my photography business through on-going relationships with my clients. During these challenging times, the relationships that have evolved over the years and throughout the local community have become that much more important. It’s all about relationships and helping your local community,” states Hudson.

The release stated Hudson was raised in Kent and has operated his photography studio for 26 years. He has lived in Maple Valley and Black Diamond area since 1978.

He has been involved with the Renton Rotary Club for 25 years.

You can check out Hudson’s Web site, or, of course, visit the Facebook fan page.