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Startup in a day with SBA | Business

Starting a business can be overwhelming. You have to set up a legal structure, find office space, and apply for multiple licenses and permits, before you can even open your doors to customers


Small businesses reaching global markets

Today, 98 percent of American companies that export are small businesses, but more than half of our exporters are only selling to one foreign market, usually Canada or Mexico. The U.S. Small Business Administration is here to help more entrepreneurs reach new markets for their goods and services


Tips for winning government contracts | Calvin Goings

Can you imagine your small business providing that key product or service to the Department of Navy, the Environmental Protection Agency or the Department of Agriculture?


New programs for 2012 from the Small Business Association | Calvin Goings

Every January, Americans look ahead with the desire to start the New Year with fresh ideas and hopes to improve. The U. S. Small Business Administration is doing the same thing – regularly meeting with lenders and resources partners to get feedback on ways to improve our loan programs and services. And, this past year, the SBA engaged over 150 community lenders in all 50 states to provide comments on ways that the SBA’s CAPLines Program could work more effectively for both SBA lenders and small businesses, as this program has been underutilized.

New year, new business | Calvin Goings

With a new year on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to dream about the future and set new goals and resolutions. If your plans include starting a new business, the best place to begin is with the U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Calvin Goings is the regional administrator for the Small Business Association

Financing a business with the Small Business Administration’s assistance

Perhaps no activity in starting up a new business in formulating plans for growth of an existing business will have as much impact on your prospect for success over the long run than ensuring adequate financing. How do you go about financing your enterprise? The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends developing a proposal, including a business plan, and paying a visit to a commercial lender with whom you’ve done business in the past, a place where you are a known quantity. If that lender will make a loan to finance your proposal, then you don’t need the SBA.

Calvin Goings is the regional administrator for the Small Business Association
Calvin Goings is the Small Business Administration's regional administrator.

Health care tax credits will aid small businesses | Calvin Goings

Today, many small businesses across America struggle to provide health benefits to their employees. On average, small businesses pay about 18 percent more than large businesses for the same health insurance policy.

Calvin Goings is the Small Business Administration's regional administrator.

Finding Capital for Small Businesses | Calvin Goings

Ask any entrepreneur what their biggest holdup to launching or growing their business is, and the answer will come quick and sure: Money.

Tax cuts support small businesses in King County | Calvin Goings

Regional administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration After the Recovery Act passed in February 2009, the Small Business Administration was able to help about 70,000 small businesses get our recovery loans to help keep doors open, shelves stocked and employees paid.

Starting a business out right with a business plan | Calvin Goings

You wouldn’t start out on a cross-country trek without a map, so why would you try to start a business in King County without a business plan?

Healthcare reform: What does it mean to small businesses in Washington?

For decades, America’s small business owners have asked for more affordable health insurance coverage and more tax relief. The new health reform law — the Affordable Care Act — provides both.