Toasty Heaters Review – Legit Portable Electric Heater or Cheap Wall Heater?

Toasty Heaters is an electric personal space heater that provides additional warmth without heating unoccupied rooms in the home. This personal wall heater is made with a ceramic heating element for fast and consistent heat every time.

What is Toasty Heaters?

As the winter weather approaches, consumers want a way to add warmth without raising their monthly bills. Running a furnace for heating an entire home gets expensive, and this is the worst time of year to add more to the bills. No one wants to celebrate the holidays worried about paying a high electric bill or shivering in their home because they chose not to raise the thermostat. Instead, they can make heating more affordable and efficient using a Toasty Heater.

While the heater still needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, the cost to run a single Toasty Heater is drastically lower than running a standard furnace heating system in the home. This personal heating device runs quietly in the background while consumers go about their day and activities while staying warm.

The Toasty Heater is entirely portable, allowing consumers to use it in any room they are in for additional warmth. Users can choose the heating settings that work for their needs, providing them the comfort to keep going through each task. The portability allows users to quickly move from their bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere else without losing that sense of relief.

Conventional furnaces are expensive to run at optimal temperatures for everyone or anyone on a limited budget. Heating an entire home using a standard permanent heat source still leaves cold spots in some areas, putting some at risk of getting sick. Even with the best heating systems, everyone has a different temperature preference; some think a standard temperature perfect for everyone in the home is unrealistic. Using a portable heater, even in a cold bathroom, allows consumers to feel comfortable in their own area without making others uncomfortable.

The key to this powerful device is the ceramic element. With this benefit, consumers get warmer faster, rather than waiting up to an hour for their immediate surroundings to reach their coldness. Most consumers don’t run their heater in a rented home at total capacity because of the high expense. Plus, when they run it, poor sealing on windows and doors allows their hard-earned money to rush out the windows.

Even states that do not deal with the coming winter temps will find support with the Toasty Heater. When temperatures drop at night, keeping a bedroom comfortable means the difference between layering on blankets and comfortably resting without excess weight. Using the Toasty Heater helps users have the warmth that they want wherever they are.

While many of the uses for this heater are at home, consumers can bring the Toasty Heater to work with them to keep the chills away. Many commercial offices want to reduce costs, and keeping an entire building warm enough for all employees is not their priority. However, using an individual personal heater means that the cool temperature in the facility won’t impact the user. Instead, they can work comfortably and focus on other important things, like daily tasks.

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How Does the Toasty Heater Work?

The Toasty Heater is so effective because of the PTC ceramic heating element. Ceramic coils have been used for quite some time for heat. Using personal heaters with ceramic infrared technology isn’t new, but this compact design helps consumers get support without the bulk.

While a traditional metal unit still provides ample heat, using a ceramic heating element improves the resistance to the transition. The personal space heater can increase the heat it puts out for each watt, making it substantially cheaper to run.

Users who choose a device with a ceramic heating element also don’t have to wait as long for the heat. Ceramics adjust to heat more efficiently than metal, meaning the temperatures change more rapidly. Consumers don’t have to add oil or pilot light as they would with their system, ensuring that this device gives them all the support they hope for.

Users only have to choose the settings they want to use for the Toasty Heater. The room heats up substantially faster than it would with a regular heater. Plus, since the portable electric heater only provides additional heat in smaller rooms, consumers can get an individual heater for each household member. Since everyone can have the temperature they want in their room, turning up the thermostat on the furnace is unnecessary.

Purchasing Toasty Heaters

The only way that customers can purchase Toasty Heaters is on the official website. The website offers several consumer packages, allowing anyone to get the desired support from this high-quality heater.

The Toasty Heater is $49.99, a drastic markdown from the $99.99 it previously was. Users can add several accessories to their purchase as well, including:

  • CamoLighter for $29.99
  • Wand Lighter for $29.99
  • USB Fast Charger for $19.99
  • Black Soft Touch Electric Coil Lighter for $29.99

A return policy covers all orders, and orders process rather quickly. If the user finds this device unsuitable, they have up to 45 days to request a refund.


Frequently Asked Questions About Toasty Heaters

Q What settings can users choose from with a Toasty Heater?

A. Users can adjust how warm their immediate surroundings are, choosing the best temperature for their needs.

Q. Why is the Toasty Heater so effective?

A. The main reason consumers get such incredible performance from the Toasty Heater is its ceramic heating element. Ceramic materials have consistently been shown to drastically improve how quickly the heater provides warmth, meaning consumers can relax sooner.

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Q. What other products does the Toasty Heaters company sell?

A. Along with the electric heater, this company also sells lighters, chargers, and more. Each is sold separately; buying in bulk does not impact the cost.

Q. How long do the Toasty Heaters take to ship?

A. Most orders arrive within a week. Orders leave the warehouse within 48 hours of the initial order being placed.

Q. What is the return policy?

A. If the user is unhappy with their purchase, they have up to 30 days to request a refund from the creators. The device is highly effective, but consumers who need a bigger unit or more power should find what they need from a single unit.

To contact the customer service team, send an email to:

  • support@toastyheater.com
  • 817-406-6734


Toasty Heaters offer additional warmth and comfort when their surroundings leave them cold. The portable heater helps improve the temperatures in an office or home and is safe to use in a bedroom. Consumers have complete control over the preferred temperature, and the Toasty Heater doesn’t need to be continually connected to electricity to run. Once the Toasty Heater is charged, consumers can use it wherever they are for additional heat.

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