Keratone Reviews – Supplement That Works for Healthy Nails or Scam?

Toenail fungus can lower your quality of life. Infected toes can be itchy, painful, and smelly. Most people associate toenail issues with poor hygiene. However, experts warn that lacking certain nutrients increases the risk of developing fungus on the toenails.

Keratone is advertised as a 10-second ritual to help you eliminate fungus and restore your nail’s healthy appearance. Is the oral anti-fungal supplement worth the hype? How does it work? Who can use it?

What is Keratone?

Keratone is a dietary supplement with ingredients that eliminate foot and nail fungus. The creator boldly claims it works from the root to eliminate unhealthy microbes causing toe fungus. Additionally, it can restore the natural color, tone, and appearance of nails.

The foot and nail fungus is in the form of concentrated serum. It is easy to consume and more bioavailable than competing products. Just put 1 dropper of Keratone under your tongue.

Consuming 1 dropper of 2 ml of Keratone daily eliminates the need for antibiotics and other medications. The liquid formula is marketed as safe, reliable, and natural.

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How Does Keratone Work?

Keratone consists of over ten nutrients clinically proven to fight unhealthy microbes, restore healthy blood flow, and eliminate fungus. Unlike antibiotics and other treatments, the serum helps banish the fungus from the body. How does it work?

Each Keratone drop delivers vitamins, minerals, and other plant extracts intended to target the root of toenail fungus. It works in stages to ensure you eliminate the harmful microbes and protect the nails from future infections.

Stage One: Improve Blood Flow and Support Detoxification

Keratone consumers have to use the supplement consistently to stimulate healing. After consumption, the blend of minerals, vitamins, and other herbs improves healthy blood movement and amplifies detoxification.

According to Keratone makers, it is difficult to eliminate nail fungus because of restricted blood flow. The supplement delivers nutrients that strengthen the arteries, veins, and capillaries, ensuring the toes receive adequate nourishment and oxygen. Furthermore, better blood movement supports the elimination of harmful waste.

Stage Two: Elimination of Nail Fungus

Using Keratone consistently helps in eliminating all traces of fungus from your toenails. The concentrated serum delivers quality ingredients to strengthen the capillaries. The manufacturer boldly claims the formula helps in eliminating fungal buildup. The vitamins and minerals combat unhealthy inflammations and free radicals, clearing unhealthy bacteria.

Step Three: Remineralize and Rejuvenate Nails

The nails require minerals and vitamins to maintain color, texture, and strength. Keratone provides the nails with the necessary nutrients to make them grow strong, long, smooth, and clear. Keratone states the toenails may appear ten years younger, fresh, and healthy-looking.

Step Four: Shield from Future Attacks

Most people find it hard to eliminate the toenail fungus. Most medications and treatment plans fail to address the root of chronic fungal attacks on the nails. Keratone delivers various nutrients designed to shield the toenails from reinfection. Taking the oral serum for 90-180 days can offer permanent protection against toenail fungus.

Step Five: Support Overall Wellness

Apart from augmenting the toenail health, Keratone can optimize your overall wellness. A few weeks of using the serum surges the energy levels, improves hair health, increases metabolic rates, and may support weight loss. Keratone concentrated formula can strengthen the immune system, slow natural aging, and improve your quality of life.

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The Connection Between Poor Blood Circulation and Toenail Fungus

The makers of Keratone state the supplement is research-based, practical, and reliable. It provides the body with multiple ingredients to eradicate the root of fungal infections in the toenails.

According to Keratone makers, the source of chronic fungus in the toenails is poor blood movement. Most products amplify the health of larger blood vessels and forget the capillaries. Keratone supplement improves the capillary network, ensuring the toenails receive enough fungus-fighting ingredients. Using the serum regularly can prevent the recurrence of toenail fungus.

About Keratone Creator

The keratone supplement maker is a US-based podiatrist, Dr. Cage. The supplement has had intensive research and analysis. All the ingredients are hand-picked from pure sources.

Randy Crawford, a Chicago-based family man, is the first to benefit from Keratone nutrients. He had purportedly suffered from toenail fungus for years until the microbes spread throughout his body, nearly costing him his life. Most of the fungal medications purportedly masked fungus symptoms instead of healing him.

Keratone Ingredients


The active ingredients in the Keratone dietary supplement include:

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf has a long history of enhancing health. According to the Keratone maker, the key compound in the historical herb can augment blood flow. It helps eradicate poor blood circulation in the feet and toes.

Studies show Olive leaf uses polyphenols and oleuropein to optimize blood circulation and offer antimicrobial benefits. The nutrient may also stimulate the growth of strong and healthy nails.


Dr. Cage argues that turmeric can accelerate the healing of the toenails. Keratone has curcumin – a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory clinically proven to trigger optimal blood flow. The nutrient enables the capillaries to receive adequate oxygen and other antimicrobial nutrients. Similarly, turmeric can help detoxify, ensuring the body eliminates harmful substances effectively.

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According to the Keratone maker, the amount of zinc in the serum is enough to offer maximum benefits. Each serving delivers the approved 5 mg amount to strengthen immunity and promote metabolic processes.

Keratone creator suggests that zinc can eliminate harmful pathogens from all body parts, including toenails.


The B vitamin is critical in enhancing blood flow and increasing cellular aging. According to the Keratone formulator, biotin prepares the ground to regenerate strong and healthy nails.

Biotin is clinically proven to develop hair and skin health. Some studies suggest it helps in boosting keratin and collagen levels.


Keratone comprises copper to develop various crucial processes in the body. Various studies prove the mineral can fortify immunity and skin health. Dr. Cage suggests the mineral can amplify collagen production, which is essential in strengthening the skin and nails.


Echinacea purpurea is a traditional herb rich in immune-boosting compounds. The echinocytes in the ingredient have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can help in strengthening the nails and offering antimicrobial support.


According to the Keratone maker, horsetail has silica crucial in growing healthy nails, skin, and hair. The mineral can boost blood movement and support the elimination of harmful microbes.

Shavegrass can help in fortifying the immune system. Some studies suggest that horsetail may improve sleep quality, energy levels, and moods.

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Vitamin C

Keratone contains ascorbic acid to boost the immune system and offer antimicrobial support. Studies show that vitamin C facilitates the production of collagen. It can restore nail health and protect users from short-term and long-term infections.


Most supplements contain berberine because it strengthens immunity and supports healthy glucose ranges. Keratone creator argues that it can offer antioxidant support, protecting the toenail cells from oxidative damage. Berberine may also improve heart health and minimize the risk of cardiac issues.

Vitamin B3

According to Keratone, vitamin B3 offers defense against external and fungal infections. It has a high antioxidant profile and can stimulate the regeneration of healthy toenail cells. In addition, it may offer protection against recurring fungal and bacterial infections.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is proven to accelerate wound recovery. Keratone maker states it can restore the nail’s health and prevent fungal attacks. Additionally, vitamin B5 may improve the capillary network in the feet, improving blood circulation.

Retinyl Palmitate

Retinyl Palmitate is another antioxidant in the Keratone supplement. It works by enhancing cellular health and fortifying blood flow. The B vitamin may also defend the toenails against fungal attacks.

The twelve ingredients in Keratone work together to heal, defend, and enhance nail health. The formulator argues that all the nutrients treat the root of fungal infections and poor blood flow.

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Keratone Benefits

  • Keratone can fight chronic fungal infections on the toenails
  • It can strengthen the nails and bones
  • It offers immunomodulatory benefits, preventing the recurrence of infections.
  • It can promote collagen production, enhancing nail, skin, and hair health
  • It can facilitate the growth of new, strong, and healthy nails
  • Keratone can enhance the health of blood vessels and capillaries, optimizing nutrient intake
  • It may boost brain health
  • Keratone can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems

Dosage and Side Effects

Keratone makers suggest using 2 ml of the serum daily; for best results, the user should place the liquid under the tongue and hold it for at least 120 seconds before swallowing. The supplement enters the bloodstream quickly to initiate the healing process quickly.

Thousands of users have allegedly tried the Keratone supplement, and there are currently zero reports of anyone experiencing nasty side effects.


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Refund Policy

A 60-day money-back guarantee protects each Keratone bottle you buy.

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Keratone is advertised as a natural supplement using twelve natural ingredients to clear toenail fungus. An American-based podiatrist purportedly formulated the concentrated serum. The formula is proven to clear toenail problems from the inside out. Keratone helps to restore healthy blood flow and delivers important nutrients and oxygen to the feet and toenails.

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