Unlock Your Hips Flexors Program Reviews – Is It Legit or Not Worth the Money?

New findings indicate that stiff hip muscles are the root of poor health, particularly in folks above thirty. The “hidden survival muscle” helps boost metabolism, combat belly fat, and fight chronic pain.

Physicians argue that eating well and training regularly is the recipe for good health. Sadly, tight hip flexors are the root of poor health. The hip flexors are the engine through which the body moves and controls balance. Tight hip flexors can inhibit your ability to sit, twist, bend, stand, walk, and step, among other bodily functions.

The Unlock Your Hips Flexors program combines natural movements and self-massage tools to loosen the psoas muscles, thus enhancing your overall health. How do the activities and self-massage tools work? What are the benefits of losing the hip flexor muscles?

About the Unlock Your Hips Flexors Program

The Unlock Your Hips Flexors program is an innovative digital program to boost mental, physical, and sexual wellness. The workout program allows you to loosen the hip flexor, thus activating energy levels, accelerating fat burns, and improving blood circulation.

The ten exercises under the Unlock Your Hips Flexors program activate specific muscles and protect the joints from stiffness. Anyone can utilize the psoas-loosening movements regardless of age and gender. The DVD videos are split into two to help you grasp the correct method of loosening the unique hip muscle.

The first part of the Unlock Your Hips Flexors video is the Coaching Instructional Video, in which Rick walks you through all the parts of the sequential flow movements. The second part is the Follow-Along format designed to help you perform the movements correctly.

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Symptoms of Tight Hip Flexors

  • Walking discomfort
  • Compromised immunity
  • Sleep issues
  • Hips locking up
  • Chronic joint pains in the hips, legs, and lower back
  • Poor posture
  • Unmanaged anxiety
  • Digestive problems
  • Lack of explosiveness in sports or gym
  • Circulatory issues
  • Declining sexual performance

The Unlock Your Hips Flexors developer argues that tight hip flexors affect billions of folks. The hips work like a barometer. Poor hip health and stability are indicators of compromised overall well-being. Studies show that the hips have a unique primal muscle that ensures the internal organs function optimally.

The Relationship between the Hips and Good Health

According to Unlock Your Hips Flexors, the hips bridge the upper and lower body. The structure is the center of the body’s movements. The psoas major muscle plays numerous functions that support your entire movement.

The psoas, or the “mighty” hip muscle, attaches to the lower spine’s vertebrae, pushes through the pelvis, and converges to a tendon at the top of the femur. The unique muscles link to the diaphragm, hence controlling the breathing system. The body’s major organs sit on the psoas muscle, which can influence some biochemical processes.

A functioning psoas muscle enables you to reach peak performance, support fat loss, optimize your sexual wellness, and flood your system with renewed vigor and energy. However, sitting for extended periods tightens the psoas. The passive activity weakens, shortens, and tightens the hip flexor muscle, leading to dozens of health problems. Tight psoas affect your sleep posture and stimulate unwanted stress and tension.

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How Sitting Affects the Mental and Physical Health

The Unlock Your Hips Flexors program reveals some health problems from tight hip flexor muscles. It is best to avoid sitting down for extended periods. You should take routine breaks and stretch your body to loosen the hip flexor muscles. Some of the health problems resulting from sitting for extended durations include:

Bulging Belly Syndrome

Why are some active individuals bearing a bulging belly despite their activity level and diet? According to the Unlock Your Hips Flexors program, bulging belly syndrome results from tight pelvic muscles. Tightening the belly through workouts is almost only possible by systematically loosening these hip flexor muscles.

The tight psoas muscles make the lower back curve, pushing the stomach out. The systematic activities under the Unlock Your Hips Flexors program allow the psoas muscle to work correctly, providing a strong and flat stomach.

Poor Sexual Performance

Men require optimal blood circulation to gain the desired erections, vitality, and stamina during sexual intercourse. Sitting for lengthy durations makes the hips stick in the forward thrust position, hindering blood flow to the penile regions. The Unlock Your Hips Flexors program reveals some techniques for loosening the psoas muscles, thus optimizing blood movement to all body parts. The simple movements can restore your sexual energy, erection quality, and overall performance.

Fat Loss Inhibitor

The psoas muscle supports the “fight or flight” reaction. It tightens to protect you (when you assume the fetal position) or run (boosts adrenaline production). However, when the psoas muscle is chronically tight, it signals the rest of the body that you are under stress, thus overworking the adrenal gland.

Tightening the hip flexor muscles alters hormonal balance, stimulating the body to store fat or create new fat cells. The survival muscle must stay loose for long durations to trigger the natural secretion of various hormones that enhance metabolic rates, combat stress, and boost sleep.

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Which Exercises Unlock the Hips, Legs, and Back?

According to the Unlock Your Hips Flexors program developer, you must make specific movements to loosen the psoas muscle and augment your hip, back, and leg health. Some of the common stretching activities include:

  • PNF Stretching: Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation is a technique that activates a specific muscle in the body. PNF allows you to relax the muscles surrounding the joint, thus eliminating stiffness. The method can fight chronic pain and discomfort in the hips, back, and legs.
  • Dynamic Stretching: The inability to move the joint through its full range progressively leads to muscle and joint problems. The dynamic stretching technique activates the muscles around a joint. The exercise escalates the range of motion around the joint, warms the muscles around it, and facilitates optimal blood circulation around that particular joint.
  • 3-D Core Stability Exercises: According to Unlock Your Hips Flexors, the calisthenics target the muscle in all planes of movement. 3-D Core Stability workouts strengthen the core and abdominal muscles for better activation, endurance, and strength. The movement protects the muscles and joints from unnecessary and damaging stress.
  • Mobility Exercises: These exercises target the joints and enhance movements. They are good for optimizing joint function and reducing stiffness.
  • Fascia Stretching: This movement helps strengthen the tissues surrounding the muscles. It loosens and strengthens the fascia, thus lowering the risk of muscle and joint damage. Fascia stretching also prevents the hip flexor muscles from tightening.
  • Muscle Activation Movements: The creator of the Unlock Your Hips Flexors program states that daily technology prevents most people from exercising their muscles. Sitting or sleeping for extended periods also deters some muscles from working well. The muscle activation technique targets the “dormant” muscles, helping your body move efficiently.

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Benefits of the Unlock Your Hips Flexors Program

  • The sequential flow under the Unlock Your Hips Flexors program activates natural healing.
  • The movements develop your overall flexibility, strength, and vitality
  • The Unlock Your Hips Flexors movements unravel all the tissues, including fascia, muscles, connective tissue, and joint capsule
  • The exercises boost blood movement to all body parts. Better blood flow eliminates the metabolites and lactic acid that trigger unhealthy inflammations
  • The Unlock Your Hips Flexors can boost nutrient uptake in all the joints, muscles, and connective tissues
  • The movements loosen the psoas muscles, thus boosting fat oxidation
  • It may help in strengthening the tummy muscles and hinder fat accumulation

About the Self-Massage Tool

The Psoas quick-release massage tool replicates the hands and elbows of a massage therapist. It is lightweight and uniquely shaped to release tension and alleviate pain. It would help if you used the Psoas Quick Release tool and Rick’s Sequential flow to loosen the hip flexor muscles.


You can buy the Unlock Your Hips Flexors program online through the official website. What comes with the program?

  • The Unlock Your Hips Flexors DVD Video
  • The Unlock Your Hips Flexors Manual
  • Psoas Quick Release Self-Massage Tool

For only $67, you get digital access to the physical book and self-massage tool.


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  • The 7-Day Anti-inflammatory Diet

Customers receive the Unlock Your Hips Flexors digital version immediately after payment. The physical copy, DVD, and Psoas Therapy Tool will be shipped to your address within seven business days.

Money-Back Guarantee: The creator of the Unlock Your Hips Flexors program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • Email: support@HealingThroughMovement.com
  • Telephone: 1-800-213-3485


Q: Why do simple static stretches fail to loosen the hip flexor muscles?

A: The psoas muscle is buried deep in the hips. You must perform systematic exercises to loosen the hip flexor muscles.

Q: When is the best time to perform the Unlock Your Hips Flexors exercises?

A: The developer recommends performing the movements in the morning or evening.

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Q: How do the Unlock Your Hips Flexors workouts work?

A: The Unlock Your Hips Flexors program utilizes various exercise techniques and modalities to effectively “unpack” the psoas muscles.

Q: Do I need a trainer to utilize the Unlock Your Hips Flexors exercises?

A: You can master the Unlock Your Hips Flexors exercises independently and perform them without needing a coach or trainer.

Final Word

The Unlock Your Hips Flexors is an innovative program designed to help you loosen the psoas muscles using a sequential flow method. You must activate the different muscles progressively and correctly to gain the desired results.

Studies prove that releasing one muscle before the other leads to injury, damage, and future tightening. The Unlock Your Hips Flexors are digital and physical products. Customers receive a self-massage tool to help them perform the sequential flow movements without hassles.

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