G-Plans Real Review: I Tried it for 30 Days–Does This Weight Loss Program Really Work?

G-Plans is an online service that provides consumers with a prescription weight loss plan, including medication and a meal plan. Consumers must fill out the online questionnaire to qualify, which gives them a realistic timeline to reach their goals.

What is G-Plan?

Losing weight can be complex, overwhelming, and a significant struggle for anyone. The amount of work that goes into these goals is substantial, but they aren’t catered to anyone, which is the biggest reason for failure. Trendy diets are everywhere, but these eating plans only consider a small fraction of the people who need to lose weight. Even the average dietary recommendations are based on a certain weight and height, putting anyone overweight at an immediate disadvantage.

The key to achieving weight loss goals is a program meeting their needs. Finding the routine that works for them and creates the correct deficits is difficult, but some users still need more help to make this progress. That’s where G-Plans comes in.

G-Plans offers the average consumer a diet that caters to their body’s specific dietary needs. The correct carbohydrates, protein, and other nutrients are balanced perfectly for their body and weight loss goals, allowing the doctors on staff to evaluate the best solution for added weight loss. These methods help users communicate with a medical professional with a telehealth appointment rather than going to an in-person doctor appointment.

When consumers engage in the G-Plans platform, they simplify their weight loss goals using their prescribed Semaglutide serving. Consumers typically lose 1.5% of their body weight by the end of the first week. This platform’s users gain access to Ozempic, Wegovy, and other medications. When consumers get their prescription, they can purchase it on the official website at a discount with home delivery or take it to a local pharmacy. Membership with G-Plan gives customers monthly access to new prescriptions.

Over 80% of customers find that the G-Plan prescriptions are more effective than any other method they’ve used to lose weight. Of the people who lose weight as expected, 92% keep their weight off. Rather than exclusively prescribing a weight loss medication that could be dangerous for the body, the platform connects consumers to support that helps them manage their diet, too. This education sets G-Plans apart from other programs by controlling the diet while providing direct access to medical professionals and dieticians.

What’s Included in the G-Plan Weight Loss Program?

When consumers place their order, they will get access to either Ozempic or Wegovy, but the price doesn’t reflect the actual cost of the medication. Consumers will have complete access to insurance coverage support and an appointment with a telehealth doctor. They’ll be connected with a dietician for guidance in this new weight loss commitment while going through metabolic tests that teach them more about their body.

As users progress through the program, they receive weekly updates that reflect their progress. They also have a customized daily nutrition curriculum to ensure they eat a diet that balances the needs of this program.

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Available Weight Loss Medication Prescriptions From G-Plans


Most consumers are already familiar with Semaglutide because it is an active ingredient in weight loss medications like Ozempic and Rybelsus. For many, it helps the body increase the calories it burns, resulting in weight loss. Doctors also prescribe Semaglutide to help users reduce high blood sugar levels and lessen their risk of a heart attack or stroke, particularly in patients with type 2 diabetes.

According to clinical studies, users of Semaglutide tend to lose at least 15% of their overall weight during the remedy. However, the exact results can be further discussed with the assigned doctor for the user.

Taking the G-Plan Quiz

Consumers can only purchase G-Plan on the official website and take the quiz. The quiz is essential and goes through important details about the user, their current goals, and health details. The G-Plan platform finds the best option as they go through each question. Consumers will not need to provide any documentation, and they only need to answer details on the following:

  • They intend to lose, gain, or maintain their weight.
  • Their body shape, choosing from long, square, pear, or inverted triangles.
  • How much do they know about using GLP-1 medication?
  • Their appetite and food cravings.
  • How often do they get up to urinate at night?
  • If they have any health conditions in their family or personal history (like hypertension or diabetes).
  • Life events that may have led the user to accumulate the weight.
  • Their history of weight loss surgeries.
  • Their current blood pressure levels.

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Once they go through this questionnaire and are approved to use the medication, customers must prepare a meal plan with a secondary set of questions. This list is much shorter but equally important. Users will then need to answer:

  • The dietary restrictions that they currently have.
  • Any food allergies.
  • Their favorite sources of carbohydrates
  • Their favorite sources of protein
  • Their relationship status and the size of their family (if applicable).
  • Whether they prefer to spend time prepping a meal or if they want to cook as they go.

Consumers must also disclose their age and gender to fill out the prescription properly. If they are currently pregnant or being treated for a medical condition, they may not qualify for weight loss medication, so it is essential to be completely honest.

With this information, users are encouraged to pursue the recommended product, which allows them to place an order. Viewers of the website must fill out their name and email address to access the recommended prescription plan.

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Getting a Prescription Plan With G-Plans

After the quiz questions are completed and consumers have their plan, the only way to access the personalized details is to place an order. The order allows users to choose between a full payment for three months of use or setting up a monthly fee.

While the total price varies with the prescription, consumers who pay in full generally save 30% on the overall cost. Customers who don’t want to commit to the entire three months might want to make their payments as they go.

The cost of medication is not included in the membership. However, consumers can order medication directly from G-Plans or take their prescription to a local pharmacy.

Ideally, consumers who use these medications will lose 15% of their overall weight. However, if the user doesn’t experience the weight loss promised, they are covered by a money-back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions About G-Plans

Q. Why should consumers use a GLP-1 medication?

A. GLP-1 medications are only prescribed by doctors. Rather than using a supplement or a stimulant to help with weight loss, they primarily shift the body’s natural “default” weight, or their “set point.” They also support healthy digestion and reduce inflammation, making users feel more satisfied after meals. With effective active ingredients, these medications also help users control their appetite so they don’t exhaust their bodies with too many calories.

Q. What is the G-Plan’s Prescription Plan?

A. This plan provides consumers with telehealth support with an actual doctor, a personalized meal program tailored to their needs, and medication access. As part of the plan, consumers get an authentic prescription, which users can fulfill through a pharmacy or G-Plans.

Q. Which medications can users obtain?

A. The user’s BMI is the determining factor in which medications will be used for their needs. Consumers with a BMI of 30 or more will only qualify for Semaglutide. It is also the primary recommendation for someone with a BMI of 27-29.9 if they have any markers for pre-diabetes. Consumers with a BMI under 27 will most likely have a prescription for metformin or other GLP-1 medications.

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Q. How does the G-Plan program work?

A. Once the user makes a purchase, they’ll see a complete meal program designed with their needs in mind. During the initial changes, participants must eat the meals their diet plan outlines for the first 30 days. This 30-day window allows G-Plans experts to evaluate the changes their diet influences. Once this initial diet plan concludes at the end of the month, users find out which doctor has been assigned to them so they can arrange their scheduled consultation.

Q. What happens during the telehealth appointment?

A. Once the user is ready to have a consultation after their first 30 days on the meal plan, they choose their appointment time. During the interaction, the doctor discusses the user’s progress with their quiz results, deciding on the proper prescription medication for their weight. In some cases, users are asked to have blood work done if the doctor needs details on their biological markers, which is already included in the cost.

Q. If the user has to do bloodwork, where must they schedule these services?

A. That is entirely up to the user. While all participants will not have to get bloodwork done, any lab results needed can be at their chosen local clinic. There are no extra charges for the lab results, and consumers will not need to bring a copay.

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Q. Does the cost of the plan cover the cost of medication?

A. No. When consumers pay for this plan, it covers telehealth consultations with doctors, written prescriptions with monthly refills, dietitian monitoring, and a personalized program to their needs. Users must pay for their medication at a local pharmacy or by ordering on the website at a discount.

Q. How much does the medication cost?

A. The cost of the medication varies. Consumers who order directly through the G-Plans website can pay $199 monthly without insurance. If they order metformin, the price is $29 monthly.

Q. What if the user struggles with their medications or injections?

A. Stomach injections are relatively simple and require fewer than a few seconds. While they might initially seem intimidating, users only pinch their stomach fat and press the pen into it. Consumers who need further assistance can make an appointment with their telehealth doctor or a local office.

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Q. What results are typical when using G-Plans for prescription weight loss medication?

A. The creators promise that consumers lose an average of 15% of body weight. It also results in about 6 inches off the waistline, but this amount varies.

Q. Will consumers need insurance coverage to place their order?

A. Not at all. This purchase is entirely made out of the customer’s pockets. No insurance is required or used to cover the cost of any of the G-Plan subscriptions.

Final Thoughts on G-Plans

G-Plans helps consumers connect with weight loss medications that adequately meet their needs. The formulas are all doctor-prescribed, and the prescriptions can be fulfilled with a local pharmacy of the user’s choice.

Memberships provide users with telehealth appointments with medical professionals and nutritional guidance with dieticians. Plus, if the user doesn’t have the best experience, they can get a refund for a money-back guarantee.

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