Foxgloves Grip Gloves Reviews – Is It Legit or Not Worth the Money?

Gardening is a common hobby, with many people enjoying spending time outside with plants. Every summer, hundreds of people flock to the stores to get hold of the essentials, most of which include a gardening toolkit and gloves. The overall market for gardening tools has evolved dramatically, except for one thing: gardening gloves. The average pair of gloves is bulky, ill-fitting, restricts movement, and, in certain instances, puts people at risk of exposing their skin to insects, dirt, and sharp objects. How can anyone accomplish demanding tasks with poorly designed gloves? After exploring the market, our editorial team came across one pair of gloves that we believe overcomes all the drawbacks of conventional gloves. Without further delay, here’s a comprehensive review of Foxgloves Grip Gloves.

What are Foxgloves Grip Gloves?

Foxgloves Grip Gloves are innovative, made-to-fit gardening gloves that ensure maximum protection and safety as individuals handle the toughest jobs. Unlike the conventional design, which barely fits and induces excess sweat, the team at Foxgloves considered everything from the material to its flexibility and everything in between. The result should be no shock, seeing as the founder and creator, Harriet Zbikowski, ‘s expertise as a landscape architect and professional horticulturist who finds solace in nature, came in handy.

She claims to have taken inspiration from the 1950s to design Foxgloves Grip Gloves. Specifically, she fancied a pair of gloves that are tactile-friendly, supportive, fit snugly, and offer sensitivity while being high-performance. And now, not only does she have a pair, but so might thousands of others. In light of this introduction, let’s take a moment to disassemble these gloves to see exactly how Harriet turned the unimaginable into reality.

What features do Foxgloves Grip Gloves have?

Foxgloves Grip Gloves wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the following key features:

Quality & Breathable Material

The main selling point for Foxgloves Grip Gloves is using quality, breathable material. As mentioned earlier, conventional gloves increase sweat and naturally fall off the hands. Moreover, their bulky design limits one’s ability to get deep into gardening work without contemplating safety. To strip people of worries, the Foxgloves team resorted to Supplex® and Lycra®. The former is a nylon material with a soft touch yet is highly resilient, whereas the latter is a type of elastane best known for its four-way stretch (for maximum flexibility) and form fit.

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Bare-Handed Feeling

Adding to the discussion on breathability, Foxgloves Grip Gloves also factor in sensitivity. To be more precise, individuals should feel like nothing is in their hands. This is a superior feature that puts bulky gloves to shame. Besides the bare-handed feeling, this pair of gardening gloves is unique because they have been designed to protect from the sun (UPF-50). Did we mention that they also keep the hands (and nails) clean and safe from dirt, scratches, and cuts? Or they have more extended cuffs, which, as the Foxgloves team notes, is an extra layer of protection.

Impressive Grip & Others

The last main feature that gives Foxgloves Grip Gloves a competitive edge is their grip. The team maintains that these gardening gloves boast soft, pliable silicone grip ovals, guaranteeing non-slip holding power. Going from barely curling one’s fingers through gardening gloves to holding onto gardening tools and equipment firmly is another feature that must be appreciated. It’s worth noting that this pair is water-resistant, preventing water retention and speeding up drying time.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What makes Foxgloves Grip Gloves so unique?

A: Foxgloves Grip Gloves are unique gardening gloves because they are pretty firm, provide more grip, are close to the hands compared to the bulky kinds, and have factored in safety and protection with every added feature. These are all mainly attributed to the use of patented nylon and elastane, making this pair extremely breathable, water-resistant, and handy.

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Q: What sizes do Foxgloves Grip Gloves come in?

A: Foxgloves Grip Gloves are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Q: How long will Foxgloves Grip Gloves last?

A: Each pair of Foxgloves Grip Gloves has been designed to weather just about any gardening storm. The creators insist that, on average, each pair should last at least one full gardening season. Professional horticulturists who’ve given these a try claim to have used the same pair for three years. Ultimately, the longevity of Foxgloves Grip Gloves truly depends on the style of gardening work and its associated tasks.

Q: Will Foxgloves Grip Gloves keep the hands clean?

A: Yes, Foxgloves Grip Gloves should keep hands and nails clean because they are designed to fit snugly. Moreover, the fabric supposedly prevents dirt from penetrating the gloves.

Q: Are Foxgloves Grip Gloves waterproof?

A: No, Foxgloves Grip Gloves are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. Waterproof means that products are completely protected from the effects of water, whereas water-resistant means that products repel water only to a certain extent. Therefore, individuals are advised against prolonged exposure to water.

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Q: Are Foxgloves Grip Gloves thorn-proof?

A: No, Foxgloves Grip Gloves are not thorn-proof; however, they are tear-resistant. In other words, if these gloves get caught on a thorn or twig, they should not tear or rip to some extent.

Q: Do Foxgloves Grip Gloves contain any latex?

A: Foxgloves Grip Gloves do not contain latex, only a combination of nylon and elastane.

Q: Will Foxgloves Grip Gloves provide protection from the sun?

A: Yes, Foxgloves Grip Gloves do provide sun protection. According to the team, the selected material has been certified UPF-50+, the maximum sun protection rating that fabrics can get. Simply put, only 2% of UV radiation will likely penetrate the fabric.

Q: Why do Foxgloves Grip Gloves have extended cuffs?

A: The long cuffs have been added to prevent dirt from falling into the gloves.

Q: What is the best way to maintain Foxgloves Grip Gloves?

A: To increase their usefulness, it is recommended that individuals rinse this pair of gloves under the faucet every day after every use. The best course of action for ground-in soil is to machine wash them. In terms of drying, one could either hang them on a line or dry them on low heat in a dryer.

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Q: What colors do Foxgloves Grip Gloves come in?

A: Foxgloves Grip Gloves are currently offered in three colors: Periwinkle, Moss, and Iris.

Q: How long will shipments take to reach my address?

A: Foxgloves Grip Gloves are usually shipped within the first 24 to 48 hours of the order date. Once shipped, orders to the contiguous United States might take between 3 and 5 business days. A timeframe has not been provided for international shipments since the duration differs from country to country.

Q: Are Foxgloves Grip Gloves protected under a money-back guarantee?

A: Foxgloves Grip Gloves are protected under a 90-day money-back guarantee. If, within the first 90 days from the purchase date, individuals see that these gloves do not add value to their gardening experience and safety, they can request a refund.

Purchasing Foxgloves

Foxgloves are available online from the official website. There are several options, and discounts increase if you order in bulk. In addition, you can choose from one of three colors: periwinkle, moss, or iris. If you order more than one pair, you can mix your colors, which is a nice feature.

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A 30-day return window covers all orders. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, please get in touch with customer service to discuss the return policy or answer any questions.

  • Email: info@foxglovesinc.com
  • Telephone: 1-845-831-7300

Foxgloves: A Glove Story Like No Other

As introduced earlier, Harriet Zbikowski is the founder and CEO of Foxgloves, a brand devoted to a collection of gardening gloves. With over 20 years of experience as a professional horticulturist, there’s no one like Harriet who has seen it all when it comes to gardening. Her decision to start this company stemmed from her experience with gardening gloves, most of which were uncomfortable, limited her mobility, and were made using poor fabric choices. She and some friends in the industry made it their mission to perfect gardening gloves to ensure a smoother and more functional user experience, all while being safe and comfortable.

Here are a few words from Harriet about how far she has come since over 20 years ago:

“Today, people around the world are enjoying the benefits of Foxgloves. I have expanded my glove line to include thorn-resistant Gauntlets, Elbow Length Elle, Works Landscaper Gloves, Protexgloves, and our most recent addition, the Fox eGlove […] Gardeners, birders, hikers, photographers, equestrians, and many others have found Foxgloves to be perfect for their outdoor passions.”

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Foxgloves Grip Gloves are a pair of gardening gloves designed to change the face of the gardening industry. Unlike their competitors, these gloves are unique in that they are made using patented nylon and elastane-based materials, which are responsible for most of their features. Precisely, we are referring to the duo’s ability to improve fit, increase breathability (emulating the feeling of a second layer of skin), and sweat- and water-resistant nature. Not only that but the combination of nylon and elastane has also been associated with increased mobility and grip.

Lastly, we have the fabric’s UPF50 certification. Given the dire effects of UV rays, the latter feature is highly advantageous. The cherry on top is Harriett’s background as a horticulturist, with years of experience gardening and an understanding of the pros and cons. To learn more about Foxgloves Grip Gloves, visit the official website today!


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