4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge Reviewed – What to Know Before Buy!

The 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge is a versatile and innovative cooling solution that offers a combination of a fridge, freezer, and deep freezer, powered by solar energy. It’s designed to be a reliable companion for various outdoor activities, emergencies, and blackout situations, ensuring your food, drinks, and medicine remain cold without the need for ice.

Product: 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge

Functionality: Solar portable freezer with solar panels included with 3 modes.

  • Refrigerator Mode: Ideal for keeping fruits, vegetables, and beverages chilled to perfection.
  • Freezer Mode: Designed to freeze ice cream, popsicles, and ice packs, ensuring they stay frozen.
  • Sub-Zero Mode: This setting is perfect for preserving frozen meats and storing emergency supplies under extreme cold conditions.

Price: Buy here for $847.95

The Solar Go-Fridge offers a multifunctional cooling solution that serves as a combination of a fridge, freezer, and deep freezer in one unit. This design allows for the cooling of beverages and snacks, the freezing of ice cream and popsicles at campsites, and the preservation of groceries for those who live far from stores without the need for continuous ice replenishment.

Unlike traditional refrigeration units that rely on electrical connections, this device harnesses solar power, converting intense sunlight into a cooling mechanism effectively and efficiently. This feature makes it particularly suitable for outdoor activities and emergencies where power sources are limited or unavailable.

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The unit’s design emphasizes portability and user-friendliness. Its compact size makes it suitable for transportation in small vehicles, while still offering sufficient storage capacity for a family’s food and drink needs. The device operates quietly and includes a straightforward control interface, ensuring ease of use for all individuals.

Included with the Solar Go-Fridge is a solar panel and a solar-rechargeable battery, providing a complete set for operation from the first use without additional costs for these essential components. This aspect highlights the product’s readiness and autonomy, particularly appealing for users seeking a sustainable and independent cooling solution.

Here’s a summary of everything you need to know about the Solar Go-Fridge:

4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge Key Features and Benefits

The Solar Go-Fridge® revolutionizes the way you cool your essentials, offering a sophisticated, solar-powered solution that eliminates the need for ice. This innovative cooler, doubling as a fridge and deep freezer, is perfect for enhancing your road trips, RV excursions, and camping adventures, or as a reliable fridge during power outages.

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Enjoy the convenience of keeping your food, beverages, and medication chilled without the hassle of constant ice replenishment, allowing you to dedicate more time to enjoying moments with loved ones.

Features include:

Solar-Powered: It comes with a free solar panel, allowing it to charge for free using sunlight, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective cooling solution.

  • Versatile Cooling Options: The Solar Go-Fridge offers three cooling modes: fridge, freezer, and sub-zero, suitable for different types of food and drinks.
  • Portability: Designed with easy-roll wheels and a handle, making it convenient to transport for camping, tailgating, traveling, and more.
  • Emergency Preparedness: It operates quietly and includes an easy-to-use control panel, making it ideal for use during blackouts or emergencies.
  • Substantial Storage Capacity: Despite its compact design, it boasts a spacious interior capable of holding a significant amount of items, including 28 bottles of water, over 1,000 vials of medicine, or 40 pounds of meat.
  • Additional Power Sources: Besides solar power, it can also be charged using an AC outlet or solar generator, enhancing its flexibility for various situations.
  • Built-in USB Port: Allows for recharging phones, tablets, and other small electronics, adding to its utility​.

Cutting-edge thermoelectric technology for efficient cooling.

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4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge Extras and Promotions

The Solar Go-Fridge package includes a range of valuable freebies, such as a 40-watt solar panel, a 72-hour survival food kit, survival coffee, survival cocoa, a StarFire Camp Stove, a Freedom Flame, a HaloXT Multi-Use Flashlight, and more, totaling $241.20 in value.

It also comes with a free rechargeable backup battery for an extra power cycle during emergencies and a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.

User Experience

Users appreciate its ability to keep goods ice-cold without ice, avoiding the hassle of soggy food spoiled by melted ice. The technology is praised for its efficiency, particularly in emergencies or for outdoor activities.

The convenience of not needing to stop for ice, especially during early morning trips, and the ease of setting it to refrigerator mode for cold drinks are highlighted benefits.

The 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge is not just an ordinary cooler; it’s a powerful, solar-powered cooling solution that brings convenience and reliability to outdoor adventures and emergency preparedness plans. With its advanced technology, generous storage capacity, and the array of freebies included, it offers substantial value and peace of mind to users looking for a dependable way to keep their food and drinks cold, no matter where they are or what the circumstances might be.

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Technical Specifications of the Solar Go-Fridge:

Dimensions: The Solar Go-Fridge measures 635mm in length, 394.5mm in width, and 525.8mm in height.

Weight: It weighs approximately 27.55 pounds.

Capacity: The fridge offers a storage capacity of 40 liters.

Battery Type: It utilizes a Lithium-Ion battery for power.

Battery Capacity: The battery has a capacity of 18650 mAh.

Operational Duration: In ECO mode, the fridge can operate between 8 to 12 hours, while in MAX mode, it functions for about 4 hours.

These specifications outline the physical dimensions, weight, storage capacity, battery type, and operational times of the Solar Go-Fridge, providing an overview of its technical aspects and performance capabilities.

Where & How To Buy The 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge?

Now that the is back in stock you can purchase the unit from their official website for $847.95

When you place an order, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation email detailing your purchase. Typically, orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Utah, USA within 3 to 5 business days. Our priority is to ensure your order is on its way to you as swiftly as possible. For the latest updates on your order status, please visit our website.

Your order will be shipped directly to your specified address, whether it’s your home or office, via a reputable carrier such as UPS or FedEx. Since all products are shipped from Utah, USA, you’ll be provided with a shipment notification email that includes a tracking number. This allows you to monitor your order’s journey right to your doorstep, ensuring a transparent and informed delivery process.

The manufacturer recommends buying The 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge from their official website ONLY to make sure you receive the original solar fridge from 4Patriots.

Generally, Online shopping is widely regarded as a secure method of purchasing goods. The 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge Website utilizes SSL Certificates to verify their identity and secure the data entered by users, encrypting sensitive information such as personal and payment details. This encryption ensures that the information transmitted is protected, mirroring security measures adopted by leading online retailers, including Amazon, to safeguard customer data.

Additionally, transactions are processed through third-party credit card processors that adhere to stringent global standards for data protection, without storing your credit card information on their servers.

According to the official website, 4Patriots prioritizes the security of your online transactions and personal information, recognizing the trust you place in them when purchasing on their website. Should you have any concerns, their customer service team is available 24/7 at 1-800-304-4202 to assist you or to facilitate phone orders.

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Final Thoughts about the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge

In conclusion, the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge represents a significant leap forward in portable refrigeration technology, offering an eco-friendly, versatile, and reliable solution for keeping food and drinks cold without the need for ice. With its advanced solar power capabilities, ample storage space, and ease of use, this innovative product stands out as a must-have for adventurers, emergency preparedness enthusiasts, and anyone in need of a portable cooling solution. The inclusion of a solar panel and a solar-rechargeable battery as standard features underscores its value and commitment to sustainability. As the world continues to move towards more renewable energy sources, the Solar Go-Fridge by 4Patriots showcases how technology can not only enhance our outdoor experiences but also contribute to a greener planet. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or navigating through a power outage, the Solar Go-Fridge ensures that your essentials remain chilled, underscoring a blend of convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind in one innovative package.

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