Letters to the editor for the week of June 21

Company fills in the gaps

Dear editor,

The Black Diamond Community Center’s north end parking lot had potholes as deep as the Grand Canyon. Senior citizens and food bank clients who visit our center weekly had a very tough time navigating the deep holes.

The rescue came in the form of huge trucks, rollers and hot asphalt. The team spent a long day working to fix those holes, and they did it! They worked around traffic, keeping everyone coming and going so smooth and efficient. We had no complaints about the work project.

Now our seniors and their walkers glide across the parking lot with ease. Moms with baby strollers can travel across the parking lot safely.

Thank you Lake, Erin, Jay and all the other hard workers from Goodfellow Bros. Inc.

Also, a special thank you to Colin Lund from Ten Trails who helped make this happen.

Our community Center is very lucky to have businesses who care about seniors and families that utilize our center for their nutritious meals, food bank, clothing bank and other emergency services.


Cheryl Hanson

Black Diamond Community Center Executive Director