Forum: Roads too rough

I would like to comment on a stretch of our road between State Route 169 and Southeast Wax Road and SR 169 and 225th Avenue Southeast, or from the light at Wax Road up the hill to the library at 225th. On the flat from 225th, there are nice, newly paved roads past the new developments, and coincidentally from Wax north past the new businesses, they also have newly paved roads. But that stretch on the hill is dangerously rough.

The state builds new entrances with traffic signals into new residential tracts in that area, as well as at the bottom of the hill. New street lights, newly paved entrances into businesses at that light, and still the hill past the Chevron station is without repair, the drainage grates are below grade and a car can lose a tire, or worse, lose control. To travel that stretch, you have to either go up the hill following the fog line or straddle it, or drive partially in the center turn lane. If you drive in the lane as you are supposed to, you can’t drive the speed limit.

Contact the state Department of Transportation, if you see the problem there as I do. It’s time they take care of the residents instead of more buildings without having the roadways prepared in advance of all the expansion.