Ensure continued success with Covington’s incumbents

This is your opportunity, Covington residents — be smart voters! Please join me in returning Jeff Wagner, Marlla Mhoon, Sean Smith and Jennifer Harjehausen to their current Covington City Council positions. Why is that a smart decision? Let me tell you how these dedicated leaders are serving you.

Your public safety is provided through council-approved contracts for fire and life safety with Puget Sound Fire and police protection with King County Sheriff’s Office. Annual review of contracts ensure that comprehensive services are available and accessible.

Regional, state and national competitive grants awarded to your city have provided for development and upgrades to recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities. Covington Aquatic Center sees over 100,000 visitors annually. Covington Community Park with its children’s playground, walking trails, soccer field and event pavilion amenities serves as a recreational destination every day of the year.

Well-informed city council planning decisions, outstanding community development services and successful public/private partnerships attract new businesses to our downtown that ensure its viability, creates a vibrant city center and offers a gathering place for all residents.

Every year, with the help of city staff, your council adopts a balanced budget (required by Washington State law). The budget-building process includes public hearings and all related documents are posted on our city website.

Aggressive legislative advocacy at regional, state and national levels provides your city with funding resources to address growth-related transportation issues including state-owned Southeast 272nd that bisects our city. Your city council, in partnership with Maple Valley, remains committed to that expansion continuing to its completion at the shared east/west city borders.

Annually, council and staff participate in a day-long summit to evaluate, debate and create a plan of work that reflects the original vision of Covington residents, and addresses current/future needs as growth continues to impact everything we do. Jeff Wagner and Marlla Mhoon, Sean Smith and Jennifer Harjehausen are valuable, contributing members in those discussions. Each brings a personal perspective to the worktable, and an attitude of compromise that contributes to effective decision-making which is always in the best interest of our Covington residents.

I’m a 50-year resident of this wonderful Covington community. I’ve served you as a council member for 18 years, 10 of them as your mayor. I’ve made the decision to close this chapter of my service to this community believing that your current city council including Jeff and Marlla, Sean and Jennifer will most effectively provide for Covington’s future. They are recognized with trust and respect at all levels of representation on behalf of your city. Jeff and Marlla, Sean and Jennifer are dedicated to making smart decisions. They are true servant leaders.

Now it’s your turn to make a smart decision. I’m asking you to join me in returning Jeff Wagner and Marlla Mhoon, Sean Smith and Jennifer Harjehausen to the Covington City Council.