Cash mobs give more than cash | Megan Sheridan

On June 4 we are doing a Giving Cash Mob. Not only will this give you a chance to learn more about each organization you will be able to contribute first hand.

One of the hardest things anyone can face is raising children alone without money, housing or food. It can be demeaning, frustrating, emotionally devastating and so much more. Hudson and I experienced this first hand when we were living up on the Eastside.

We needed resources that would keep us from spiraling even lower and from falling into a never ending cycle of hopelessness that so many single parent families face on a daily basis. We were so blessed to find Hopelink in our community — it truly was an absolute blessing and broke all the chains that we were fighting. We were able to pull ourselves out of the negativity and lead a wonderful life as we moved forward.

Three years later we moved to Maple Valley when I married Steve and ultimately started our business.

We asked our banker to tell us about some of the local nonprofits in our community that we could partner with. He started to list a few and when he got to Vine Maple Place we told him to stop right there. We knew it was a perfect fit!

VMP is a lot like Hopelink and I could immediately see the blessings it was providing single parent families right here in our community.

Two weeks after making the decision to partner with VMP I attended the annual Planting Seeds of Hope breakfast that happens in May — what a phenomenal event. I cried with joy the entire time because of the hope this brings to these families. Not only are clients given hope but they also receive the love and respect some of these parents have never had their entire lives.

When families come to VMP they are provided housing, skill training, mentor programs and a variety of other assistance to help them get back on their feet and break the cycle of hopelessness.

As these families work at getting back on their feet they also need the help and hope Maple Valley Food Bank and Emergency Services provides.

Not only does the Food Bank provide recipients with food, paper products, cleaning supplies and so on that are needed to run a home on a daily basis, they also have services to help keep families from becoming homeless. The Food Bank is able to step in and offer assistance so that families don’t lose the roof over their heads, have access to transportation to get them to work, keep food on the table and keep the lights on.

They do an amazing job of keeping a little bit of hope for these families and not putting parents in the position of telling their children they do not have food for dinner.

As a community we are so blessed to have both of these resources right here in town. But they need our help.

On June 4 we are doing a Giving Cash Mob. Not only will this give you a chance to learn more about each organization you will be able to contribute first hand.

Tours of the Food Bank will be available to understand how recipients receive food and toiletries when they visit.

VMP will have a video presentation of its amazing program and the opportunity to sign up to tour their community.

This night will show you how families are changed forever through both of these programs.

Please feel comfortable bringing your children if you feel this is something that they can learn from. Fajita Z’s will be set up so that you are also able to purchase dinner as you hang out and chat.

There truly is so much hope present and we are definitely blessed that it is right here in our community.

Keeping and bringing hope back to our friends and neighbors is what Vine Maple Place and our Food Bank provide on a daily basis.

Donation items that are needed include: toiletries, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, diapers, gas cards and gift cards.

One of the best things about this Giving Mob is that we are also able to help out our local businesses.

We suggest that you purchase from Grocery Outlet, Maple Valley Market, Lake Sawyer Market, Wilderness Chevron and Maple Valley Shell gas station.

All of these businesses are owned by our neighbors and contribute to our community.

Donations are welcome the night of the Giving Cash Mob or you can drop off cash and gift cards at Fajita Z’s in Four Corners or products can be dropped off at The Nutty Squirrel at Maple Valley Town Square.


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