Races for Legislature are on

The fields are set for local races for the Legislature in this fall’s election.

The fields are set for local races for the Legislature in this fall’s election.

During the five-day candidate filing period last week, incumbents in Districts 5 and 47 formally entered the race for re-election and also drew challengers.

In District 5, where the constituency includes Maple Valley residents:

• Sen. Cheryl Pflug, a Republican, will be opposed in the primary election in August by Sterling Strickland. The winner will face Democrat Phyllis Huster in the general election in November.

• Rep. Jay Rodne (Position 1), a Republican, has a lone opponent in Democrat Jon Viebrock.

• Rep. Glenn Anderson (Position 2), a Republican, is opposed by Democrat David Spring.

In District 47, which includes Covington and Black Diamond:

• Rep. Geoff Simpson (Position 1) will face fellow Democrat Leslie Kae Hamada in the primary election. In the November run-off, the winner will meet Mark Hargrove, the lone Republican in the race.

• Rep. Pat Sullivan (Position 2), a Democrat, is opposed by Republican Timothy Miller.

The filing period was Monday through Friday.

The primary and general elections will be on Aug. 19 and Nov. 4, respectively. Candidates with no opposition within their own political party in the primary advance automatically to the general election.

Meanwhile, for new voters to become eligible to cast ballots, they must register at least 30 days before an election.

In addition, voters who have moved can report their new address to the King County elections department at (206) 296-8683 or www.metrokc.gov/elections.

Requests to vote by mail (absentee ballot) should be mailed at least two weeks before an election, according to the elections department.

Additional information for voters is available at (206) 296-8683, www.metrokc.gov/elections, elections@kingcounty.gov and King County Elections, 919 SW. Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057-2906.