Man steals money from Cub Scouts selling popcorn | Maple Valley/Covington Police Blotter

Maple Valley/Covington Police Blotter Sept. 24 - Oct. 2

Maple Valley/Covington Police Blotter Sept. 24 – Oct. 2


Oct. 2

  • THEFT: 18600 block of Southeast 265th Street. The suspect stole an Apple iPod digital media player from the victim. Because he didn’t have valid ID, he asked another party to pawn the iPod for him.

Sept. 30

  • BURGLARY: 25400 block of 168th Place Southeast. Someone climbed through garage window of a home and stole electronics.

Sept. 29

  • THEFT: 25800 block of 164th Avenue Southeast. While athletes were participating in a football game, someone went into the boys locker room at Kentwood High and stole items.

Sept. 28

  • COMMERCIAL BURGLARY: 27100 block of 174th Place Southeast. A manager of 2Seven2 restaurant discovered someone had broken in and stolen items from the business, which closed on Sept. 18. The suspects smashed out glass of a door and used wire cutting tools to enter the building.

Sept. 26

  • DRUG DEAL GONE BAD: 19900 block of Southeast 261st Street. A man was stabbed in the side and the leg while walking through Timberlane. Police later discovered the man was attacked due to what the report described as “wayward drug deal.”



Oct. 1

  • VANDALISM: Southeast 276th Street and 238th Place Southeast. Someone vandalized the neighborhood park in Barklay Woods as well as keyed about a dozen cars parked in the residential development.

Sept. 30

  • FRAUD: 22200 block of Southeast 250th Street. An elderly person reported they had wired money to an unknown recipient in Mexico and suspects they were defrauded.

Sept. 29

  • WRONG KIND OF VEHICLE: Southeast 276th Street and state Route 169. Someone wrote motorcycles on a portion of the Lake Wilderness Trail that is intended for pedestrians and is currently under construction. The motorcycles caused damage to the material recently added to the trail.

Sept. 28

  • BAD DRIVER: 24300 block of Witte Road Southeast. A driver was stopped for speeding in a school zone. It turned out the driver not only had a suspended license but warrants for his arrest. The driver was cited for driving with a suspended license then booked into the Regional Justice Center in Kent on the outstanding warrants while the van he was driving was impounded for 30 days.
  • SUSPICIOUS PERSON: 23900 block of state Route 169. A deputy contacted a man who was acting suspicious outside closed business. The man was walking around in the Four Corners area at 4 a.m.

Sept. 24

  • TAKING MONEY FROM A CUB SCOUT: 22100 block of Southeast 237th Street. A man walked up to a table in front of QFC where Cub Scouts were selling popcorn and stole the money box from the youngsters.