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Are you struggling to understand why certain things happen to you? We often overthink our choices and desperately attempt to control everything in our lives to ensure we get the desired outcome. This obsession with control, however, does not always work. It is common for people to complain about not making enough money regardless of how hard they worked or trying to achieve a goal and getting negative results.

Michele Connor, an author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker features in Jim Lutes and Jim Britt’s latest book in the series ‘The Change,’ where she helps readers understand how the universe, their thoughts, and emotions play a role in creating reality.

‘The Change; Insights into Self-Empowerment’ is a book series by Jim Britt and Jim Lutes with 17 books that feature over twenty authors, including Asha Mankowska, Deborah Andrson, and Mary Lynn Ziemer, Jim Dudas, Flora Sofia, and Michele Connor. Each of the authors shares different stories and perspectives and provides valuable tips and information to help you improve your life.

What is The Change About?

In the series’ latest book, Michele Connor offers insights into the universe’s ways and how to use vibrations and energy to elevate your life.

Most people believe that the physical world and what we see, touch, and hear is all that exists. However, the solid earth is also composed of energy and vibrations. Everything in the physical universe, including the planet and our bodies, have energy and vibrations.

Our thoughts and emotions vibrate, transmitting certain electromagnetic currents throughout the cosmos. These vibrations shape our realities and experiences. It would help if you learned how to tune into the vibrations of your thoughts and feelings and the people and world around you to build the life you desire.

This book also describes how tuning our vibrations help to create a more harmonious life. To achieve harmony, you must examine your environment’s vibration and comprehend fundamental truths about how the universe functions.

In addition, Michele Conner with Jim Lutes and Jim Britt talk about the laws of attraction and manifestation and how they can work in one’s favor. The laws of attraction entail using positive thoughts and energy to draw positive outcomes and experiences. To attract good things, you need to manifest and stay positive. On the other hand, negative thoughts attract bad experiences and negative results.

Why You Should Read The Change

It offers ways to improve your life. Like other books, The Change aims to inspire self-empowerment and provide tips on improving the quality of your life. The authors focus on using energy and vibrations to elevate one’s reality.

This e-book explains how the universe operates and how to tune your vibrations to create harmony and the life you want. Understanding how vibrations work and the universe’s ways is a crucial step to making your desired reality. Conner, Lutes, and Britt offer an in-depth analysis of the spiritual world.

It teaches you how to manifest and attract positive outcomes. Different laws of attraction describe how our thoughts shape our realities. This E-book provides guidelines for practicing these laws and tips on manifesting effectively.

It promotes your spiritual growth and mental health. Stress, problems, and financial issues can take a toll on our mental health and spirituality. By learning how to stay positive and vibrate higher, this book will help you deal with different mental health issues like anxiety and depression. It will also help you deal with problems and make you happier and more spiritually.

Purchasing The Change

The Change can be purchased from the official website for £9.97. A 100% satisfaction guarantee backs The Change. For more information, contact customer service via:

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The Change Conclusion

This book offers a solution to those looking for ways to attract peace and prosperity. Michele Connor, Jim Lutes, and Jim Britt are experts in the personal development industry and have years of experience and deep knowledge of self-empowerment. Get the e-book today at a pocket-friendly price of $9.97 and change your life today.