Find a fitness community that fits!

Pilates to yoga, TRX and boxing, this Auburn studio helps you get started on your wellness goals

If you’ve ever started and stopped a fitness routine, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a physical activity plan.

But maybe you just haven’t found the right activity to keep you interested and motivated.

Working closely with someone who listens and understands your fitness goals can help you find the right fit, no matter what your age or ability, says Shelia Cowart, owner-operator of Longevita Pilates and Yoga Studio in Auburn.

“We want to know your story and what your pain points are or where your limitations might be, so we can direct you to the best place to start,” she says. Longevita – Italian for longevity – has 70 classes to choose from including yoga, pilates, and strength and conditioning. The name refers to the fact everyone can benefit from long-term exercise, Shelia says. “Everything we have here you can do for the rest of your life.”

Your wellness can start here

In today’s work world, many people sit at a desk all day, which can lead to various health issues. Doing regular flexibility-building routines such as yoga and pilates can enhance what you’re doing outside the classes or workouts, Shelia says. “All the exercises can help with your daily movements – really, it’s functional fitness!” she says. “We’re trying to bring positive change to every individual through pilates, yoga and strength and conditioning.”

Find your fitness balance

Maintaining a regular fitness regimen, no matter what activity you’re involved in, is crucial to maintaining good overall health, Shelia says. The staff and trainers at Longevita work with you to create a realistic and sustainable fitness plan that helps keep your muscles working.

“Keeping fitness as a part of your routine is important,” she says. “But there has to be some sort of balance to it and a goal to make it mean something. We explain how it can help you in daily life, such as improving your posture, or helping an issue you might have with your lower back.”

Specialized training for specific purposes

Whether you’re undergoing rehabilitation from a crash or fall, seeking exercises to help with pre- or post-natal fitness, or looking to keep your body moving after a neurological injury, you’ll find a class or one-on-one training to suit your needs. “We even have specialized classes here for people with Parkinson’s disease,” Shelia says.

To learn more about your fitness options at Longevita, call 253-249-7456 or drop by the studio at 201 Auburn Way N. A full list of classes and training information is at longevitapilates.com and you can also find more news on Facebook.