TruVarin Reviews – Supplement to Regrow Hair Improve Thickness?

TruVarin is a supplement that helps consumers regrow hair and improve the strength and thickness of each strand. The formula is easy to apply, spraying it as a mist over the scalp to promote the best absorption topically.

What is TruVarin?

Hair loss and thinning are no new issues for consumers. Both men and women struggle with it every year, and consumers flock to the shelves for the next option to help them. Some people adjust their hairstyle or hair care routine, but others go directly to their doctor on a mission to establish hair plugs or other options.

Unfortunately, hair plugs are expensive and usually obvious. To make matters worse, many of the topical solutions available today are nothing more than hair thickeners, made to look like miraculous solutions. The truth in any of these formulas comes from the ingredients used to put them together, and no remedy has the powerful effects that TruVarin does.

TruVarin comes in as the solution for anyone who wants to restore their hair growth. While many consumers have spent their adult lives using more familiar formulas like minoxidil, TruVarin offers a natural assortment of ingredients that are much easier on the body. Luckily, this transition doesn’t take away from the overwhelming effectiveness.

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How Does TruVarin Support Hair Growth?

Developed by a Harvard-educated doctor, this formula focuses on two main changes – stopping the loss of current hair and starting the hair growth cycle. Much of the problem with hair loss is that hair follicles become weak and struggle to hold onto the hair it grows. By strengthening the hair at the follicle, consumers can stop the loss cycle.

As consumers stop hair loss, that’s not enough. After all, the rest of their hair needs to be restored to truly reverse the damage, and that’s where TruVarin comes in.

Ingredients of TruVarin

Hemp Oil

The leading ingredient in this formula is hemp oil, sourced from the plant of the same name. Most companies use the extract to help with a myriad of health concerns, including cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It also helps users with inflammation, which can negatively impact new hair growth. Hempseed oil sometimes helps consumers lower blood pressure, and it is quite nourishing for the skin.

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MCT oil helps consumers to reduce calorie intake, keeping their appetite under control. It can help consumers improve energy levels, and some people consume it as a way to support the mind. However, the benefits of using it topical are still substantial.

In this formula, MCT oil is meant to be a carrier oil, which means that it dilutes the other ingredients in this formula to make the remedy easy to absorb. Some formulas use coconut oil or jojoba oil, but MCT is the best distributor for this information.


Ethanol is rich in oxygen, and most people only think of it in terms of emissions from their vehicles. However, it is also included as an ingredient in many shampoo brands. It keeps the scalp and hair clean, which is crucial to the proper protection of hair. It eliminates the excess oil produced by the scalp. Conditioners use it to improve hair texture. While some companies exceed the recommended amount and create dryness in the hair, ethanol is used to help the TruVarin formula set on the scalp.

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Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is often used topically because it helps with so many ailments. The main reason that consumers apply it to their skin is for pain-relieving benefits, which is how it is used so often for headaches or pain in the muscles/joints. As an essential oil, some naturalists claim that it treats colds, promotes better mental function, and eases stress.

Peppermint oil is highly beneficial for the hair, and some researchers have even linked it to improved growth. With the soothing effects on itching, it improves dryness in the scalp. Many consumers enjoy the texture that this oil leaves behind, even helping with redness and inflammation in the skin.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is water that has been stripped of any contaminants. It comes from the steam of boiling water, once returned to its liquid state. The primary reason that hair care companies use distilled water is because of the lack of harsh chemicals. While other types of water can cause more damage to the skin and hair, distilled water is free of anything that could harm it.

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Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto’s primary purpose in the supplement industry is to help men who struggle with urinary issues, like incontinence or an enlarged prostate gland. It helps consumers reduce inflammation in other parts of the body as well, but scientific studies repeatedly come back to its prostate and urinary tract benefits.

According to current research, the use of Saw palmetto regulates hormone production. The anti-inflammatory benefits are part of the reason that it is linked to helping consumers with balding hair. Initial results from these studies indicate that saw palmetto is reversing hair loss for consumers with male or female pattern baldness.


Dimethicone is a commonly used agent for better moisture in hair care products. It can be used on the face and body, but it is particularly helpful to areas of the body that already experience dryness and roughness, like the knees or feet. While dimethicone is rather drying for consumers who have curls, other users experience improved technique and reduced frizz with consistent use.

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Most people already drink caffeine as part of their morning routine, but what about the effects it has on hair? Current research indicates that the caffeine that consumers have daily has the same supportive compounds that the hair needs to promote better growth.

A study from 2017 discovered that DHT – the hormone in men who experience hair loss – drastically decreased production, helping consumers to restore their hair follicles. More specifically, caffeine improved the length and strength of hair shafts and roots.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extracts help the rest of the formula to make an impact on hair growth. When users get the antioxidant support that green tea extract brings, it can improve the amount of nutrients in the scalp, rid the body of damaging toxins, and promote new growth.

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Buying a One-Month Supply of TruVarin


For men and women who want to enrich their hair and promote growth, they just have to visit the official TruVarin website.

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    Each bottle contains enough of the formula to get through about a month of use, so consumers who want to continue using the remedy consistently might want to get a few bottles at a time.

    This purchase comes with free shipping and has a lifetime money-back guarantee in place. The customer service team can be reached with any other questions by calling 1-800-304-7284. They are also available via email at barb@prosperwellness.co.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About TruVarin

    Q. What is in TruVarin?

    A. The powerful TruVarin formula includes an assortment of helpful ingredients for hair. These ingredients include hemp oil, MCT oil, ethanol, peppermint oil, distilled water, saw palmetto, dimethicone, caffeine, and green tea extract.

    Q. Are any of the TruVarin ingredients dangerous for consumers?

    A. Not at all. The creators focused on developing an all-natural ingredient that works for all customers. Plus, they develop it in a facility that already has GMP and FDA certification, even though supplements don’t have to abide by the same strict standards as the medications that these entities oversee.

    Q. Why can’t customers shop for TruVarin in stores instead?

    A. While TruVarin hair solution may eventually be sold by other retailers, the path to achieving that balance takes a while. Instead of leaving consumers without TruVarin for years on end, the official website makes it possible to get the supplement now instead.

    Q. What if the user isn’t happy with their experience with TruVarin?

    A. Rather than giving consumers 60 days to try it out, the creators offer a lifetime guarantee. If the user discovers that they don’t like their experience at any point, they can get a full refund on their order.

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    Q. How do customers get the most out of TruVarin?

    A. Users will need to pump the bottle 4 times to get enough TruVarin to treat their hair. The pump sprays the entire scalp from the right distance, and the liquid settles on the scalp and hair follicles. Most people apply it to their scape after showering, leaving clean hair to absorb the excess.

    Q. Does TruVarin ship internationally?

    A. No. Right now, the only places that customers can send TruVarin are addresses within the United States.

    Q. What do consumers have to do to order?

    A. Users just need to visit the official website. Then, they can select the number of bottles that work best for their needs, and delivery takes about 5-7 business days to arrive.


    TruVarin provides consumers with a simple yet effective way to overcome the burden of poor hair growth. It reverses the damage that consumers have sustained through months or years of hair loss, but it also helps to thicken hair once more. The formula is easy to apply to the hair, spraying it over a clean scalp, and it is meant for both men and women. To ensure that every customer has a positive experience, the creators even offer a lifetime money-back guarantee.

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