The Phoenix ED Shockwave Device Reviewed (Update) Legit Acoustic Therapy Device for Men?

It is completely normal to experience sexual decline as you age – but it does not mean that you have to accept it! Although today’s fast-paced world has made us neglect aspects like sexual wellness and overall male sexual health in general, it has also provided us with amazing technologies like clinical shockwave therapy.

However, not everyone can afford the transformative power of clinical shockwave therapy to activate the body’s natural response and achieve better sexual health. This is where The Phoenix shockwave therapy device shows up as a cost-effective option to save the day.

It is an innovative device that has helped more than 80,000 men achieve optimal results in terms of boosting their sexual vitality and curing erectile dysfunction.

But why should you believe in the patented shockwave therapy technology of The Phoenix? In what ways does The Phoenix work, and how to make use of its maximum effectiveness? In this in-depth Phoenix review, we will try to answer all these questions. But first, here’s a quick overview of this groundbreaking treatment device:


Erectile function device

Product name:

The Phoenix

Product form:

Shockwave therapy device

Technology used:

Low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy

What is The Phoenix?

The Phoenix is an acoustic wave device that acts as an at-home treatment for various male sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction and poor blood flow to the penis.

Created by:

Launch Medical

What does The Phoenix kit include?

The Phoenix Device, Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Tip, AC Power Adapter, Proprietary Lubricant, Topical Numbing Cream, and Detailed Instructions

Male sexual health benefits:

  • Prevents sexual decline
  • Promotes better blood flow for improved sexual performance
  • Cures painful erections and fibrous scar tissue in the penis

Major pros:

  • Seasonal discounts like the Cyber Monday sale
  • No prescription is needed to experience the tangible results of using the cutting-edge technology of The Phoenix
  • Approved by the top urologists of the country who work with men seeking solutions for sexual aging
  • 1-year warranty excluding accidental damage


$879 (Official Website)


90-day money-back guarantee

What Are The Various Male Sexual Health Benefits To Expect After Using The Phoenix Device?

One of the main reasons why there are so many positive Phoenix reviews online is that men have experienced a noticeable improvement in their overall sexual health and made consistent progress in terms of curing erectile dysfunction. Here’s a list of the top health perks that you can expect after you use The Phoenix for a few months:

Prevents Sexual Decline Due To Factors Like Aging

As men age, their penis tends to lose its ability to retain the blood flow that it receives – which ultimately leads to a soft penis. In worse cases, it might even lead to erectile dysfunction. While it is a common sexual health issue, it can be fixed easily as well.

That is, as long as you use The Phoenix therapy correctly. The Phoenix stands for using low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy to help induce noticeable improvements in the intimate lives of its users, thus helping prevent the age-related sexual decline in their bodies.

Helps Stimulate Blood Flow To Enhance Sexual Performance

One of the major reasons why you may need professional-level treatment to fix your sexual health issues is that your penis is not getting enough blood flow.

While clinical-grade technology may help, the transformative power of The Phoenix seems to work just as well at a much lower cost. The groundbreaking treatment by this innovative device has an impressive success rate of 94% among men, and the increased blood flow to the penis helps them reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction too.

Reduces Symptoms Of Issues Like Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease can be a daunting condition to deal with, and you may have to visit various sexual health clinics to treat its symptoms like fibrous scar tissue that cause a lot of discomfort and pain.

However, several Phoenix reviews report that this sexual performance enhancer has helped people reduce its symptoms by using its low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy.

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What Is The Cost Effectiveness Quotient Of The Phoenix Device, And Are There Any Discounts On This Male Sexual Performance Enhancer?

In the field of extremely expensive sexual health solutions, The Phoenix emerges as an affordable alternative. The one-time payment of The Phoenix device is $879, which may seem costly upfront – but is way more affordable than the money you will have to spend on in-clinic treatments to experience clinical shockwave therapy.

The advanced treatment bundle of The Phoenix consists of everything you need, and anyone can use The Phoenix and its patented guidance system. Many people call this device an economical solution to their sexual well-being in their Phoenix reviews because one unit by this brand lasts for a decently long period.

While some people may be scared of the hefty price tag of The Phoenix shockwave therapy device, the seasonal discounts on its official website can help you save a decent amount of money. For instance, the Cyber Monday Special Offer includes a discount of $300, a free treatment kit, and free ProGuard with a validity of up to 2 years!

Who Came Up With The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device?

A group of researchers working at Launch Medical wanted to promote the overall well-being of men and use the transformative power of shockwave therapy to boost their sexual performance. Hence, they crafted the design of The Phoenix, a device that went on to become an industry leader in the field of curing erectile dysfunction.

This device works to eliminate the most common symptoms of erectile dysfunction and other common issues that can impact your sexual performance by gently altering the structure of your penile tissues.

It does so by helping stimulate better blood circulation to the region and reducing the oxidative stress around it.

A Better Understanding Of The Working Mechanism Of The Phoenix

The Phoenix emerges as a transformative force in the realm of men’s sexual health, unlocking the power of Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (Li-ESWT) in the comfort of one’s home.

While Li-ESWT itself isn’t a novel concept, The Phoenix revolutionizes accessibility and affordability, reshaping the landscape of male sexual wellness.

Traditionally confined to clinics, Li-ESWT involved powerful soundwaves to break kidney stones, a process called lithotripsy.

The Phoenix, however, adapts this technology to gentler shockwaves that induce a remarkable physiological response in the body. It’s akin to a gym workout – no overnight miracles, but consistent adherence to the protocol yields extraordinary results.

The Phoenix isn’t just a home-use device; it’s the world’s sole clinical-grade Li-ESWT system designed for domestic convenience. This breakthrough isn’t merely about convenience; it’s about cost-effectiveness. The Phoenix slashes the average expenditure by over $34,000 after a recommended 70 sessions, liberating men from the financial constraints that clinic-based therapies often impose.

The mechanism behind The Phoenix’s efficacy lies in its ability to stimulate a profound physiological response. While the shockwaves may be gentler compared to lithotripsy, their impact is no less significant.

These waves trigger a cascade of responses within the body, promoting the rejuvenation of penile tissues and enhancing blood circulation, crucial for combating issues like erectile dysfunction.

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Top Pros And Cons Of The Phoenix Shockwave Therapy Device: Can You Experience Significant Improvements After Using Its Therapy Correctly?

Although several Phoenix reviews state that people who have used this device could enhance their sexual performance exponentially irrespective of their age, what are the aspects that make or break this product? Let us walk through them below to see whether the pros of this sexual performance enhancer are worth enduring its cons:

Pros Of The Phoenix Shockwave Device

The positive Phoenix reviews report that people loved the following perks of this device:

  • 90-day home-trial period
  • No prescription or doctor’s approval required to use The Phoenix
  • Free shipping
  • Online instructional videos to understand how the mechanisms of The Phoenix work
  • Option to pay in APR-free installments available

Cons Of The Phoenix Shockwave Device

The negative Phoenix reviews report the following cons of investing in this device:

  • The frequency and power settings of this sexual performance-enhancing device are not adjustable

The Phoenix Device Vs. Other Sexual Performance Enhancers: Which One Should You Choose To Prevent Sexual Decline In Your Body?

How will you know what sexual health device is right for you? Is The Phoenix safe for you, or should you consider another male sexual health booster?

These are a few questions that we can only answer once we compare The Phoenix with other sexual health enhancers on the market today, so let us go through a detailed comparison below and see where this acoustic wave device stands:

The Phoenix Vs. Fluent EDX

Fluent EDX is a popular sexual performance-enhancing device that uses low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave to stimulate blood flow and cure erectile dysfunction. It is quite portable, which is why you can take it anywhere with you.

However, when you compare it with The Phoenix shockwave therapy device, you will probably like the latter better. This is because The Phoenix can stimulate blood flow and boost erectile function such that its effects last for long periods. On the other hand, while Fluent EDX does use low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy effectively – its effects wear off quickly.

But apart from that, the overall benefits of both these devices seem to be at par with one another. Hence, you can opt for either of these at-home treatments instead of taking clinical shockwave therapy based on your preferences.

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The Phoenix Vs. POTENTwave

POTENTwave is also a great shockwave therapy device for people who want to promote improved sexual performance but struggle with mild erectile dysfunction. It works just as effectively as a clinical shockwave therapy program and has helped thousands of men achieve better sexual health within a short period.

The issue is that POTENTwave does not come with any refund policy in case this device does not work out for you. Whereas, the advanced treatment bundle of The Phoenix sexual performance booster comes with a trial period that is valid for up to 3 months.

Further, POTENTwave has proven to be an effective option for promoting sexual wellness only among men who suffer from mild erectile dysfunction, but The Phoenix reviews consist of men suffering from even severe erectile dysfunction symptoms reporting that they experienced this device’s benefits firsthand. Hence, The Phoenix wins this round!

The Phoenix Vs. The Phoenix HIM

If you do not like purchasing the advanced treatment bundle of shockwave therapy devices again and again to improve your body’s natural response for enhancing sexual performance – you might like The Phoenix HIM. Its single device can provide you with unlimited treatments and work just as well as clinical shockwave therapy sessions.

While The Phoenix HIM uses a transformative power to enhance sexual well-being and promote body repair specifically in your penis, people still prefer to use The Phoenix because the latter is sold at a much lower rate as compared to the former.

Hence, people who are looking for affordable at-home treatment should consider purchasing The Phoenix to enhance the well-being of their sexual health.

Since The Phoenix promises and delivers a somewhat similar degree of benefits, the user satisfaction rate, in this case, is at par with that of The Phoenix HIM, which is why we recommend the former to men!

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What Do The Customers Have To Say About The Phoenix?

Kevin in one of the Phoenix reviews writes, “I was skeptical at first, but The Phoenix has been a game-changer for me. The convenience of at-home treatment coupled with the effectiveness of shockwave therapy has truly transformed my sexual health.

I’ve noticed a significant improvement in blood flow, and the Cyber Monday discount made it even more affordable. Highly recommended!”

Another one of the Phoenix reviews says, “My partner started using The Phoenix a few months ago, and the results have been remarkable. Our intimate life has taken a positive turn, and the reduction in symptoms related to erectile dysfunction has been noticeable.

The discreet packaging and the 90-day money-back guarantee gave us the confidence to try it, and we’re glad we did.”

Mark, aged 55, says, “After trying various solutions for my erectile dysfunction, I decided to give The Phoenix a shot. The fact that no prescription is needed was a big plus for me. I’ve seen a noticeable decline in symptoms, and the 1-year warranty provided me with peace of mind. It’s an investment in my well-being that’s definitely paying off.”

Michael S. in his review writes, “The Phoenix has exceeded my expectations. The non-adjustable settings didn’t bother me, as the results spoke for themselves. The 90-day trial period gave me the confidence to commit, and I’m glad I did. Improved blood circulation and a significant reduction in erectile dysfunction symptoms have made this investment worthwhile.”

What Steps Do You Have To Follow From Buying The Phoenix Device To Using It For Promoting Sexual Wellness?

People who want to strengthen male sexual health and experience noticeable improvements in terms of curing their erectile dysfunction must learn to use this device properly. Hence, let us walk through a step-by-step guide of everything that you must do to efficiently perform treatments using The Phoenix:

Step 1: Take An Online Assessment

Firstly, you will have to take an online assessment on the official website of The Phoenix. Your answers will be evaluated by experts who have undergone years of medical training, and they will ultimately decide whether you should use this device or not.

Step 2: Use The Phoenix Therapy Device As Per The Instructions

Once you are approved to purchase The Phoenix, you can place your order. It will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days, after which you can start using it as per the guideline pamphlet. Ideally, you should use The Phoenix for 20 minutes, twice a week.

Step 3: Enjoy The Benefits

As the soundwaves enter your penile tissues and promote rejuvenation, you can simply sit back and relax after using The Phoenix. You will probably experience amazing results within 3 to 4 months of regular usage.

What Accessories Are Available On The Phoenix Website That Can Make The Phoenix More Effective?

Delving into The Phoenix accessories on its website unveils a thoughtful array designed to elevate the efficacy and user experience of this revolutionary shockwave therapy device.

Each accessory serves a distinct purpose, providing users with options to tailor their treatments according to their preferences and needs.

Lidocaine Cream Packs

6-Pack: Priced at $19.95, this option offers six single-use (2ml) packets of Lidocaine Cream, enhancing user comfort during sessions.

12-Pack: For $29.95, the 12-pack ensures extended comfort, providing a surplus of Lidocaine Cream packets for users aiming for longer treatment durations.

Replacement Metal Tip

Priced at $29.95, the Replacement Metal Tip ensures the longevity of The Phoenix. This single replacement tip guarantees continued optimal performance, reinforcing the device’s durability.

Ultimate Treatment Bundle

Valued at $194.00, the Ultimate Treatment Bundle is a comprehensive package.

ProGuard Coverage: Two years of ProGuard coverage ensures protection against accidental damage or loss, offering users peace of mind.

Treatment Lubricant: The bundle includes 3oz of Treatment Lubricant, providing ample acoustic coupling gel for months of effective treatments.

Lidocaine Cream: The 12-pack of Lidocaine Cream packets in this bundle contribute to enhanced comfort during treatments.

Treatment Bundle

Priced at $34.00, the Treatment Bundle is a more accessible option yet equally impactful.

Treatment Lubricant: The 3oz Treatment Lubricant ensures a smooth and comfortable treatment experience.

Lidocaine Cream: The 12-pack of Lidocaine Cream packets complements the lubricant, adding an extra layer of comfort.

Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Metal Hand Pump System

At $209.00, this sophisticated addition introduces Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Medical Grade Vacuum Pump, designed to work seamlessly with The Phoenix. This integration aims to enhance overall results and contribute to an advanced, personalized treatment approach.

In essence, The Phoenix’s range of accessories allows users to fine-tune their shockwave therapy experience. Whether prioritizing comfort, and protection, or seeking additional tools for optimal results, the diverse offerings on the Phoenix website ensure users have the flexibility to tailor their journey towards enhanced sexual health.

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What Should You Do If The Phoenix Shockwave Therapy Device Fails In Enhancing Male Sexual Health?

While The Phoenix works as well as clinical shockwave therapy when it comes to boosting your reproductive well-being, individual results may vary and it might not work 100% for everyone.

Hence, Launch Medical offers a generous 90-day home trial period to allow The Phoenix users to invest in it without any hesitation, as they can claim their money back in case the device does not work out for them within this period.

Is The Phoenix Shockwave Therapy Device Shipped With A Discreet Packaging?

One of the main reasons why people choose to opt for at-home treatment options is that they do not want to share their sexual wellness status with anyone else, which is why The Phoenix comes with fast and discreet packaging. Additionally, all the orders are shipped for free!

Final Word

So, here’s the lowdown on The Phoenix – it’s like the superhero of at-home solutions for those facing sexual decline.

Crafted by the brains at Launch Medical, this acoustic wave therapy device boasts a whopping 80,000 success stories in reviving male sexual health. The Phoenix fights the battles against erectile dysfunction, poor blood flow, and even the formidable Peyronie’s disease. All this without the need for a prescription – just plug it in, play the hero anthem, and let the magic happen.

At $879, some might say it’s a splurge, but fear not! The Cyber Monday sale swoops in with a $300 discount, a free treatment kit, and even a ProGuard thrown in for good measure. A hero with a discount – now that’s rare!

Sure, it might not have adjustable frequency settings, but who needs that when you’ve got a 90-day home trial, free shipping, and a no-prescription-required policy? The Phoenix, with its discreet packaging, is here to save the day (and the night).

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