Palmpress Reviews – Coffee Press That Makes A Perfect Cup?

Palmpress is a daily device for preparing a perfect cup of hot or cold coffee. It is made of stainless steel and is compact, making it easy to bring anywhere.

What is Palmpress?

Nothing can come between a coffee fanatic and their favorite brew. Some people like their coffee with no more than a small bit of sugar, while others have an elaborate routine to make their coffee exactly how they want it. Consumers struggle to create these beverages daily because the effort is too time-consuming.

Even consumers prepared to invest in traditional coffee makers know they take up a lot of room on a kitchen counter, leaving little room for other tasks. While this wouldn’t be an issue for some, they are forced to go without their favorite cup of coffee when they leave the house. Whether they travel for work or pleasure, they must drink a new coffee that never hits the spot.

Instead of relying on a coffee machine at work, a hotel lobby, or even a local coffee shop, consumers can get what they need with Palmpress, designed to offer a perfect 8oz cup of barista coffee. With a drastically smaller design, this coffee press collapses into a thick disc the size of a hamburger bun when it isn’t in use, making it easy to store in a drawer at home, a purse, a desk at work, or while traveling. The Palmpress ensures users have a good cup of coffee whenever they leave the house or sit at the dining room table.

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Making a coffee using the Palmpress is relatively fast. Users only need three minutes of wait time and must supply their preferred coffee and water. While hot coffee requires equally hot water, consumers who want a cold brew must wait longer using room-temperature water. Consumers allow the device to brew their coffee when they put the lid on and place it over their coffee cup, turning it upside down without worrying about leaks or splashing.

All Palmpress coffee makers come with fast shipping and are made in the United States. With millions of people using coffee presses like this, consumers can only get the high-quality that Palmpress advertises with the real thing. Users who want to try the Palmpress for themselves have the special benefit of shopping during a sale if they put in an order now.

How Does Palmpress Prepare Coffee Differently?

High-quality materials are much of the reason consumers have a different experience with Palmpress than they are used to. The creators developed a stainless-steel coffee filter that allows consumers to eliminate the need for paper or disposable filters.

Consumers benefit from LFGB-grade silicone, one of the highest-quality materials that replace the rubber used for other models to seal all edges. The creators wanted to ensure that consumers could make a high-quality cup of coffee anytime. Users won’t have to worry about unsatisfying flavors in that coffee that only pull from the grounds’ natural taste.

This device features a BPA-free and phthalate-free casing, ensuring the structure stays cost-free without losing performance. Even though the Palmpress materials are plastic, their quality protects the coffee from touching something that could put it at risk. They are also safe to clean in the dishwasher, saving more time when they want a good cup of coffee.

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Why Choose Palmpress?

Everyone likes coffee in a specific way, and there’s something luxurious about being able to prepare your cold-brew coffee. Unfortunately, going to a fancy barista to satisfy one’s daily caffeine desires isn’t an option for everyone’s budget.

Creating coffee at home doesn’t require complicated or expensive equipment. When someone wants to enjoy their coffee, they shouldn’t need a booklet to know what to do for one cup. Using Palmpress, consumers can create a luxury cup of coffee without spending hours setting up a complicated machine. Everything is easy to use, with simple steps and incredible results.

Along with the quality of the coffee, consumers don’t have to worry about any waste because the stainless-steel filter can be used repeatedly. The device has clear fill lines so users know exactly how much water to put in. Plus, when the user is done with the brew, they can put all Palmpress components in their dishwasher, so they never have to scrub it.

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How to Use Palmpress

With Palmpress, making an 8-ounce cup of coffee can take as little as three minutes. The Palmpress uses a patented design to get users the perfect cup of coffee. Plus, it is incredibly lightweight and easy to pack when leaving the house. It is travel-friendly, and the performance is much better than other products that most users use at home.

For cold brewed coffee:

  • Add your favorite ground coffee and regular (not hot) water. If you’re not using a measuring cup, use the Palmpress fill lines. The company recommends using an extra tablespoon of ground coffee if you plan on drinking your coffee with ice.
  • Close and let it brew overnight in the fridge or on the counter for 12 hours.
  • Set the Palmpress on the coffee mug, filter side down, and press the top, releasing the coffee into the mug. Then, enjoy!

For hot brewed coffee:

  • Add ground coffee and hot water to the Palmpress at the recommended 200° F or pre-boil the water using the fill lines if you’re not using a measuring cup.
  • Close the lid and allow it to brew for 3 minutes.
  • Place the Palmpress on the mug with the filter side down, press to release the coffee, and enjoy!

Purchasing Palmpress

Consumers who want to purchase the Palmpress for their coffee must go through the official website. The website has a few different packages, depending on how many devices they want to have on hand. The packages available include:

  • One Palmpress for $39.95
  • Buy Two Palmpresses Get One Free for $99.90 + Free Shipping
  • Buy Three Palmpresses, Get Two Free for $149.85 + Free Shipping

Customers can add to their orders by purchasing a spare stainless-steel filter with a silicone gasket in the original color. This filter is the same one that comes with the Palmpress and can be kept as a refresh or misplace the original for an additional $9.99 on the checkout page.

The sale of these coffee presses will only be available for a limited time. It is typically priced at $49.95, but the current promotion makes purchasing it at a discounted price possible.

For consumers confident enough to order from multiple coffee brewers, free shipping is provided. However, if the user finds that the Palmpress is not the right option, they have up to 90 days to request a refund of their purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions About Palmpress

Q. How does Palmpress work?

Consumers will have similar brewing methods for hot and cold coffee, but it is essential to follow the particular directions for each one. When preparing a beverage, add the ground coffee and hot water for hot coffee (room-temperature water for cold brew). Hot coffee must be brewed for 3 minutes, so users must activate the heating mechanism. On the other hand, cold-brew coffees must be brewed for 12 hours, so many consumers leave it overnight to be ready in the morning.

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Q. How is Palmpress different from Aeropress?

A. The Palmpress coffee maker only uses silicone and stainless steel. On the other hand, AeroPress exposes consumers to plastic and rubber while preparing their coffee.

Q. Do consumers have to purchase extra filters to use Palmpress?

Not at all. The stainless-steel filter inside the Palmpress is reusable. Consumers who want to have another filter on hand can order one at checkout.

Q. Is there a warranty for Palmpress purchases?

A. If the user finds something wrong with the Palmpress function, they will have up to a year of warranty coverage. There’s also a money-back guarantee for the first three months if the user finds this device is not the best option.

Q. Will consumers pay customs or shipping fees before receiving their order?

A. Some countries require consumers to pay additional fees. Customers need to check their local shipping policies and fees for international shipments.

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Q. Will customers be notified when their order ships?

A. Absolutely. They receive an email initially to confirm that the order has been placed, and a secondary email will be sent out when their order ships to provide a tracking number.

Q. How long do consumers have to wait for their order to arrive?

A. Once the order goes out, it should arrive within 3-5 business days.

The customer service team can be reached with any other questions or concerns by sending an email to:

  • support@getpalmpresss.com


Palmpress allows consumers to make a cup of their favorite barista coffee without electricity at home, camping, or work. While consumers must choose the water temperature to make cold or hot coffee, the Palmpress is made with versatility and quality in mind.

Palmpress is dishwasher safe and offers almost no cleanup. It is easy to maintain, and the reusable stainless steel filters save users considerable costs compared to paper filters needed in other coffee machines.

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