Vote Val Paganelli to the Tahoma School Board | Letter to the Editor

As a long time Maple Valley resident, of more than 20 years, I have never felt inclined to throw my support behind a political candidate. However after seeing many of the issues cropping up in our once great school district I feel it is time to get some positive change into the Board of Directors. Val Paganelli will be the spark that brings these schools back to leading the state in academics.

I have known Val Paganelli for many years, shortly after her family moved to the Maple Valley area.

I know that her dedication will be similar to her time in Seattle. I have personally witnessed the incredible impact Val and her family have made on the schools and families in our community. Val stepped into leadership roles in our schools including PTA, youth leadership programs, sporting event programs and ongoing neighborly relations… always giving her time and opening her home to the community and those in need.

Val always finds time for volunteer roles, locally and nationally, while working full-time as an actuary, and now as a financial advisor. She has served on several boards and committees as appointed or elected — from local community to national professional organizations — and brings both her acute analytical and financial expertise to the table as well a respectful diplomacy that allows a strong platform for effective change to take place, especially when critical or visionary change is needed. She is a good friend to all. This is how she has contributed thus far as a parent volunteer serving on the Tahoma Bond Levy Oversight Committee. Her desire to make our schools tops in the state along with her fellow committee members has represented us well as evidenced by our amazing new facilities around the district.

Val’s broad, deep and long-standing financial expertise and commitment to genuinely serve the best interest of all youth and all learning, not just her own children’s interests, is why she’s running for Tahoma School District Board. She is a rare combination of strong fiscal responsibility combined with an understanding and passion for quality education. It is time to have a numbers oriented person on the board who has an eye for what is right for the kids!

I hope you will join me in proudly voting for Val Paganelli for Tahoma School Board on Nov. 7.

Rob Murphy

Maple Valley