Think twice before voting in November

In the interest of fair play (and equal time) it is time to stand up and repudiate “Dr.” Kim Schrier and the powerful out-of-state PAC who have bombarded us with a massive smear campaign against Senator Dino Rossi, composed largely of outright lies and distortions.

As we recently witnessed in the Supreme Court nominee’s case, today’s Democratic party has become a writhing snake-pit of power-hungry, immoral predators with no conscience. This is the party which pretends to be “for the workin’ man”, but after conning the “workin’ man” into voting for them, proceeds to raise taxes on the “workin’ man” to pay for their endless social programs.

They have become America’s Socialist Party.

Please think twice before sending another extremist liberal democrat to represent Washington state in the U.S. Congress.

Peter M. Hawley