Rootana Reviews – Real Food Meal Replacement Shake Worth Using or Fake Formula?

Rootana is a meal shake supplement that provides consumers with nutritional balance with natural ingredients using real foods. Consumers can subscribe to regular shipments or order this purchase as a one-time transaction.

What is Rootana?

Meal replacement shakes have a reputation for being full of sugar and protein with limited support for the rest of the body. They have unnatural flavors, making them difficult to consume without disregarding healthy habits. Most people stop using their shakes because they don’t work or they don’t see results worth the unsavory flavor profile. Luckily, the creators of Rootana found a way to bring consumers everything they might need from a meal shake.

With over two years of work to bring Rootana to the public, a combination of nutritionists and food scientists made this formula to ensure that it is healthy and beneficial for the body. Instead of giving users fillers and artificial ingredients, users get the support of natural foods. It contains no sucralose or stevia, providing users with many plant proteins, healthy fat, and complex carbohydrates. Consumers find natural and safe foods easy on their digestive system, helping them get all the nutrients they hope for.

Available for men and women, this shake is easy to make anywhere. Some people use it in their everyday routine, while others rely on the extra nutrients to help them lose weight. The best part of this shake is that it can be made anywhere, meaning users can get substantial nutritional support by bringing it with them on outdoor adventures.

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What Is In Rootana?

To craft this delicious shake, the creators only used natural foods for their ingredients. With no artificial ingredients or flavors, the formula includes:

  • Pea protein
  • Coconut sugar
  • Golden milled flaxseed
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Guar gum
  • Vitamin/mineral blend
  • Oats

Read below to learn more about how Rootana’s ingredients support consumers.

Pea Protein

Pea protein is the primary source of protein in Rootana. It comes from yellow split peas, which makes this formula helpful to vegans and vegetarians as well. It has every essential amino acid, supporting consumers as they improve their lean muscle mass. It helps users reduce their appetite, and the practical support for blood sugar protects users from massive spikes and drops in energy.

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Coconut Sugar

Instead of artificial sweeteners or refined sugar, the creators found that coconut sugar was the best way to support the flavor of Rootana. Even though the formula only uses a small amount, any amount would be safe for users with blood sugar issues. Users easily maintain consistent glucose levels since its glycemic index is lower than white sugar.

Golden Milled Flaxseed

To provide fiber to customers, the nutritionists selected golden-milled flaxseed. This flaxseed brings protein and healthy carbohydrates with every serving, but the best benefit is the substantial omega-3 fatty acids. Ordinarily, supplements use fish oil to get these nutrients, but using flaxseed also makes it possible to bring down cholesterol levels simultaneously.

Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower lecithin works to make this powder easy to mix. Without an emulsifier like sunflower lecithin, meal shakes often become difficult to blend, leaving pockets of dry powder in the shake that take from the nutritional purpose. This ingredient makes it possible to use two nootropic ingredients – phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine – for a mental boost.

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Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower seed oil is also high in fatty acids, focusing instead on omega-6 and omega-9. It is loaded with antioxidants. Most people use this ingredient to promote a healthier cardiovascular system, supporting their heart’s function.

Guar Gum

When blended, Guar gum, or xanthan gum, is used to create more thickness in the shake. It boosts fiber content, reduces high cholesterol, and regulates blood sugar. It also supports healthy digestion.

Vitamin and Mineral Blend

This formula includes the essential vitamins and minerals that consumers need daily to ensure that all of the user’s nutritional needs are met with each shake. Users get 20% of the daily vitamins and minerals with one serving, ensuring they maintain the proper balance if they use the shake to replace meals.


The complex carbohydrates found in oats are essential for Rootana. It offers fiber, protein, and fat that the digestive system needs, but it also promotes better gut health and immunity.

Purchasing a Bag of Rootana

On the official website, customers have to start by choosing their flavor. Right now, they have the choice of original, dark chocolate, and vanilla, and customers get 14 servings of their meals with each pouch ordered. Each bag is available for $52.99 with a one-time purchase.

Customers who subscribe to regular Rootana shipments will get a 15% discount on their orders. However, if they find that Rootana doesn’t meet their needs like it is supposed to, they have up to 30 days to get a refund for domestic orders. International orders have up to 14 days to request a refund. All requests must be submitted via email to support@rootana.com.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rootana

Q: How is Rootana Different From Other Meal Brands?

A: This formula provides the right balance of nutrition in a meal without added extras found in other products. While other shakes don’t give enough support to consumers, this formula fills the gaps to avoid a major energy crash.

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Q: What is the Best Number of Times a Day for Users to Take Rootana?

A: The creators made this formula for up to 2 meals daily, though consumers only need 1 to make a difference.

Q: Why Are Artificial Sweeteners Harmful to the Body?

A: While many people use artificial sweeteners to protect themselves from the overconsumption of sugars, they don’t necessarily meet that requirement. Instead, sweeteners with sucralose put consumers at risk of developing heart disease, gaining weight, and more. Consumers who use stevia glycosides in their drinks or foods also put the body at risk, damaging the gut’s health.

Q: Is Coconut Sugar Harmful to Users?

A: Not at all. While coconut sugar should only be used in moderation, it helps users maintain their glucose levels. With its lower glycemic index, the user’s glucose levels remain pretty even, which is impossible with white refined sugar.

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Q: What is the Right Amount of Protein for a Single Meal Shake?

A: The amount of protein an individual requires varies depending on their body type and activity levels. Consumers who want to get 20 grams of protein in their serving need four scoops, but they can safely increase the protein to 30 grams with six scoops instead if required.

Q: Will Consumers Lose Weight by Drinking Rootana?

A: While the goal of this formula isn’t to promote weight loss, the high protein and high fiber levels in the meal replacement shake are ideal for anyone who wants to reach a healthier weight. The shakes offer 400 calories per serving, making it a great snack or meal for anyone watching the calories they consume. It is easy to include in the healthy habits that ultimately lead to weight loss.

Q: Is It Safe to Drink Rootana Daily?

A: Absolutely. The formula was designed to be safe for daily consumption while improving health. There are no side effects, and the creators ensure it is highly cost-effective for any budget.

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Q: Can Rootana Be Considered a Meal Replacement?

A: No. Other meal replacement shakes have tons of dangerous ingredients that barely allow them to be considered a meal. The nutrients in Rootana are drastically different from any meal replacement shake because all ingredients are natural, healthy, and ground down into a delicious shake.

Q: Why Doesn’t Rootana Use Artificial Sweeteners?

A: Rootana’s primary focus is the customer’s experience, and most customers despise the flavor of artificial sweeteners. Natural flavors are much more delicious, and they cause fewer digestive problems immediately after and with long-term consumption. This formula had to help consumers with their dietary needs while maintaining good flavor.

Q: Can Consumers Have Rootana Shipped to Them With a Subscription?

A: Yes. To subscribe to their shipments, consumers must visit the official website, choose their preferred flavors, and click subscribe when they purchase. Customers have total control over how frequently their orders ship out, and they can include any accessories – like a metal scoop or shaker – with their order. Customers can only subscribe if they register on the website first.

Q: What Does Rootana Taste Like?

A: Many consumers report that Rootana has a natural taste. Consumers will taste primarily oats due to the oat flour, despite the small amount of coconut sugar.

Q: Is Rootana Healthy?

A: Yes. With an eclectic range of ingredients, consumers get healthy fats, carbohydrates with a low GI score, tons of figure, and plant-based protein that delivers all of the necessary benefits to consumers.

To get a hold of the customer service team with other questions or concerns, email support@rootana.com.

Rootana Summary

Rootana offers nutritional support for consumers between meals. It isn’t meant for weight loss but can help users manage their healthy number on the scale. This formula can replace a meal but holds substantially more nutritional value than other shakes nowadays. With a 1-month return policy and a responsive customer service team, consumers can experience Rootana’s support without risk.

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