Telo X Nano Reviews – Disturbing Customer Side Effects or Safe Formula?

Are you aware of the dangerous effects that chronic inflammation has on your overall well-being? If not, there’s far too much complexity to be mindful of. Chronic inflammation has been linked to various age-related diseases, such as heart disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, obesity, or cancer.

These conditions result from chronic inflammation’s ability to damage healthy cells, tissues, organs, and DNA. When it comes to our DNA, we need to ensure that our chromosomes (consisting of genetic information) are replicating as they should and are capped for optimal protection. Cells divide, and part of our genetic information gets lost, not to mention the aging of cells.

Considering these initial connections, individuals might stop and wonder whether there is a workaround such that DNA health is maximized while cellular age is minimized. Based on the claims of the Primal Force team, there is one particular path worth pursuing, and it requires focusing on the caps above the chromosomes.

The idea is that as long as these caps increase, our cellular age will decrease, which protects our DNA and improves our overall youthfulness. Could this mean the human age is finally nothing more than a number?

This is where it is fitting to introduce Telo X Nano.

What is Telo X Nano?

Telo X Nano is advertised as the first and only clinically proven formula that uses nanotechnology to interact with the body’s telomerase. The creator’s approach, Primal Force, combines a series of natural enzymes and adaptogens to correct imbalances in the body on a cellular level. Prime Force insists that Telo X Nano can help prolong the effects of aging by lowering biological age (or our cells’ age). Some of the benefits of taking Telo X Nano include healthy telomerase activity in human cells and a calm tissue environment and DNA replication, balanced cortisol levels, healthy testosterone levels in men, improved cognition, and balance within cholesterol levels, to name a few.

Individuals could think of Telo X Nano as a comprehensive health supplement that improves different aspects of health. Given this information, people might wonder why there are so many supplements when one can address several health concerns. To this end, Prime Force claims that Telo X Nano’s uniqueness stems from the formula’s ability to influence telomerase directly. Clearly, we are circling back to the same concept. To further understand what Dr. Al Sears Telo X Nano has in store for people, it is imperative to revisit the notion of telomerase. This should provide a good idea of whether this supplement is a good fit individually.

How does Telo X Nano work?

Telo X Nano was formulated to improve telomere length. To understand what this means, we need to get into the details of our DNA. As summarized in one source, our DNA is located in the nuclei of our cells, surrounded by chromosomes. Each one of these chromosomes carries genetic information in genes. Every time our cells divide, our chromosomes replicate, so each cell contains a complete set of chromosomes. At the end of these chromosomes are stretches of DNA called telomeres. Individuals should consider these tail ends protective shields against damage or infusion with nearby chromosomes.

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Every time our chromosome replicates, our DNA strands shrink. Telomeres are in place to prevent the loss of genetic information. A shrinkage in DNA also implies some shrinkage in telomere length. Here’s where telomerase comes into play. Telomerase is a specific enzyme that helps prevent wear and tear.

Moreover, it has been found to add telomere sequences to the end of our chromosomes, thereby lengthening our telomeres. The length of the telomeres dictates our overall wellness. The shorter the length, the faster people enter the aging process and become prone to diseases.

So far, researchers have linked shorter telomere lengths to an increased risk of death from heart disease, infectious diseases, and increased oxidative stress. Some studies have suggested following a healthy diet, regular exercise, and implementing stress management programs as possible solutions for slowing telomere shortening.

In addition, the Primal Force team has developed Telo X Nano to activate telomerase activity while possibly taming other factors that might increase the risk of telomere shortening. Now that we have a foundation to work with, let’s look at the ingredients that strengthen it.

What’s inside each Telo X Nano serving?

Each Telo X Nano serving can be split into two components: the proprietary blend and supporting ingredients. Starting with the proprietary blend of amino acids (200 mg), we have:

hTERT Complex

As per one report, the human telomerase reverse transcriptase gene (hTERT) promoter is responsible for encoding the protein component of telomerase. It supposedly spans over a 40-kb DNA region and consists of 16 exons and 15 introns. Telomerase is an enzyme that adds DNA sequence repeats, which helps extend telomere length. Once again, the longer the length, the better the cell health, anti-aging effects, and increased biological age. To ensure proper hTERT functioning, the Primal Force team included four ingredients: arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, acetyl-L-carnitine HCL, and zinc carnosine.

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Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) is an intermediate compound produced in the body. As for its general functions, AAKG is deemed responsible for regulating amino acid synthesis and free radicals, energy production, ammonia detoxification (for recovery), cellular function (growth, proliferation, and differentiation), and vascular homeostasis. Another source that covered its potential addressed things from an aging point of view. In particular, AKG is believed to act as an anti-aging metabolite, thereby increasing longevity and health span.

The latter is achieved by its involvement in the previously noted functions, most of which are achieved by inhibiting mTOR (benefiting disease treatment) and ATP-synthase (protecting neural health and mitochondrial function), regulating DNA and histone demethylation (normally linked to inflammatory diseases), and reducing oxidative stress (known to cause havoc on a cellular level). The second component in this complex is N-acetyl-L-cysteine. N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) is a supplement form of a conditionally essential amino acid called cysteine.

Consuming enough NAC is important for the body’s antioxidant capacity, treating respiratory conditions, ensuring healthy fertility rates, and overall brain function. In the grand scheme of things, NAC’s ability to exert antioxidant effects means taming free radicals, inflammation, and oxidative damage, all associated with aging. By helping regulate glutamate (an antioxidant) levels, NAC might prevent or reduce kidney and liver damage (with its detoxifying nature) and improve mental health conditions.

As for telomere health, one source prioritized telomerase activity. Antioxidants have been demonstrated to protect telomerase activity in normal cells while inhibiting it in cancer cells. Depending on the cell type, NAC is an antioxidant that can improve telomerase activity.

Next, we have acetyl-L-carnitine HCL, normally made from L-carnitine in the body. It is used to turn fat (by transporting it into the cells’ mitochondria and torching it up) into energy and improve different bodily functions, including but not limited to brain, liver, and kidney functions.

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In our research, we stumbled upon one study that looked at the effects of L-carnitine on aging mesenchymal stem cells through telomerase activity. The researchers reported that L-carnitine did, in fact, efficiently promote telomerase activity, adding that it also changed the methylation status of the hTERT promoter. These results led them to conclude that L-carnitine might serve well in cell therapy and regenerative medicine. The last of the ingredients in the hTERT complex is zinc carnosine.

Zinc carnosine (or polaprezinc) is a chemical compound comprising equal parts zinc and L-carnosine. Zinc is essential for cell growth and development, whereas L-carnosine is an amino acid with antioxidant and muscle-building properties. Dietary zinc on its own, as reported in one study, has been proven to significantly increase telomere length, particularly in females, obese adults, and low-energy intake adults. L-carnosine also has some evidence for maintaining telomere length and delaying cellular senescence, a natural aging process where cells stop dividing.

And for the supporting or secondary ingredients, we have the likes of:

Milk Thistle (100 mg)

Milk thistle is a common weed used in alternative medicine because of its various flavonolignans (or bioactive compounds). Of the many bioactive compounds, the star is silymarin, which supports many health benefits. In terms of Telo X Nano, its ability to reduce inflammation within the mitochondria of the cells is imperative. Why? It turns out that chronic inflammation has been linked to the erosion of telomeres. Increased systemic inflammation is correlated with decreased leukocyte telomere length.

Therefore, keeping this under control is imperative for maintaining telomere health and protecting people from aging-related conditions. Per another source, milk thistle silymarin has also been demonstrated to positively and safely affect telomerase activity. However, more research is still needed to understand the underlying mechanisms.

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Ashwagandha (100 mg)

Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic and adaptogenic herb that is often recommended for consumption to help the body resist the effects of stressors. In terms of overall wellness, its rich source of the withanolide bioactive compound has been demonstrated to increase mean lifespan by 29.7% and enhance telomerase activity by roughly 45%.

The authors also highlighted that the herb might exhibit anti-genotoxic effects against ROS-induced DNA damage in human peripheral blood lymphocytes. Put differently, ashwagandha might repair or prevent damage to DNA inflicted by reactive oxygen species (ROS), thereby improving longevity.

Astragalus (100 mg)

Astragalus is a Chinese herb with immune-boosting, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties. Starting with immune function, astragalus contains a wide range of beneficial plant compounds such as polysaccharides, flavonoids, and saponins associated with a significant age-reversal effect. It protects the body from free radicals, bacteria, germs, and viruses. As noted above, inflammation has been demonstrated to deteriorate telomere length and, thus, should be regulated. Regarding anti-aging effects, pharmacological research has found that the extract might upregulate telomerase activity and improve cell proliferation by regulating the MAPK-specific pathway.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What sets Telo X Nano apart from other telomere-focused supplements?

A. Several features distinguish Telo X Nano from other formulas. The biggest one appears to be the use of nanotechnology. This technology helps the body absorb natural enzymes and adaptogenic herbs better. In other words, these nutrients can pass through the body’s cells efficiently and promptly. In addition to efficiency, nanotechnology ensures increased stability, power, and precision.

Second, their decision to use soft gels as a delivery means that individuals get a larger payload of active ingredients. So, one softgel should suffice to make a positive difference over time.

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Q. Is Telo X Nano safe?

A. Based on the analysis of the ingredients, Telo X Nano appears to be safe to take. For instance, each ingredient has been previously used in other supplements. The doses have been established as quite tolerable in several studies. As for the formula itself, it was developed by Dr. Al Sears, who happens to be an anti-aging specialist who has been recognized for his extensive global research on environmental toxins and shielding against accelerated aging. Finally, each Telo X Nano bottle has been manufactured in an FDA-registered cGMP facility under the most stringent guidelines and tested by a third-party laboratory.

Q. What are the benefits of taking Dr. Al Sears Telo X Nano?

A. Since Telo X Nano works on a cellular level, individuals can expect an improvement in their overall health. Some areas that might be boosted due to maintaining telomere length include reduced biological age, improved skin health, increased strength, stamina, endurance, balanced hormonal distribution, and increased feelings of youthfulness.

Q. How should I take Telo X Nano?

A. The recommended serving size is one Telo X Nano capsule daily with a glass of water. There are no strict guidelines for the time of day.

Q. What is the estimated arrival time for Telo X Nano shipments?

A. Domestic shipments (within the contiguous United States) should be delivered within the first 7 to 10 business days. As for international shipments, very little has been provided except that they will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Prime Force is not responsible for customs or duty fees; the minimum arrival time is 21 business days.

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Q. Does a refund policy protect Telo X Nano purchases?

A. Yes, Telo X Nano has been protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If Telo X Nano doesn’t work as advertised, customer support can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. Whether this holds for used or unused bottles is currently unclear.

Generally, as long as individuals return their bottles with a reason for return, the team sees no reason for delayed refunds. For any of the specifics surrounding the refund policy, consider one of the following methods of communication:

  • Email: support@alsearsmd.com
  • Return address: Primal Force/Pure Radiance, 297 State Street, North Haven, CT 06473

Purchase Telo X Nano

Each Telo X Nano bottle contains 30 soft gels to be taken over one month. Since activating the telomerase enzyme and either prolonging or increasing telomere length takes time, Primal Force is currently offering one of two options at checkout:

  • 1 Telo X Nano bottle: $59.95 each + applicable shipping
  • Buy 2 Telo X Nano, Get 1 Free + 1 Free Ultra D3 Plus + Bonus Reports: $119.90

The second option entails buying 3 Telo X Nano bottles, their Free Ultra D3 Plus supplement, and several free bonus reports.

Ultra D3 Plus (30 capsules) was developed to boost the immune system, strengthen the bones, and promote healthy joint mobility. In addition to vitamin D3, Dr. Al Sears included vitamin K2, magnesium, zinc, manganese, silica, and boron. Together, these nutrients offer outstanding bone-strengthening support while regulating calcium levels.

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Regarding bonus reports, individuals will have immediate access to the below-listed once the payment has been processed:

Bonus e-Report #1: Ashwagandha: The Age-Reversing Adaptogen

Inside the first e-report, individuals will find more information on ashwagandha and how it might reverse aging. Specifically, Dr. Al Sears claims to have summarized the exact mechanism by which this herb triggers unhealthy cells into self-destruction, why the FDA is secretly hiding this herb from the public, why Africans call it the “virility of a horse,” and many more.

Bonus e-Report #2: The Amazing Astragalus

The second e-report has been compiled to provide a detailed picture of Astragalus. Dr. Al Sears believes it can potentially increase cellular youthfulness and defeat four of the biggest threats to human health. Moreover, individuals will learn how to get hold of a $14,000 age-reversing treatment for just $60 and how to breathe the right way, which could increase one’s immunity against disease, to list a few.

Bonus e-Report #3: hTERT: Youth Rebound

The third e-report covers the specifics of the hTERT and how it promotes youth rebound. In particular, Dr. Al Sears outlined the exact steps for flicking the “grow young switch” within the cells and the “sleeping gene” that allegedly eradicates chronic disease. In addition, individuals will discover how to live up to 100, a strategy for eradicating wrinkles and gray hair, and how to rewrite one’s respective family medical history.

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Bonus e-Report #4: Telomere Secrets Volume 5

In the final e-report, Dr. Al Sears shares a clinically proven “lifelong protection system” for the skin, the natural measures that Hollywood stars have been implementing to maintain their youthful appearance, why sunscreen is bad for the skin, and other tips and tricks on how to increase collagen and elastin production, ease wrinkles, and dryness.


Meet Primal Force & Dr. Sears, MD

Primal Force is a health supplement company on a mission to provide individuals with the nutrition they need to overcome the toxicity of modern-day society. According to the founder, Dr. Al Sears, it really comes down to the right food, which he insists will contribute to one’s power, strength, mobility, and overall cognition, among several others. As for the birth of Primal Force, it is one of the results of Dr. Al Sears’s work “to challenge conventional medical beliefs and bring his patients the latest breakthroughs in natural alternatives and herbal remedies.”

His approach to wellness is described as fresh, novel, where toxins, pollutants, preservatives, chemicals, and other hormonal threats are avoided altogether. Truthfully, the expert has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to search for natural healing secrets, which has led to over 35 of his published books and reports on health and wellness.

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Listed below are some of his many noteworthy achievements in the span of his extensive career:

  • Owns and operates The Palm Beach Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Board-certified clinical nutrition specialist and ACE-certified fitness trainer
  • Member of the American College of Sports, the American College for the Advancement in Medicine, the American Medical Association, the Southern Medical Association, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the Herb Research Foundation
  • Founder and director of the Wellness Research Foundation
  • Publishes a monthly health advisory called Confidential Cures
  • Featured on over 50 national radio programs (e.g., ABC News, CNN, and ESPN)

Concluding Remarks

Telo X Nano is a dietary supplement that activates telomerase activity. This activation is anticipated to increase telomere length, reduce cellular age, and exhibit anti-aging effects. Available research suggests that as telomere length decreases, so will the overall quality of life.

After digging further into the ingredient list, our editorial team noticed two prevalent themes or patterns. The first is the direct effect of most of these ingredients on activating telomerase activity and promoting cellular growth, proliferation, and differentiation.

The second entails taming inflammation, oxidative stress, and free radicals, all of which accumulate and cause oxidative damage. This is an equally important angle to consider, as inflammation has been linked to the direct erosion of telomeres, consequently hastening the aging process.

Beyond the scope of telomere health, Telo X Nano also boasts a rich profile of antioxidant, antibacterial, and protective properties, adding to healthy cellular function. In addition to the alignment between Primal Force and science, the doctor-formulated nature of Telo X Nano adds to its value.

We are specifically referring to Dr. Al Sears’ involvement, his in-depth experience in anti-aging, his role as a member of several organizations, his contributions to this field of research, and his willingness to look beyond conventional medical practices. How can anyone neglect the use of nanotechnology? Without this technology, many added nutrients might get lost rather than absorbed by the body. Lastly, for a limited time, individuals are also getting attractive pricing, especially on bulk purchases, coupled with e-reports to put people on the right track to a happy and healthy life.

In light of everything, our editorial team can confidently say that the human age is just a number, but not that of the biological age. Importance must be given to the biological aging process, which translates to our mental and physical capabilities.

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