Living the dream ruled by Yodie

I bought a new bed for my dog, Yodie the Yorkie from the underworld.I only call her a (dog) here between us, if I said… Continue reading

Readers respond to John Carlson

Columnists love feedback. It means their work is likely encouraging conversation in the community. A few times a year, starting today, I’m going to share some responses sent to me or The Reporter editor from listeners who took the time to sit down and tell me what they did or didn’t like.

Bag tax in Seattle is a bad idea

In the Aug. 18 primary Seattle voters will decide whether to reject a new fee aimed at reducing the use of paper and plastic bags. Referendum 1 would let voters have their say on an ordinance passed last year by the Seattle City Council. The measure would impose a 20-cent fee for each disposable paper and plastic bag dispensed at drug stores, grocery stores and convenience stores. Shopping bags from department stores are exempt, as are bags from “big box” warehouse stores.

How to have fun growing a baby

People are freaked out by needles so the reaction when I mention the concept of taking insulin to control my blood sugar is, "Ick!" Or, "Wow, that sucks." Now, if I weren't pregnant, I would be totally resistant to the idea of taking insulin because for more than seven years I've managed my Type 2 diabetes through diet and the use of oral medications. As long as my pancreas functions and makes insulin then I'm going to avoid using insulin injections as long as possible.

Lessons learned after Harvard professor’s arrest

It's being called a “teaching moment”. But the lesson being learned is not what people thought it would be when it was first reported that Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct after a confrontation at his home with a white police officer investigating a reported break-in.

The stark choices ahead for King County

Underfunded or poorly run? Two wildly different pictures about King County government are being painted by the current King County Executive and one of the contenders who wants to succeed him.

Fly me to the moon again, man

I have always been something of a space case, I suppose. When I was younger, on one of the court-ordered visitations to Florida, my real father took me to see the fourth-ever launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Drowsy driving: A quiet pandemic

Three short years ago this week, an 18-year-old young woman named Laura fell asleep. Her falling asleep quickly resulted in a nightmare. Recent grads of Issaquah High School, Laura and her two friends Mora and Lindsay had enjoyed an innocent week of sun and water at Laura’s family home in Pateros, Wash. Soon, it was time for them to drive back home. They planned on enjoying the rest of summer and preparing for their first year of college. Although Laura had been awake for more than 24 hours, she chose to drive the nearly 200 miles, across two mountain passes, back home.

Pregnancy perks without the pain, please

I have been observing this pregnancy thing over the past couple of months and I think God gypped men. My colleague and the much better half of the editorial staff, Kris Hill, is on the verge of Baby World I.

Boy Scouts give an alternative to the world of technology

Yes, we live better lives - in some cases much better lives - because of technology. But when does a wired world become a little… Continue reading

The ultrasound image of Kris Hill's baby girl was taken Thursday.

It’s a baby Hill girl arriving in the fall

Drum roll, please. Baby Hill is a girl. And I have the pictures to prove it. Last Thursday I had a second ultrasound and we were hoping our baby would cooperate so we could find out the gender. Knowing my luck, I was sure our little one would curl up in a ball, stubborn like mommy.

The ultrasound image of Kris Hill's baby girl was taken Thursday.

The punishment for burglars is not enough

Here’s some happy news: most felonies are going down in King County. The one glaring exception: burglary, where the increase, while small, defies this downward trend.

Two of my favorite things in life

Over Father’s Day weekend I was able to enjoy two of my favorite things – baseball and golf. The Mariners were in town hosting the… Continue reading

Owning up to blame for failing students

Bradwell elementary school in Chicago has announced that 44 of its 77 students will not pass eighth grade this year, sparking an interesting debate: who’s… Continue reading

Discovering hair raising revelations

I’ve had a lot of haircuts in my life, including one of the best when I was invited to boot camp in San Diego.I figured… Continue reading

Surprises abound in life

Sometimes life will smack you upside the head and other times you only get subtle clues.During the past few months I’ve had both.There was that… Continue reading

King County executive race will tell the mood of voters

When it comes to politics, do voters around here still want change?We’ll know later this summer, specifically Aug. 18. That’s when voters will decide which… Continue reading

Simple change to juvenile gun laws not an easy one

When do you know that a crime is serious?When it is seriously punished. A convict doing life without parole obviously did something more serious than… Continue reading

Forget the end-times and eat praline brownies

I am officially back to being a vegetarian, which means I get to watch other people enjoy food while I suffer.I should have gone to… Continue reading

Supreme Court nominee questionable

Connecticut Firefighter Frank Ricci and President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, have never met. But their lives are about to collide.