Letters to the editor for the week of Oct. 4

Reader excited over downtown Covington plans

Dear editor,

As someone who worked at the old Covington Elementary, it’s exciting to read this historic site will get new life as our community’s new town center (A downtown Covington? It’s in the works: September 27, 2019). This centrally located property will become the civic, cultural, recreational and business center of our town. This purchase literally and figuratively puts downtown Covington on the map!

I’m extremely pleased to see that the city council expects to use the school’s newer portables as Covington’s first, centrally located, and fully dedicated police station. I’ve spent time there and they will serve as excellent office space, booking facilities and private victim interview rooms. The school’s large, open cafeteria provides much-needed room for training, exercise and defensive tactics. With minor upgrades to the HVAC system, I understand the city’s 16 officers can move in almost immediately.

Equally exciting, the city plans to maintain the school’s playground providing neighbor children a much needed safe place to play.

Some claim the city has already approved the spending of 10s of millions to develop this site. This is incorrect. It’s also incorrect that future development will proceed without public involvement. The city has taken the public’s input on this purchase since day one and will continue to seek it as development moves forward.

I want to thank the Covington City Council, especially Mayor Jeff Wagner, Jennifer Harjehausen, Marlla Mhoon and Sean Smith for making our community a better place to live. The purchase of the old Covington Elementary is a big step toward improving public safety and our resident’s quality of life.

Well done and much appreciation for your time and dedication to this community!


Angela Stave

Covington Resident since 2004