Letters to the editor for the week of Aug. 9

Reader says think before voting for Initiative 976

Dear editor,

Initiative 976 is another one of Tim Eyman’s initiatives that people better think really hard about before they vote. Sure, it will help many people save on their car tabs, which is good, but think about all the problems it will create.

Funding for Sound Transit, $328 million per year (many jobs will be cut) and if it passes,I hope it isn’t one of you who voted for it. Some other agencies that could see cuts are; money that funds some of Washington State Patrol activities; state ferry maintenance; highway construction; county roads and bridges bike and pedestrian projects. It would also threaten projects such as building sidewalks, repaving streets and flashing yellow lights in school zones.

Of course it is my opinion as far as job losses, but what other alternative is available? If there is no money to pay people, they would have to be let go. I really believe that newspapers should publish this information, it might give people food for thought. It would be doing the public a disservice if they hadn’t thought things through.


Roy Johnson


Reader supports Elizabeth Porter for Covington City Council

Dear editor,

I met Elizabeth Porter during the Covington City Council meetings about the LakePointe project. She was a leader who brought the local community together to research the situation and speak up to fight for concessions from the developer, Oakpointe. She did an excellent job and we won several concessions that will make the situation more livable for nearby neighbors.

She has since served on the Covington Planning Committee. She is an intelligent, outgoing and detail-oriented person. She is very involved in our community and does her best to help improve the community for all residents.

I think she would make an excellent Covington City Councilmember, who would listen to residents, research all the facts and fight for the welfare of the community. I recommend Covington residents vote for her.


Cynthia A. Calhoun