Letters to the editor for the week of Aug. 2

Covington reader calls for impeachment

Dear editor,

I was perfectly willing to wait for the Mueller report and get a better sense of the case against Donald Trump, our president. It now seems perfectly clear to me that Trump’s presidency is nothing more than a massive test of our oversight process and the constitution itself — and we are failing that test.

I, therefore, wholeheartedly support a strong start on full impeachment proceedings. I realize that the democratic leadership is concerned about some members in former GOP districts. However, it’s past time to try to calculate the right moment. Impeachment is overdue.

Count me among the many unaffiliated voters who will support Sen. Cantwell, Sen. Murray and Rep. Schrier, and anyone else who stands up now for democracy and the constitution. Trump’s presidency is a sham, a con and he represents a real danger to our country and world.

He’s racist. He’s petty. He’s unqualified. Most of all, he’s an ineffective president and a failure as a leader in every sense of the word. We knew all of this before, but that doesn’t mean we have to risk keeping him in charge.

Let’s make the Senate put their names on keeping Trump in office, senator by senator. Let them run for reelection on more of Trump in the White House, more of Trump in the Oval Office, more of Trump commanding our troops.

I, for one, will vote for any candidate from any party willing to say enough is enough and to do their constitutional duty. Impeach now.


Rommel Marquez