Shadow Lake students want your socks

Socktober is a fun way to support local homeless populations

Have you heard of Socktober? Probably not!

There are a lot of homeless people without socks, and it is the least donated item to the homeless shelter. Shadow Lake Elementary School started a sock drive. So take your chance to make a change and donate clean, new socks to the Maple Valley Food Bank.

Every night in only the United States around 600,000 people sleep on the street every night. This October, our goal is to have people to show a small act of love can make a big difference to someone else. The creator of Socktober is Brad Montague who is also the creator of kid president. In 2011 Brad Montague realized there was a huge homeless population and he thought of socks plus October equals Socktober.

October is the month where people can donate new, fresh, clean socks to the Maple Valley Food Bank for the homeless shelter to give to homeless people. Since October 2011, Socktober has become popular between all seven continents for donating socks to the homeless.

Socktober helps many people that are homeless. Please help Shadow Lake do a sock drive by donating new clean socks to the Maple Valley Food Bank!