Romance novel brings back the pleasure of an old friend

• Review by E. Renae Johnson

• Book title: True Colors by Jayne Ann Krentz

Sometimes I like to go back and visit old friends. You know what I mean, books that you’ve read and enjoyed so much that it’s just a pleasure to re-read.

Jayne Ann Krentz – a Pacific Northwest and New York Times Bestselling author – originally published True Colors in 1986. I just revisited it last week and found it just as suspenseful, riveting and passionate as the first time.

Jamie Garland fell in love with a man during a warm romantic summer in Santa Barbara, Calif. After spending the night with Cade on his luxurious yacht, Jamie finds out that Cade, the yacht, the expensive clothes and cars are just part of an elaborate scheme to arrest the con-man brother of Jamie’s employer.

When the FBI and the media appear at her doorstep, Jamie’s new-found love and fledging trust in Cade is jeopardized. Six weeks later Jamie is still trying to forget Cade and his deception. When the con man disappears (suicide is presumed) Jamie’s employer wants to know if her brother is really dead or if it’s just another con. Jamie decides to enlist the help of Cade for two very good reasons. First, to see if the love she still feels for him is true and if their relationship can prosper with her rules not his. Second, since his dedication and background in investigative accounting helped close the net on the swindler the first time – who better than Cade to help determine if he’s really dead or just working another con.

Jamie and Cade must work together to find answers to all kinds of questions. The most important being, how to re-establish the loving relationship that Jamie is sure was based on deceit, but that Cade wants badly to make real and forever. When danger threatens Jamie, Cade steps up, and with his strong protective instincts shows her that love prevails over all and that trust can be rebuilt over time and with patience.

Krentz will be present at the Covington Library during the Romance Extravaganza, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday.