Ride transit this weekend, expect delays

Riding transit is a great way to get to Torchlight and other Seafair events according to a press release by King County Metro Transit.

On Saturday, July 29 from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., transit service in the Seattle, downtown Settle area will be routed with some delays by the Seafair Torchlight Run and Parade.

The public is encouraged to plan ahead for Saturday’s events and related service disruptions, the press release said.

The release also stated to plan trips in advance, allow plenty of time for travel, visit Metro’s online Alerts page and sign up for Transit alerts and watch for Rider Alerts posted at bus stops.

Ride Transit to Torchlight

According to King County Transit, most buses that operate on surface streets in the Seattle and downtown Seattle area will be rerouted at some point, riding the transit is still the best option to get to Torchlight and other events because there will be streets that are closed. Even rerouted buses will go within one-two blocks of the parade route.

Sound Transit Link light rail is also an excellent way to travel to the events in the Seattle area according to the press release.

For those who plan to ride the transit earlier in the day to Seattle are reminded to plan a return trip. Some buses may not operate pas 10:30 p.m., when the parade ends.

Pine Street weekend bus service revisions

Some Torchlight-related transit service revisions will start Friday evening around 6 p.m. when Pin Street closes and bus service is rerouted due to the parade grandstand placement at South Avenue.

The Pine Street closure and associated transit reroutes last until about 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Saturday evening transit service revisions

On Saturday, Starting at 5 p.m., some buses will be rerouted due to the Torchlight Run. Significant schedule delays of possibly up to 30 to 60 minutes are expected during the run. Allow plenty of time for all travel plans during this event.

At 6 p.m., the entire length of Fourth Avenue in downtown Seattle will be closed, and nearly all east/west streets will also be blocked at Fourth Avenue, in conjunction with the Torchlight Parade.

Many buses will be rerouted and there will likely be schedule delays. Delays in one area can cause delays at other points along a route. Transit riders should plan their trips according to regularly published schedules, but expect delays and allow plenty of extra time, the release said.

After the parade, most transit service returns to its regular routing. Schedule delays are expected until crowds and traffic clear.

Reroute start and end times are subject to change.

Transit service during unexpected or civic events

In areas where there are crowds, traffic or civic events, whether scheduled or unexpected, disrupting normal travel patterns or activities, transit riders are advised to be aware of conditions in their immediate vicinity – such as street closures, detours, police directions, etc. – and to be prepared for delays or to make revisions to travel plans – such as using a different bus stop or a different route, based on specific circumstances.

During these kinds of events, be prepared for unexpectedly revised traffic or routing and for delays in transit service. Transit riders are encouraged to know the alternate stops or routes that may be in the vicinity of their starting points and destinations.

Depending on the time and the nature of such events, Metro may not be able to provide real time information or service updates via email or text. Event start and end times and other details may be subject to change.

Additional information

Visit Metro Online for complete information about Metro and regional transportation services.

Visit Metro’s Service Advisories page for information about revised bus service, routing and stops for planned events.

Visit Metro’s online or mobile Puget Sound Trip Planner to plan your travel, and for bus stop, schedule and other information.

Visit the King County Water Taxi site for information about regular and holiday Water Taxi operation.

Visit the Community Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit or Washington State Ferries websites for information about services provided by Metro’s regional transit partners.